Bulgari Octo Ultranero Series Watch Tasting

Bulgari OCTO is not an ordinary watch. As a familiar classic model, it adopted an unprecedented watch design in 2016. With an intricate hollow ultra-thin movement and a cool black tone full of contemporary flavor, it created the world’s thinnest tourbillon device and reshaped the classic.

 Modern style is the keynote of the new black Octo Ultranero. They appeared in an ‘all black’ or ‘almost all black’ posture, and Bulgari gave this manly contemporary watch the iconic look. According to different designs, the brand chooses gold embellished hands and time scales, or uses a rose gold bezel to create an elegant contrast effect.

 The thickness of Octo Ultranero is only 1.95 mm, revealing its thinnest king position in this complex field.

 Octo Ultranero knows how to make functions simple and easy to use. Even though all the precision timepieces in this series are derived from the best mechanical movements made by Bvlgari, they are hand-embedded and built. Choose different styles for your needs, habits, and wearing methods. For accurate measurement and reading, you can choose a 41mm diameter model equipped with a Solotempo BVL 193 automatic mechanical movement. This dual barrel-equipped movement is equipped with a 50-hour power reserve, which provides a fully accurate display of hours, minutes, seconds and dates; if you want a more sporty image, you can choose the BVL 328 high-performance machine The Octo Velocissimo chronograph driven by the core, the chase time is as fast as 1/10 seconds.

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The Wings Of The Sky Watchmaking Legend Breitling Rooted In The Blue Sky

In view of the precise technical requirements of aerospace and aviation, this has become the focus of propaganda of many watch brands, but if it comes to the closest relationship with aerospace and aviation, the non-Swiss watch brand Breitling is the best. It is not only good at watchmaking, but also rooted in the sky. The Breitling jet aerobatic team consists of seven Czech-made L-39C albatross two-seat jet military trainers.
     As the world-renowned ‘Official Official Supplier of the World Aviation Industry’, Breitling Aviation Chronograph (Navitimer) has been widely sought after by professional pilots and aviation enthusiasts since its birth in 1952. In 1952, Breitling has become famous in the aviation industry with the cockpit timer of the aircraft, devoted to creating a ‘wrist instrument’ designed for pilots, and the Breitling Aviation Chronograph with the famous circular flight slider came into being. In the era when electronic computers were not yet available, this watch is unique in that it can easily and quickly complete all calculations related to flight, including average flight speed, flight mileage, fuel consumption, and climb or descent rates. Therefore, it is favored by pilots and used for flight preparation and monitoring. Once launched, this real aviation timepiece quickly circulated and was endorsed by the World Pilots Association (AOPA) as its official designated watch.
     The Breitling Aviation Chronograph is included in one of the top ten watchmaking classics of the 20th century. Since its introduction in 1952, it has become the oldest mechanical chronograph in production in the world.
     Breitling also has a star-studded legendary flying team. The much-anticipated Breitling flight team will land in China for the first time in November this year, and will be unveiled at the 9th China International Aerospace Expo (‘China Air Show’) in Zhuhai, Guangdong.
     As one of the world’s top five airshows, China Airshow is a trade, professional and ornamental one. It is the only international professional aerospace exhibition approved by the central government. From November 13th to 18th, 2012, Breitling JetTeam, the world’s largest civil professional jet aerobatic team under Breitling, is famous for its breathtaking ‘walk in the clouds’ Breitling aerial walk flight The team (Bre-itlingWingwalkers) and Breitling’s full support of ‘Flying Man’ Yves Rossi (Yves Rossi) will gather in Zhuhai, China to bring a visual feast of extreme flying for Chinese consumers.
John Travolta shoots new ads for Breitling
     It’s not hard to understand that Breitling chose Hollywood superstar John Travolta as the global spokesperson. From the first professional flight training at the age of 16, to the first flight driver’s license at the age of 20, he is an ‘ace pilot’ with a record of more than 6000 hours of flight and holding 8 types of aircraft driving licenses. Includes Boeing 707 (Captain level), Gulfstream II, Learjet 24, Hawker 1A, Cessna Citation Series 1 and 2 (CessnaCi-tationIandII), plus empty CL -41 Wasp (Canadair CL-41 Tebuan) and Vampiremilitary jet. In 2002, he was qualified as the Deputy Captain of the Boeing 747-400 large jet airliner. In the summer of the same year, in commemoration of the 9/11 incident, he drove his Boeing 707 jetliner for global flights, flying a total of 65,000 kilometers around the world, and completed a ‘friendship journey’ with his family and his beautiful wishes.
Breitling 60th Anniversary Blue Edition
     To commemorate the 60th anniversary of Breitling’s “Navitimer” in service and coincide with the 60th anniversary of its flight alongside the world’s aviation industry, Breitling launched the 60th anniversary of the limited edition of 500 aviation chronographs in Shanghai, China. Edition (NavitimerBlueSky60thAn-niversaryLimitedEdition). This limited edition watch is equipped with a transparent sapphire case back, Breitling’s own 01 movement has a panoramic view, John Travolta became the world’s first owner.