Basel Watch Show Basel 2019: Change To A New Color And Then Set Off Tudor Tudor Black Bay Bronze Watch

When TUDOR first launched the Black Bay bronze watch in 2016, there were so many choices of entry-level bronze watches. The relatively friendly price plus the good quality impression of God’s rudder gave the model at that time. Bronze watches with chocolate noodles became the most sought-after products in the market. The hard-to-find grand occasion was impressive; it was only more than three years apart. Now there are many more brands and series that have introduced bronze watches, and the price bands are getting wider and wider In 2019, Tudor re-launched a new bronze watch with a new color. It is a challenge for this year’s Black Bay Bronze II to reproduce the BB bronze fever three years ago.

Tudor introduced the new Black Bay bronze watch, maintaining all the features of the series and the previous work. The new style was replaced with a new color of slate gray. The entry-level bronze watch that had caused the market to pursue and was recognized by professional awards was back strong

Why is it risky? According to Cheng Qian, the watch market has changed a lot in the past three years. The trend of bronze watches from the beginning of the Panerai Kelp is still a niche and rare style, and now it has become a bit of an egg tower phenomenon in the watch industry. Brands are scrambling to launch bronze watches, but instead make something special that is ordinary. It is certainly a good thing for consumers to be more selective. However, for brands, how to strengthen the competitiveness of their products is very important. The advantage of Black Bay Bronze is that its previous generation of works made everyone crazy, some people may not have the opportunity to buy that star watch, maybe this has become a regret in his mind, and now seeing Tudor launching a bronze watch again (although it’s true Just change the color), but the desire to have in the heart may be stronger than his brand’s bronze watch.

The surface and bezel are in a new slate gray tone, producing more subtle changes over time, blooming a unique beauty

I almost forgot that the Black Bay bronze watch won the small hands award of the Geneva Watch Awards in the year of launch (in the definition of the award at the time, this can be called the table of the best CP value of the year), so it Word of mouth is not only from the market, even the watch industry’s clock industry people are quite sure, if you have to buy any bronze watch, Black Bay Bronze should be one of the pocket list.

In addition to the leather strap, the model can also choose the Tudor’s unique textured strap to match the personality of the same.

The new color that the new Black Bay Bronze put on this time is called slate gray. From the public relations diagram, it will initially be thought of as dark green, but the actual watch should still be close to gray. The bezel and dial of this model are both correct. The same color tone is used, the difference is that the face plate has a gradation effect, so its gray will not look too monotonous, plus the strength of the bronze watch-unique patina over time, which is different from the copper case The disadvantage of other metal watch cases is also an advantage, because even if everyone buys the same bronze watch, as the time and method of different people wear it, the change of bronze color will present a unique texture, as if it is a hidden The custom design of sex makes people love it even more. The new Black Bay bronze watch is equipped with the same Tudor-made MT5601 movement as the previous one, so we don’t need to reprint too much. The movement made by Rolex’s brothers may still be worse.

Black Bay Bronze

Bronze material / MT5601 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second display / sapphire crystal mirror / water resistance 200 meters / diameter 43mm

Maverick Tasting Chanel J12 Graffiti Limited Watch

In 2000, Chanel launched the J12 watch. This high-tech precision ceramic watch is determined to innovate in terms of technology and aesthetics, with a neutral design that highlights the unique charm beyond fashion. The icon of modern elegance and casual style is unique and attractive.

 With its unique craftsmanship, the J12 watch leads high-tech precision ceramics to revolutionize watchmaking. Relying on high-end technology, high-tech precision ceramic materials give black and white a distinctive depth, which also makes the watch durable, comfortable to wear and shiny.

 This year, the new J12 Graffiti watch (model: H5240) was launched at Baselworld. It uses 38mm white high-tech precision ceramics with a stainless steel case, graffiti design on the dial and bezel, and is very fashionable. Of course, this is completely a piece of cake for the fashionable Chao Chanel.

 Ceramic steel crown with stainless steel outer edge and white ceramic inside.

 The smooth side of the case is polished, and the ceramic material makes it easy to wear and rest, and it can avoid the pain of scratches.

 The white ceramic bracelet is also polished and smooth, and the stainless steel butterfly buckle is completely hidden under the bracelet.

 The bezel is made of stainless steel grooves, and the white lacquered dial is white and flawless after repeated painting and heating processes. The outside is a silver minute marker. The same hour is also read using the minute circle. The watch does not have an hour marker. Instead, the 12-hour number is moved under the dial to create a special dial design with a graffiti pattern. At 5 o’clock, there is a date reading window.

 The back of the watch features a dense steel back and is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement that provides a 42-hour power reserve. The seal of the watch is excellent, providing a water resistance of 200 meters.

Summary: This J12 Graffiti watch is limited to 1,200 pieces. It is made of white high-tech precision ceramics and stainless steel, deconstructed graffiti design time stamps, and fashionable. For the loyal fans of Chanel who are pursuing fashion, it should be welcomed.

This Rolex Fake Is Harder To Prevent Than Fake Watches!

In addition to watches, Rolex also has many interesting peripheral products. For example, green hats, Hong Kong dollars, passport holders, wallets, umbrellas, binoculars, makeup mirrors, etc. These peripheral products are mainly divided into two types. The first is used for props in store displays, and the second is used for gifts. Gifts. Display props have the most exquisite workmanship, but the control is very strict. At present, domestic policies require dealers to return old props to Rolex before the official delivery of new props. If the item is huge and inconvenient to transport, as long as it has a Rolex logo, you need to record a destruction video on the spot to prevent it from flowing into the consumer market. Relative to display props, gift giving is undoubtedly the easiest peripheral products for the majority of cousins. Generally speaking, you can get a chance by participating in official brand activities or buying a certain number of watches. Among the many peripheral products, the one that is most loved and sought after by everyone is the paperweight commonly known as ‘moon cake’. Other watch brands have also launched a lot of paperweight type peripheral products, but none of this Rolex’s ‘moon cake’ paperweight is popular for three reasons: First, this paperweight has a deep connection with Rolex models, and its shape design comes from Rolex The Triplelock crown of the diving watch is also the brand’s signature green. The Rolex crown logo is on the front, and a large dot in the middle and two small dots on both sides indicate that it was originally configured on a 18K white gold watch; the back is a three-dimensional water ripple road, which is the same as the pattern on the interior wall of a Rolex store. Second, most of the peripheral products are produced by Rolex to find a third-party company. The manufacturer of this ‘moon cake’ paperweight is Salviati, a well-known Italian glass maker. It started to produce decorative glassware as early as 1859. Third, at present in China, ‘moon cake’ paperweight is considered a high-level Rolex peripheral product, which is generally only given to VVVIP, and there is less circulation in the secondary market. Good-looking, good workmanship, brand blessings from both parties, and small quantities, so in the secondary market, the circulation price of Rolex ‘moon cake’ paperweight is basically 2,000 yuan +, the highest even asking price of 8,000 yuan. Because Rolex watches sell well, there are counterfeit production in the market. As for the peripheral products with a small circulation market, the majority of cousins ​​think that there will be no fakes. Recently, a local cousin in Chengdu spent 2000+ on salted fish and bought a Rolex ‘moon cake’ paperweight. Then when we asked him to take a picture, we found that his paperweight was different from our own paperweight (official Rolex gift). At first, I thought it was a difference in the production version, but then we compared it with other friends’ Rolex paperweights (also the official Rolex gift) and finally determined that ‘there is now a fake Rolex’ mooncake ‘paperweights on the market!’ The fake Rolex ‘moon cake’ paperweight also comes in the same dark green packaging as the original. After opening, it was found that the inside was the same except for the color difference of the packaging shell. Although there is a color difference between the two, but in the absence of real and fake contrast, I think it is difficult for ordinary consumers to tell immediately. The real can not be fake, the fake can not be real. If you compare carefully, you will still find the difference between the two. First of all, Rolex has a separate department for gifts and display props, and the fonts used are uniform. The fakes did not take care when imitating them. They only made the same words, but the fonts were different from the genuine ones. For example, the two characters ‘force’ and ‘jie’ in the picture above clearly show the difference. In addition to packaging, Rolex’s ‘moon cake’ paperweight itself has different workmanship. When we make a red auxiliary line with the center of the front crown, we will find that it will pass through the center of the tooth groove on the outside of the paperweight. (Indicated by the blue arrow). When we made a red auxiliary line for the fake, it was clearly found that the place where it passed was not in the center of the outer tooth groove, and the difference was very detailed. Turning to the back, we can also find the difference between the two. On the back of the genuine Rolex ‘Mooncake’ paperweight is the brand’s signature ‘Water Ripple’. When the fake is made, the genuine product is first used to ‘invert the mold’. In the process of the second inversion, there is no way to completely copy the details of the edges. So we can see that the bottom of the genuine Rolex ‘moon cake’ paperweight has a narrow water ripple groove with a length of 8 mm and a width of 1 mm, while the fake is very vague.

The Top Watch Collectors Analyze The Four Seasons Watches

I like the exchange of the rising sun, the rising sun, the constant yin and yang, and I like the cold and hot summer to the Chensu line. I feel the changes in life and wake up to the preciousness of life. This change comes from God’s gift, so the earth has four seasons. Zhong Yonglin, the top watch collector
What a pity, I live in a city without seasons. There are no four seasons. On most days, it’s hot and not hot. How to do it? In pursuit of the four seasons, I have two options. First of all, no matter how busy I am, I have to fly to one or two cities that make me feel that season. Business affairs forget it, money value forgets it, bring your own intimate partner, find the best hotel, try the finest food, and add new colors to the cloakroom by the way. I do n’t visit sights, I treat myself as a local and treat the hotel as my home. Therefore, the importance of hotels is still above the city. Because there are not many good hotels, there are definitely a lot of beautiful cities in a certain season. The second method is to collect four-season set watches with artistic value. The goal now is to find the missed ‘Four Seasons’ of Vacheron Constantin. The surface is the mighty scene of the sun god Apollo driving a carriage, and the changes in the four seasons are represented by enamel and jewelry. The whole set was priced at more than 2 million, which was very reasonable. As for the most choice, Earl. For the past 15 years, they have made four-season watch sets every year, and they are mainly decorated with enamel art, including reeling and filling. In the past, the Earl ‘Four Seasons’ was basically used on the square Miss Protocle. The ‘Four Seasons’ in 2012 is a circular Limelight and is named Dancing Light. It features a rotating decorative ring outside the time dial. At SIHH, I couldn’t bear to let go of the rotating four seasons beauty. Mr. Gu Teng asked me, who is he going to buy?
Only then did I wake up and it was included in the category of women’s watches. Anita’s “Earl’s Rose” is a female watch. I bought it as a male watch and was very smug, but the feminine taste of Dancing Light is too charming, and it is bound to have the illusion of sexual orientation change in my hand. Suddenly wondered, since I like the four seasons so much, every season of the coming year I find a good hotel I have lived in to relive the old dreams, let Hong Yan confidant wear the Earl Dancing Light of the season, the scenery outside the hotel at that time, the jade’s wrist It’s also an order of mind, do n’t you hurry? I like women to wear jewellery watches. My female good friends actually wear jewellery watches from top brands. In the spring, I chose Liz in Paris. Entering from Fandeng Square, the snobbish doorman respectfully. Walking through the narrow corridor, the full-bodied lily emits bursts of fragrant fragrance, and your hands are particularly soft. I even imagine that we are the incarnations of Liz regulars Hemingway and Chanel. In the ‘spring’ on your hand, there are five butterflies flying, three are full diamonds, and three are smooth platinum. Anneng can distinguish whether I am male or female? I certainly think that the diamonds are male butterflies, and they chase the white butterflies with shame. The background is pink and green bead shells, which constitute a scene of flowers blooming in spring. Alas, there are also colorful outside. ‘Spring’ is just right with 143 diamonds weighing 1.8 carats.
Summer is very hot in Singapore, but what is the real summer when it is not hot? Remember, dear, at the Raffles Hotel, there is a large courtyard outside the room, planted with coconut trees and palm trees, the breeze is blowing, the summer heat is swept away, and the coolness is intoxicating. The old bottle of pink Dom Perignon even floated a fine foam. The taste was smooth and it was very good. The crimson quickly moved from the cup to the face. At this time of the day, you should put on the ‘Summer’ set with 188 diamonds weighing 2 carats in total, so that I can appreciate the small bees spinning on the plate. The azure and creamy pearl shell backgrounds show that Lange is hanging high. Look, there is a little bee with a beak, and flew into the bush of big red flowers and ears of wheat. Are there ears of wheat in summer? Fantasy has no boundaries. The room across the courtyard was opened. Perhaps the old guest Maum was out here.
I promised that the general manager of Beijing Yihe An’ao would come to live in autumn for ten days and eight days. For the court atmosphere and tranquility, of course, I also want to revise the serial novel ‘Rose Heart Fragrance’, which is one of the serial novels that readers have made me happy. It turned out that there was a door leading directly to the Summer Palace. At night, the moon was bright, and the tourists disappeared. It was very romantic to hold hands together. By the way, don’t forget to wear the ‘autumn’, the 141 round diamonds weighing 1.9 carats above are like stars, and they are a good companion of the moon. Purple bead shells, with maple leaves rising and falling, red and gold, gold, and full diamonds, have garbled eyes. It seems that the leaves of Xishan have also become red. We will go there tomorrow to see our old friends, pick up a red leaf, and fill in a stack of ‘Golden Skeleton’ on it. Have you seen the pure white Brandenburg Gate? It was really beautiful. For it, I’m going to live in Adler, Berlin, a stone’s throw away in winter. This hotel has simple and elegant decor and delightful cuisine. No wonder Hitler and Eva will stay here for a long time. In winter, it is covered with light snow, the square and the gate are white, and the mood will be quiet. The ‘winter’ inlaid with 87 round diamonds weighing 1.2 carats erased the flicker and brought out the right winter cold. Blossoming snowflakes swirled in the wind, just outside the window. The light blue pearl shell engraved with snow. However, why is the surface wintery, but your eyes are full of spring? Piaget Four Seasons
From left to right: spring green and pink mother-of-pearl dial set with 128 diamonds (approx. 1.7 carats)
Summer sky blue and white mother-of-pearl dial set with 72 diamonds (about 1.6 ct) and 101 diamonds (about 0.3 ct)
Autumn Violet mother-of-pearl dial set with gold leaves set with 126 diamonds (approx. 1.8 ct)
Winter blue mother-of-pearl dial set with 72 diamonds (~ 1.1 ct)

Igniting Passionate Dreams Tag Heuer Officially Became The Official Timing Of The Chinese Football Association Super League

On March 2, 2016, TAG Heuer, a well-known Swiss watch brand, held its first annual event at the Beijing Bird’s Nest Cultural Center, announcing that it officially became the official timekeeper of the Chinese Football Association Super League. This is a brand new challenge following the fields of music, racing, basketball and other fields. Together they will witness the exciting moments of the game and ignite the upsurge of Chinese football. Mr. Leo Poon, the general manager of Tag Heuer Greater China, Mr. Lin Xiaohua, the full-time executive board of the China Football Association, Mr. Ma Chengquan, the chairman of the China Super League Co., Ltd., and Shao Jiayi, a Chinese professional football player, witnessed this important moment.

 TAG Heuer has always been committed to supporting the football cause. Following the football star Cristiano Ronaldo became the brand ambassador in 2014, the partnership with the German Football League in 2015 began, and in 2016
After officially becoming the official timekeeper and official watch of the Major League Soccer (MLS), the United States Football Association and the United States Professional Referee Association (PRO), today Tag Heuer once again joins hands with the Chinese Super League to reach an unprecedented cooperative relationship.
 As the highest-level professional football league in China, in the 12 years since its establishment, the Chinese Super League has consistently exceeded people’s expectations and inspired generations of young people’s football dreams. The Super League has a record 5.33 million season spectators and a cumulative audience of 400 million seasons. It is China’s top football event.

 Leo, General Manager of Tag Heuer Greater China
Mr. Poon said, ‘We are honored that the Chinese Football Association Super League has selected TAG Heuer as the official timepiece and official watch. The cooperation between TAG Heuer and the Chinese Super League has brought our brand to a wider platform.
Let more young audiences feel the core spirit of Tag Heuer’s self-defense without fear. Chinese football carries countless passions and dreams, with infinite possibilities. We look forward to working with the Chinese Super League for Chinese football
Injecting pioneering spirit and innovative practices, inspiring young people’s enthusiasm for football, and helping the future development of Chinese football and education. ‘

Mr. Ma Chengquan, Chairman of China Super League Co., Ltd., delivered a speech
 Mr. Ma Chengquan, Chairman of the Super League Co., Ltd. said, ‘We are very pleased to launch this cooperation with Tag Heuer. Since its establishment in 2004, the Super League has gradually become the most important sporting event in Chinese football. The spirit of football advocates passion Teamwork, hard work, and achievement of dreams. As an internationally renowned brand that perfectly combines sports performance and technological innovation, our cooperation will definitely have a different spark. ‘

Mr. Leo Poon, General Manager of Tag Heuer Greater China, and Mr. Lin Xiaohua, Full-time Executive Committee Member of the Chinese Football Association, exchange gifts

Mr. Leo Poon, General Manager of Tag Heuer Greater China, and Mr. Lin Xiaohua, Full-time Executive Committee Member of the Chinese Football Association, exchange gifts

Chinese professional football player Shao Jiayi

Mr. Leo Poon, General Manager of Tag Heuer Greater China, Mr. Lin Xiaohua, Full-time Executive Committee Member of the Chinese Football Association, Mr. Ma Chengquan, Chairman of the China Super League Co., Ltd., and Shao Jiayi, Professional Chinese Football Player (from left to right)
Summary: In the DNA of TAG Heuer, we always adhere to a spirit of competitive sports. The brand slogan ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’ is also the best interpretation of this spirit. The TAG Heuer Super League is bound to have a spark of passion. Let us look forward to the exciting event together!

Designed For Fans Amy Pontos S Barcelona Limited Watch

Many luxury watch brands have a cooperative relationship with football. One is the widespread popularity of football, and the other is that professional athletes are interested in watches.
   Thinking back to 1973, Barcelona introduced a record £ 920,000 for the introduction of Cruyff from Ajax. At that time, Le Méridien was not yet born. Therefore, the establishment of a cooperative relationship with the well-known football in Barcelona, ​​is a great success for Le Méridien.
   To commemorate this new partnership, Le Méridien has launched four new watches, including quartz chronographs and the Masterpiece Squelette Barcelona watch, one of the brand’s most sophisticated timepieces. However, the highlight of this series is the Pontos S Barcelona limited watch, equipped with the brand’s most iconic sports watch crown and buttons.
   From the dial, the case back to the case side, the Barcelona elements from all angles show the original intention of this watch design: fans. Fortunately for Le Méridien, according to Digital Sports Media, FC Barcelona has one of the largest fan bases in the world.
   The Pontos S Barcelona Limited Watch blends perfectly with the club’s jersey, making it the perfect accessory for matchdays, and of course it can be worn at other times of the week. This chronograph case is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 43 mm. It is durable and water-resistant to 200 meters.

Tuning The ‘navigator’ Tianjun ‘navigator’ Watch Tuning Method

Tissot ‘Navigator’ watch function display:
1, fixed 12-hour dial
2, fixed 24-hour dial
3. Time zone dial
4.Hour hand
5, second hand
6, second hand

位置 3 positions of crown:
I: Winding position (unscrewed, not pulled out)
II: Right-hand adjustment position of the 24-hour dial (unscrew, half-pull out)
III: Set the time position (unscrew and pull out completely)
螺纹 Threaded crowns, some models have threaded crowns. Before setting the time or time zone dial, you must first turn the crown to position IB and then pull it out to position II or III
Caution: After each operation, you must turn the crown back to ensure that the watch is waterproof.
Wind up
Rotate crown in position IB, not pulled out
If you haven’t worn your watch for a long time, you need to wind it manually. To restart the watch, you only need to rotate the crown a few times (clockwise) or shake the watch a few times. To make the watch’s power reserve more than 42 hours, you have to rotate the crown about 32 times (clockwise). As long as you put on your watch, every time you move your wrist, the automatic mechanism will wind up.

How to adjust the watch
The watch time is consistent with the time zone, which means that the watch is set correctly in international standard time. The time zone dial (3) must be adjusted to match the 24-hour dial (2).

Set the hands to local time
Carefully pull the crown to position III; the second hand (6) stops immediately. Turn the crown clockwise or counterclockwise until the time indicated by the hands is correct.
可使 The second hand can be synchronized with the official time before pressing the crown back to position I.
建议 Suggestions on how to use watch synchronization:
To synchronize the second hand (6) with the official time (radio, TV, Internet), pull the crown to position III, and the second hand will stop immediately. When the second hand is in sync, push the crown back to position I (if your watch has a screw-down crown) and tighten it.

Set the time zone dial
Pull the crown to position II. Rotate right and you can match the city shown on the time zone (3) with the local time on the 24-hour dial (2). Now that your watch is adjusted to the international standard time, you can use the 24-hour dial (2) to read the time anywhere in the world.

Example: (see illustration)
If the hour and minute hands of your watch show the local time in New York (10:00), you can look at the dial (2) to determine whether the Los Angeles time is 07:00 or the Paris time is 16:00.

Elegant And Passionate Tag Heuer’s October Promotion Of Watches

Calera Calibre 5 Automatic Watch (39mm) China Limited Edition

 In the autumn of October, TAG Heuer launched three Calera Calibre 5 automatic watches specially designed for the Chinese market. With these three new limited edition timepieces, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Calela series with Chinese consumers.

 In order to meet the needs of Chinese consumers for the appearance and practical functions of classic watches, the latest Calera Calibre 5 automatic watch is slightly different from other Calera watches in its design. While retaining the noble atmosphere, it increases A touch of elegance and softness is even more extraordinary. The watch is equipped with the Calibre 5 automatic movement. The black or silver-white dial with a diameter of 39 mm is bright. With the classic big three hands and a simple date display window, the wearer can read the date and time at a glance. It is worth mentioning that this watch is made of rose gold or 18K yellow gold from the scales, hands to the bezel and the bracelet, which is luxurious and not excessively noisy. Such a watch that brings together many elements welcomed by Chinese consumers perfectly blends the Chinese introverted implicitness with Calera’s pioneering spirit. While inheriting the classics, it shows the essence of the new noble and elegant.

Retail Price: 32,000 RMB
Calera Calibre 1887 ‘Racing’ (43mm)

 Since its inception, Calera has been one of the most elegant and sporty creations in the history of the brand. The Carrera series, endowed with racing pedigree, has passed through half a century of heritage. Today’s design not only carries TAG Heuer’s first self-made Calibre 1887 movement, but also perfectly combines traditional and modern modern appearance. This latest Calera Calibre 1887 chronograph is named after ‘Racing’, which fully reflects the meaning of racing and is accompanied by motorsport.

 Three chronograph dials and tachymeter black sandblasted titanium gauges complement each other. The fusion of classic elements seems to condense the passionate and brilliant racing dashboard into a small dial. The hand-assembled Arabic numerals and calendar window inspired by classic timers, red chronograph hands jumping between them, high-tech alligator strap with red stitching and lining make this pure black cool design even more avant-garde and fashionable.

 With the most modern design to reshape the most classic models in the Carrera series, TAG Heuer once again perfectly combines the maverick racing spirit and luxury style to the extreme.

Retail Price: 45,200 RMB
F1 Calibre 16 chronograph (44mm)

 Inspired by Formula One Formula 1, the F1 watch series has always been loved by many racing enthusiasts for its tough appearance, powerful and reliable functions, and sporty design. The newly launched F1 Calibre 16 chronograph, all watches are gray and black tones, cold and resolute. Three small chronograph dials are inlaid on the dark gray dial. The frosted black ceramics and polished stainless steel bezels make the sun of the entire body and the moist ceramic luster echo. Apathy.
In addition to the usual racing passion of the F1 series, there are also many careful designs in the latest F1 watches. The ‘Easy Grip’ embedded crown on the right side of the watch is engraved with ruled grooves for daily adjustment. The double safety clasp on the stainless steel bracelet effectively prevents accidental release. Regardless of design or function, this latest F1 series chronograph perfectly demonstrates the creative intention of the TAG Heuer F1 series combining stylish appearance and practical functions.

 Retail Price: 29,200 RMB

Athens Watch Classic Series Double Time Zone Female Watch

Ladies who travel abroad often stay tuned. For the first time, Athens Watch has incorporated intimate nail protection into the research and development of the iconic ‘CLASSIC Classic Double Time Zone Women’s Watch’.

   In the watchmaking industry, the dual time zone watch of Athens watch is well-known and highly respected in the industry. This is a complex mechanism that provides a concise mode of operation for the wearer, but it is very challenging for the engineer. The watch includes a dual time zone function that is direct and easy to operate: the push button on the left can quickly adjust forward or backward to different time zones, while the 9 o’clock position continues to show the home time unaffected.
   The slim stainless steel case with a diameter of 37.5 mm contains the mystery of this watch’s function: the UN-324 movement is an automatic movement, designed and developed by the Athens Watch Factory, the first Swiss watchmaking The brand is made of silicon avant-garde technology, which enhances the accuracy of the watch and the durability of the watch parts, making the UN-324 movement the core of this amazing watch.

   The function selection button set on the crown represents another leap forward for innovative timepieces, reflecting the spirit of continuous innovation of the Athenian watch. The crown has added the intimate function of protecting the nails. By pressing the button to switch the three positions on the dial, the date and time can be adjusted for the watch. Protect ladies’ nails.
   The bezel is set with sparkling diamonds, highlighting the dial and strap of midnight blue or elegant gray. In addition to the bezel set with diamonds, the hour markers and center on the dial are also embellished with diamonds. In addition to the two places on the dial, the large date display at 2 o’clock is a large double-window display, which is easy to read; the 6 o’clock position is an oversized second hand.
   For international ladies who often travel abroad, the CLASSIC Classic Time Series Women’s Watch with both elegance and practicality is definitely an ideal travel companion.

Details Fusion Two Tudor Junyao Watches Beijing Quotes

‘Bright, elegant and charming’ is the best description of the Tudor Junya series. The Tudor Watch Junya series takes fashion and classics as the inspiration blueprint. In terms of appearance and function, it is watchmaking technology and unique. The perfect combination of style pushes the exquisite appearance and superior technology to the extreme, becoming a fascinating timeless classic story. Today, Watch House brings you the Beijing market of two Tudor Junya series watches, I hope everyone likes them.

Tudor Dual Date Series 57000-68070

In-store public price: 26300 (collection time January 2015)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: Jun Xun Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 42 mm
Details of the watch: DATE inherits the style of the Junya series: exquisite and vibrant, and incorporates the eternity, passion and perfection represented by roses. The new Tudor watch DOUBLE DATE perfectly reflects the retro trend and meticulous feelings. The shiny case, polished stainless steel double outer ring, with a sophisticated design, willow-style hands and curved blue crystal surface. And the case diameter is enlarged to 42 mm, which is just as good as other models of the Junya series.

Tudor Day Calendar 56000-68060 Silver Jacquard Watch with Diamonds

Store price: 27600 (collection time January 2015)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: Jun Xun Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Watch details: corresponds to the day of the week, DATE corresponds to the date. Compared with the single calendar, the double calendar only adds one function, but the positioning has changed radically. Because basically benefiting from this new feature are the middle and senior executives in various companies, and the meaning of controlling time is more obvious, so the dual calendar is also recognized as the most business day wear watch. The watch uses the most classic and practical 12 o’clock week, 3 o’clock calendar design. 39 mm diameter design, stainless steel case and bracelet, dial set with ten diamond hour markers.

Please consult your dealer for more details:

Availability: Yes
Dealer Name: Beijing Hengli Watch Center
Dealer Address: Xidan Shopping Center, 120 Xidan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Dealer Phone: 010-66011216

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