Tuning The ‘navigator’ Tianjun ‘navigator’ Watch Tuning Method

Tissot ‘Navigator’ watch function display:
1, fixed 12-hour dial
2, fixed 24-hour dial
3. Time zone dial
4.Hour hand
5, second hand
6, second hand

位置 3 positions of crown:
I: Winding position (unscrewed, not pulled out)
II: Right-hand adjustment position of the 24-hour dial (unscrew, half-pull out)
III: Set the time position (unscrew and pull out completely)
螺纹 Threaded crowns, some models have threaded crowns. Before setting the time or time zone dial, you must first turn the crown to position IB and then pull it out to position II or III
Caution: After each operation, you must turn the crown back to ensure that the watch is waterproof.
Wind up
Rotate crown in position IB, not pulled out
If you haven’t worn your watch for a long time, you need to wind it manually. To restart the watch, you only need to rotate the crown a few times (clockwise) or shake the watch a few times. To make the watch’s power reserve more than 42 hours, you have to rotate the crown about 32 times (clockwise). As long as you put on your watch, every time you move your wrist, the automatic mechanism will wind up.

How to adjust the watch
The watch time is consistent with the time zone, which means that the watch is set correctly in international standard time. The time zone dial (3) must be adjusted to match the 24-hour dial (2).

Set the hands to local time
Carefully pull the crown to position III; the second hand (6) stops immediately. Turn the crown clockwise or counterclockwise until the time indicated by the hands is correct.
可使 The second hand can be synchronized with the official time before pressing the crown back to position I.
建议 Suggestions on how to use watch synchronization:
To synchronize the second hand (6) with the official time (radio, TV, Internet), pull the crown to position III, and the second hand will stop immediately. When the second hand is in sync, push the crown back to position I (if your watch has a screw-down crown) and tighten it.

Set the time zone dial
Pull the crown to position II. Rotate right and you can match the city shown on the time zone (3) with the local time on the 24-hour dial (2). Now that your watch is adjusted to the international standard time, you can use the 24-hour dial (2) to read the time anywhere in the world.

Example: (see illustration)
If the hour and minute hands of your watch show the local time in New York (10:00), you can look at the dial (2) to determine whether the Los Angeles time is 07:00 or the Paris time is 16:00.

Elegant And Passionate Tag Heuer’s October Promotion Of Watches

Calera Calibre 5 Automatic Watch (39mm) China Limited Edition

 In the autumn of October, TAG Heuer launched three Calera Calibre 5 automatic watches specially designed for the Chinese market. With these three new limited edition timepieces, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Calela series with Chinese consumers.

 In order to meet the needs of Chinese consumers for the appearance and practical functions of classic watches, the latest Calera Calibre 5 automatic watch is slightly different from other Calera watches in its design. While retaining the noble atmosphere, it increases A touch of elegance and softness is even more extraordinary. The watch is equipped with the Calibre 5 automatic movement. The black or silver-white dial with a diameter of 39 mm is bright. With the classic big three hands and a simple date display window, the wearer can read the date and time at a glance. It is worth mentioning that this watch is made of rose gold or 18K yellow gold from the scales, hands to the bezel and the bracelet, which is luxurious and not excessively noisy. Such a watch that brings together many elements welcomed by Chinese consumers perfectly blends the Chinese introverted implicitness with Calera’s pioneering spirit. While inheriting the classics, it shows the essence of the new noble and elegant.

Retail Price: 32,000 RMB
Calera Calibre 1887 ‘Racing’ (43mm)

 Since its inception, Calera has been one of the most elegant and sporty creations in the history of the brand. The Carrera series, endowed with racing pedigree, has passed through half a century of heritage. Today’s design not only carries TAG Heuer’s first self-made Calibre 1887 movement, but also perfectly combines traditional and modern modern appearance. This latest Calera Calibre 1887 chronograph is named after ‘Racing’, which fully reflects the meaning of racing and is accompanied by motorsport.

 Three chronograph dials and tachymeter black sandblasted titanium gauges complement each other. The fusion of classic elements seems to condense the passionate and brilliant racing dashboard into a small dial. The hand-assembled Arabic numerals and calendar window inspired by classic timers, red chronograph hands jumping between them, high-tech alligator strap with red stitching and lining make this pure black cool design even more avant-garde and fashionable.

 With the most modern design to reshape the most classic models in the Carrera series, TAG Heuer once again perfectly combines the maverick racing spirit and luxury style to the extreme.

Retail Price: 45,200 RMB
F1 Calibre 16 chronograph (44mm)

 Inspired by Formula One Formula 1, the F1 watch series has always been loved by many racing enthusiasts for its tough appearance, powerful and reliable functions, and sporty design. The newly launched F1 Calibre 16 chronograph, all watches are gray and black tones, cold and resolute. Three small chronograph dials are inlaid on the dark gray dial. The frosted black ceramics and polished stainless steel bezels make the sun of the entire body and the moist ceramic luster echo. Apathy.
In addition to the usual racing passion of the F1 series, there are also many careful designs in the latest F1 watches. The ‘Easy Grip’ embedded crown on the right side of the watch is engraved with ruled grooves for daily adjustment. The double safety clasp on the stainless steel bracelet effectively prevents accidental release. Regardless of design or function, this latest F1 series chronograph perfectly demonstrates the creative intention of the TAG Heuer F1 series combining stylish appearance and practical functions.

 Retail Price: 29,200 RMB

Athens Watch Classic Series Double Time Zone Female Watch

Ladies who travel abroad often stay tuned. For the first time, Athens Watch has incorporated intimate nail protection into the research and development of the iconic ‘CLASSIC Classic Double Time Zone Women’s Watch’.

   In the watchmaking industry, the dual time zone watch of Athens watch is well-known and highly respected in the industry. This is a complex mechanism that provides a concise mode of operation for the wearer, but it is very challenging for the engineer. The watch includes a dual time zone function that is direct and easy to operate: the push button on the left can quickly adjust forward or backward to different time zones, while the 9 o’clock position continues to show the home time unaffected.
   The slim stainless steel case with a diameter of 37.5 mm contains the mystery of this watch’s function: the UN-324 movement is an automatic movement, designed and developed by the Athens Watch Factory, the first Swiss watchmaking The brand is made of silicon avant-garde technology, which enhances the accuracy of the watch and the durability of the watch parts, making the UN-324 movement the core of this amazing watch.

   The function selection button set on the crown represents another leap forward for innovative timepieces, reflecting the spirit of continuous innovation of the Athenian watch. The crown has added the intimate function of protecting the nails. By pressing the button to switch the three positions on the dial, the date and time can be adjusted for the watch. Protect ladies’ nails.
   The bezel is set with sparkling diamonds, highlighting the dial and strap of midnight blue or elegant gray. In addition to the bezel set with diamonds, the hour markers and center on the dial are also embellished with diamonds. In addition to the two places on the dial, the large date display at 2 o’clock is a large double-window display, which is easy to read; the 6 o’clock position is an oversized second hand.
   For international ladies who often travel abroad, the CLASSIC Classic Time Series Women’s Watch with both elegance and practicality is definitely an ideal travel companion.