2015 Basel Basel World Clock: Tudor Pelagos ‘dive’ Into The Deep Sea

Inspired by humans’ longing for the beauty of the natural environment, they began their modern exploration of nature. And the incomparable charm of nature drives human beings willing to take risks and explore. In recent years, the new products launched by Tudor are adhering to the pioneering spirit, and their inspiration comes from the modern exploration journey. The design of the speed riding series Black Shield originated from a fantasy exploration journey, deep into the dangerous jewels where the volcano is erupting and disappearing into the sky. And the watch inspired by the real world has the Chrono Blue series, which is a good companion for the beautiful resort. In addition, the Kai Cheng Ranger is based on polar journeys. Although these worlds are far from the same, they also carry out the magnificent aspirations of the Quartet. Tudor’s professional watches are practical and reliable, unforgettable at first sight, designed for those who love to explore. Those who love to explore have great courage and unlimited imagination. Tudor professional watches are their best choice.

TUDOR Pelagos watches symbolize the lifestyle of water adventures

Tudor Pelagos (Leadership) is a masterpiece of professional watches, but also symbolizes the lifestyle of life under water. Pelagos is one of the most complete traditional mechanical diving watches on the market. In 2015, this classic watch was revolutionary, using a movement manufactured by Tudor and adding an additional color, reminiscent of the most brilliant era in the history of the brand’s diving watches. In 1926, Tudor was made by Hans. Founded by Hans Wilsdorf. In 2015, North Flag and Pelagos (Leadership) became the first Tudor watches equipped with the brand’s self-developed movements, allowing the brand to take a big step forward in independent and independent production.
A tradition of superior quality and performance
Traditionally, the watchmaking culture of Tudor has always put the quality of production and the comfort of the wearer first. The brand has always used the movements of Swiss suppliers to achieve precision and reliability. The research and development of the new Tudor calibre still maintains a high level, enabling the brand’s products to reach unprecedented high levels. TUDOR Pelagos’ new movement, the Tudor MT5621, is equipped with a two-way automatic winding pendulum, which provides a powerful power reserve of up to about 70 hours. No need to rewind. In addition to the functions of the hour, minute and central seconds, a jump date window is provided at 3 o’clock. The Tudor MT5621 movement has a beating frequency of 28,800 times per hour or 4 hertz. It is controlled by a balance wheel equipped with a silicon balance spring, and is fixed on both sides by cross plates to enhance its shock resistance. This movement is the first Tudor product to be certified by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC).

TUDOR Pelagos series watches, with matte middle case, sandblasted details and matte colors, can create sharp contrast even without using light and shadow

In addition to technological innovation, Tudor Pelagos has added a color to the surface, outer ring and rubber strap. In addition to the original matte black style, a matte blue version is now available for selection. Matte blue has been the representative color of Tudor diving watches since 1960, and it is also the color used by the French Navy for their divers in their Tudor Submariner watches. The name ‘PELAGOS’ is printed on the surface, and there are two lines below: ‘CHRONOMETER OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED’ (certified by the Observatory), which means that the movement is certified by the Observatory Precision Timepiece.
Wonderful professional watch
The history of Tudor diving watches is closely linked to professionals working underwater, especially the navies around the world. The brand’s watches for diving have evolved over the years to take into account user needs. In keeping with this tradition of continuous innovation, the brand has carried out a number of live tests around the world during the development of the Pelagos model, especially on Lake Geneva near Tudor headquarters.

Tudor Pelagos watch with Tudor MT5621 movement

TUDOR Pelagos guarantees water resistance up to 500 meters and is equipped with a helium exhaust valve, which is an essential device to protect the watch during ‘saturated’ diving. When divers use saturation diving, in order to alternate between seabed activities and cabin rest, they need to breathe a mixture of helium and oxygen, avoiding long-term decompression during the entire mission. Because helium is the smallest gas particle in existence, even if the watch is waterproof, helium can penetrate the watch after a certain period of time. Therefore, the helium exhaust valve allows the gas infiltrating the watch to be released during the decompression phase at the end of the task without damaging the watch. The helium exhaust valve not only eliminates this excessive pressure, but also protects the watch from damage.
Great diving tools must be clear and easy to read, and TUDOR Pelagos’ design features are meeting this standard. The watch is inlaid with square hour markers and coated with a large amount of luminous material to ensure sharp contrast. The watch is especially equipped with the blue hour marker, because blue is the last color recognizable in the depths of the ocean in the spectrum. Pelagos’ hands, especially the hour hand, are uniquely squared, allowing the wearer to distinguish between the hour and minute hands at a glance. Collectors call this design a ‘snowflake’, a signature feature of the diving watch produced by Tudor since 1969. Also for clarity and readability, the scales emit blue light on the ceramic unidirectional rotating outer ring ceramic word ring. Even in an extremely harsh field of vision, the display on the watch can be read.

TUDOR Pelagos series watch with integrated middle case, screw-in caseback and winding crown, helium exhaust valve at 9 o’clock

Patented automatic buckle
Pelagos also stands out from the crowd with its titanium strap. This strap is equipped with a steel discount. This discount has a built-in self-adjusting spring device developed and patented by Tudor. Since the wetsuit will be compressed and compressed in the deep sea, it will also expand when the diver returns to the surface, and this clever device allows the strap to adjust itself when diving. In addition, Pelagos comes with a rubber strap. This rubber strap also has an extension system that can be easily adjusted for diving in any situation. Titanium was chosen for the exterior components of the Tudor Pelagos because it is extremely lightweight and only about 60% of the weight of stainless steel. In addition, titanium is also resistant to seawater corrosion. The fully matte and matte appearance gives a functional and practical feel. Its technological color style reveals the high-tech and professional characteristics of the watch. Continuing the design style of external components, the Tudor MT5621 movement driving Pelagos is also matte. Through a wide range of sandblasting, adding details or the effect of sun light, and a central pendulum, it highlights the precision and reliability of this movement, and its craftsmanship.

Unique patented watch discounts, highlighting the characteristics of professional watches, emphasizing the practicality and reliability of TUDOR Pelagos series watches

Eco-drive Global Radio Control Watch Citizen Valentine’s Day Watches Recommended

Valentine’s Day has arrived in 2014, and I have also selected two Citizen Eco-Drive watches for everyone to recommend to you. The light kinetic energy symbolizes the purity of love, and the two main colors of silver and gold also foretell. The sweetness and maturity of love echo each other, bringing a different experience on this 14-year Valentine’s Day.

 On Valentine’s Day in 2014, Citizen specially selected the light kinetic energy global multi-wave radio series watches BY0054-57A and EC1042-51A to accompany Yongsong’s everlasting beautiful love with the understanding of every second. The silver BY0054-57A highlights the men’s fortitude and wisdom with a tough metal hue, and the golden EC1042-51A embellishes the female’s intellectual beauty with a gentle light. When the hands are beating on each other’s wrists at the same time, when the gold and silver light shine on each other, there is no need for sweet talk, no need for eachother, and the quiet flowing time is the best testimony of love. At the beginning of love was the ‘mark of the heart’ at EC3042-51A at 4:30. It reminds us of our first encounter, the moment of interlacing in the spring in the garden.
 For reference of watch details: In the sweet time, you always appear on time when I need it most. Just like BY0054-57A, which has a light kinetic energy wave movement, there is energy when there is light, as long as it can receive radio waves There will be no errors, and we will stay with you every second. For those travelling moments in the years, whether you are in China, the United States, Europe, or Japan, as long as you choose the name of the city in your time zone, Citizen’s multi-station radio watches around the wrist can automatically receive the local standard time radio signal and proofread Time and jet lag are easily converted, so that the hearts that care about each other are closely connected.
 Watch details reference: Summary: Time is passing, the true feelings are eternal. In this festival full of love, looking back at those good times that are known and accompanied, as if still in sight, just like the titanium alloy strap of this pair of watches is warm and firm, after years of precipitation has always been new. Citizen’s multi-round radio-controlled watches around the world make two loving hearts tightly linked in the same rhythm. Love in the wrist is eternal.

Clean And Gentleman’s Dress Code: Citizen’s New Light Kinetic Energy Global Radio Timepiece Reflects The Taste Of Light

CITIZEN, a pure Japanese watch brand, has entered the 100-year milestone of the founding society, and has always adhered to the belief of ‘BetterStartsNow’ and is still committed to the pursuit of excellence and innovation. The summer heat wave struck, and Shanda launched the ‘100th Anniversary’ limited edition of the new Kinetic Energy Global Radio Wave Timepiece Models AT9091-51H and AT8160-55H. Both timepieces are based on the futuristic cool threaded gray as the main color. CITIZEN’s representative titanium case, anti-glare sapphire glass, and classic titanium watch design also perfectly show a firm and stable gentleman. charm.

Model AT9091-51H
Case titanium / case 42.7mm / MRK
Strap titanium / MRK
Mirror single-sided anti-glare sapphire glass
Waterproof 10 standard atmosphere
Drive mode: light kinetic energy, continuous operation for 8 months after full charge / power saving mode
Multi-station global radio wave reception / 26 cities time
24-hour display / perpetual calendar
Two places time / power level display
Comes with crocodile leather strap
 In addition to the titanium strap, the two Eco-Drive Global Radio Timepiece models also offer a high-quality gray crocodile leather strap, which has both functional and stylish appearance, washing the dull feeling of the summer sun. The simple shape is easy to match with each Style occasions, providing more fashionable choices for every male gentleman, no matter what style can show extraordinary fashionable taste.

Model AT8160-55H
Case titanium / case 41.5mm / MRK
Strap titanium / MRK
Mirror double-sided anti-glare sapphire glass
Waterproof 10 standard atmosphere
Drive method: Photodynamic energy, continuous operation for 10 months after full charge / power saving mode
Multi-station global radio wave reception / 26 cities time
24-hour display / perpetual calendar
Power level display
Comes with crocodile leather strap
 The new solar-powered global radio-controlled timepiece models AT9091-51H and AT8160-55H once again demonstrate CITIZEN’s high-quality process level. In the power-saving mode, the AT9091-51H can operate continuously for 8 months after being fully charged, and the AT8160-55H can continue Operating for 10 months, receiving radio waves from multiple stations around the world, and time in 26 cities, the AT9091-51H can display the time in both places, so that every gentleman on the international cutting edge can accurately grasp the pulse of the world anytime, anywhere.

In addition to titanium straps, the CITIZEN ‘100th Anniversary’ limited edition new kinetic energy global radio timepiece models AT9091-51H and AT8160-55H also offer high-quality gray alligator leather straps.