Swatch: N Watches In 1 Watch? It Set Off A Creative Storm On Social Networks!

N ways to play a watch?
Swatch’s new POP series challenges your creativity!
Not by chance, but by chance
There must always be something ‘surprising’ in life!

◤What is the POP series? ◢
   The Swatch POP series is more than just a watch—innovative detachable head + POP special accessories, the free combination completely stimulates your imagination. In the first minute, it still ticks on your wrist. In the next second, it may be fashionable to match with a string of colored beads necklaces, or transform into pocket watches, table clocks and wall clocks, creating various ‘unexpected surprises’ for life. ‘It’s possible!

如何 How can POP be ‘unexpected’? ◢
   The POP series has set off a creative storm in global social networks! Swatch teamed up with social network artists and fashion bloggers from various fields, inviting them to use POP as inspiration, to play ‘unexpected’ creativity, and to stimulate the unlimited creativity of fans , POP IT UP!

Swatch POP Series Advertising Ideas @Anna Devis

Swatch POP Series Advertising Ideas @Jesus Ortiz
◤More fun ways to play◢
   Welcome to Swatch’s POP world, it’s a canvas for everyone to imagine!
# popitup # Art Rhapsody
   Artists with very different styles on social networks use the POP series as inspiration to perform their own unique POP art Rhapsody.

# popitup # Trendy wild
   Fashion bloggers make full use of the unlimited potential of the POP series as a hot fashion item. One thing can be recessed into N shapes: it is a watch, it can also be a necklace, and the watch head can also be hung on a bag, clipped in a pocket, and tied to Waist ….. POP = Various fashionable looks!

# popitup # Creative life
   Just need some inspiration and creativity to make your life “unexpected”! The POP series allows you to be a 100% creative home. It can instantly transform into a table clock, wall clock, and …

   1 watch N ways to play? Come to Swatch store, play POP creative!