Bulgari’s New Masterpiece Octo Series Creates A Classic Men’s Watch

Octo watches are neither round nor square, but they are a perfect blend of the two to create the most recognizable octagonal design, and to build the natural beauty and geometric aesthetics of a round place . The octagonal structure of the watch and the round bezel complement each other, showing a bold and delicate style in a pure classic art tradition. The OCTO series with clear personality and far-reaching significance is the classic of Bulgari establishing men’s watches, foretelling the future trends, and will surely become the focus of celebrities and elegant ladies. Octagonal design, all things vocabulary
     OCTO’s unique octagonal shape contains many cultural implications. In medieval Europe, alchemists believed that the square and the circle were a perfect imagery expression, just like the relationship between the earth and the universe: the square represents humanity, and the circle symbolizes the connection between the gods and humans. The octagon with a square and a circle has been widely regarded as a totem of wealth from ancient times to today, symbolizing balance, harmony, strength and eternity.
     Octagonal structures were widely found in ancient Western architecture. One of the most representative is the Castel del Monte on Italy’s one-cent Euro coin. This majestic and majestic building was built by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II in the 13th century in the Puglia region of southeastern Italy. There is a metaphor of ‘temple of learning’. At the beginning of its design and construction, Frederick II was deeply inspired by the octagonal Jerusalem dome of the mosque and the Carolingian octagonal building of the Aachen Cathedral.
     In the East, thousands of miles away, the octagon is also the original source of ancient Chinese history, civilization, and belief. In the ‘I Ching’ edited from the 1st century BC, the eight symbols of ‘gossip’ have been used to represent the eight phenomena in nature, and then the law of change of people and events has been deduced to achieve the unity of heaven and man. In Chinese architecture, the combination of square and circle is also used to symbolize the relationship between heaven and earth, gods and humans. For example, Beijing’s Temple of Heaven, built in the 15th century, with the south wall as a square and the north wall as a circle, echoes the essence of the traditional Chinese universe concept of ‘Tianyuan place’. The Chinese thinking model based on the yin-yang rule has also run through from ancient times to the present.
A perfect fusion of mathematical infinity and the universe
     The OCTO series is named after the number 8 in Latin. The graphic design of the octagon of the watch is translated into numbers and has a profound meaning. 8. In Christianity, it represents the union of infinity (god) and finite (human); in some mysterious theories, it represents horizontal and vertical infinity, or the basis of cosmic power. In addition, 8 is equivalent to the infinite theory of mathematicians, the eternal immutability, and the total view of the universe symbolizing China (I Ching). In Asian culture, it is the embodiment of prosperity and strength.
     The structure of this series of watches is the essence of the above symbolic content, which has gone beyond the pure functions of the watch. In the formal and simple design of the watch, the exquisite and complex texture is revealed everywhere. On the one hand, it conveys the value of balance, perfection, immortality and eternity, and on the other hand, it also displays professional clockwork.
     The OCTO watch is infused with a modern aesthetic style. The time reading design is low-key and classic, providing traditional use functions. In terms of shape, it boldly transformed the traditional design proportions to create a unique harmony and balance. The new look is pure and powerful. Through the extreme elegant graphic design, it perfectly reflects the value of the Bulgari men’s watch.
Ingenious case and movement
     A meaningful watch naturally needs to be accompanied by an excellent ‘movement’. OCTO’s Calibre BVL193 is a unidirectional rotating automatic winding movement. The automatic disc adopts ball bearings to ensure optimal winding and is equipped with two sets of barrels. The Calibre BVL movement has a diameter of 11.5 law minutes and a frequency of 28,800 vibrations (4 Hz) per hour. It provides a power reserve of 50 hours, giving the watch enhanced long-term isochronism, stable time and accuracy. The finished parts of the movement, including the rotating shaft and the satin-finished drive polishing gear, are of excellent quality.
     The watch adopts elegant black lacquer and polished dial made by Bvlgari, fully uses traditional pointer display, and integrates a large number of aesthetic characteristics of OCTO lines. Bvlgari’s new self-made OCTO case consists of 110 facets, and the extremely complicated and delicate processes are not difficult to imagine. The three major constructions of the middle case, bezel and spiral back cover are based on a single design criterion of “excellence”. The watchmakers have worked extremely carefully and continuously before assembly. The case has a unique structure, sharp cuts, clean lines, and polished and satin-finished treatments, full of imposing and self-evident power.
     The OCTO series will become the classic of Bulgari men’s watches, interpreting a clear and single message: beyond traditional standards, stand out from many models, predicting future trends.
Bulgari’s new OCTO series / technical and design parameters
Description BVL193, one-way automatic winding movement
Size 25, 60mm x 3,70mm
Display Hour hand, minute hand, second hand display, date window at three o’clock
Jewels 28 gems
Power reserve double barrel, ensuring 50 hours power reserve
Vibration frequency 4Hz–28,800vph
Surface processing The bridge of the table is decorated with snails and Geneva ripples, the edges of the bridge are chamfered and polished, the main ring plate with a circular ring pattern, the satin-finished gear, and the polished shaft
Surrounding Jewels Tonal Diamond Polished
Face plate Black lacquered face plate, rose gold or rhodium plated hour markers
Case 41.5mm x 10.55mm
Bvlgari case, screw-down crown and spiral back cover, water-resistant to 100 meters
Strap Black alligator leather strap with double folding buckle in stainless steel or rose gold

This Love Story Will Not Get Tired After Listening 10,000 Times

The story happened one night in the most beautiful city in the world. In this century-old city, a couple set off to meet. On the backlit enamel dial, the LePontdesAmoureux watch sets the scene for the couple: their romantic walk in the courtroom brings the two parties closer and closer until they finally meet. This story happened in Paris 10 years ago, and today, new love stories are still written in the long river of time.

Van Cleef & Arpels LadyArpelsPontdesAmoureux watch

 This is one of thousands of love stories that happened in the romantic capital of Paris. A hundred years ago, a moving carol of love unveiled the poems of VanCleef & Arpels and love … Estelle Arpels and Alfred VanCleef concluded a beautiful Marriage.

Van Cleef & Arpels founders Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef

 A hundred years later, Van Cleef & Arpels moved the story that happened in Paris to the design of high-end timepieces-LadyArpelsPontdesAmoureux. In 2010, Van Cleef & Arpels launched the first Valentine’s Bridge watch, which caused a great response at the time. People realized for the first time that the original interpretation of time still had such a poetic method, and was deeply moved by the love story of this lover’s bridge.

Van Cleef & Arpels launches the Lover Bridge in 2010

 It is known that Van Cleef & Arpels may stay in the impression of the fine jewelry family. In fact, they also joked that ‘Van Cleef & Arpels watches are jewellery with timers’. Adhering to the poetic outlook on life and values, Van Cleef & Arpels has brought us many poetic timepieces.

 Van Cleef & Arpels logo inspiration comes from Fontaine Plaza

 In 1906, Van Cleef & Arpels settled in Fontenay Square. Establishing an indissoluble bond with high jewelry with the surnames of the two, opened the first chapter of the century legend of the family. Since then, the symbol ‘&’ has been transformed into an eternal connection, symbolizing the delicate inspiration and extraordinary design given to the family by these couples, together showing the poetic beautiful love, which makes Van Cleef & Arpels ( VanCleef & Arpels) is unique. Today, the family’s watch works still use time to interpret moving emotions.

Van Cleef & Arpels launches new Valentine’s Bridge watch in 2019

 It is precisely because of the continuous exploration of poetry that in 2019, the brand launched a new Valentine’s Bridge watch, which still uses this famous love story, but has made many adjustments in details.

1. Master craftsmanship on the dial

 The dial is made by experienced watchmakers who master the following master craftsmanship in the workshop:

 The new Valentine’s Bridge dial real shot

 How long does it take to make a dial? It takes about 40 hours to make the dial of a LadyArpels Pontdes Amoureux watch (34 hours for the old model), the four season series with multi-color ink enamel and micro-painting process and Jour watch take longer.

Dial drawing

 Van Cleef & Arpels has used a large number of ancient enamel techniques in the watch series. Since the 21st century, the family has revived these ancient memories, some of which can be traced back to ancient times. These different craftsmanships are given new vitality. They are combined with each other on the square dial to tell a romantic and beautiful story. Enamel is an art of color and roasting. Each craftsman can customize the enamel color by themselves. They select the silicon powder (which determines the transparency of the material) and the pigment, and the final color is the best color effect.

Multicolor ink enamel

 Ink enamel originated from Limoges in the 16th century. Using two-tone enamel, you can create stunning light and shade effects. First, apply a very dark enamel to the background and carefully polish it to get the perfect smooth texture. The craftsman then used brushes or fine needles to draw the landscape, using a white powder enamel called ‘Blancde Limoges’ to successfully transition from the lightest to the darker areas. After 8 to 10 consecutive firings, a gradual effect will appear, making the dial mysterious.

Enamel miniature painting

 The 16th to 18th centuries were the heyday of miniature painting art, and only a handful of artisans mastered this craft: it required patience, meticulousness and long-term professional training in art.

 Carved and carved

 Carving is a traditional watchmaking technique, which can make the dial or case bottom case decoration with embossed and layered effects. The craftsmen carefully carved the overall outline in white gold and kept improving until the hero and different details became elegant and light.

2.New on-demand kiss animation

 Seasons change, romance lasts forever, and young lovers can meet at any time of the day as needed.

The watchmaker is commissioning the assembly
 In order to allow this couple to kiss more freely, unlike the old model, the new Valentine’s Bridge can be animated according to the needs of the kiss, instead of waiting until midnight and noon at noon every day. This meets the needs of users to play and appreciate to a certain extent, and it can be said to be a more intimate design.

3. New automatic winding movement

 I have to say a few words about the movement. In the past, when we looked at other models, the design of the dial and the design of the movement of the watch were often distinguished separately, but Van Cleef & Arpels was not. Ms. LauraLai, Managing Director of China, said that for Van Cleef & Arpels, the development of the movement is a means of storytelling, not a movement for the movement itself.

The new movement developed exclusively for Van Cleef & Arpels has a power reserve of up to 36 hours.

Van Cleef & Arpels self-winding ValfleurierQ020
 The family uses a new self-winding mechanical movement (ValfleurierQ020), equipped with modules specially developed for Van Cleef & Arpels. This new component is equipped with on-demand animation capabilities. The components were developed by a Swiss organization affiliated with Richemont Group, which specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality movements.

The details of the parts still use a poetic interpretation

 Tuning the system (activated by a button) causes the device to start animation. Even if the watch is not wound, the animation can still be presented.

Movement details

 The couple will pause for a few seconds (3 seconds on average) before meeting and kissing. The pause gives the two a chance to observe each other well before reuniting. When they meet at noon or midnight, they kiss for about 3 seconds. At this moment, time will pause and the hands will return to 12:03.

4. High jewelry bracelet

 The new high jewelry bracelet uses gold carving and other techniques, and the pattern echoes the season of the dial. (The high jewelry bracelet cannot be replaced.)

Gem Selection

 As a family of jewellery, Van Cleef & Arpels is very careful when selecting, matching and setting gems. All gems are carefully selected in strict accordance with the same high standards as jewelry works. Diamonds and colored sapphires are selected according to the original design drawings. And manganese aluminum garnet.

 Gem setting

 Gem setting adds a touch of touch to the mastery of watchmaking, sculpting and enamel masters, continuing the tradition of fine jewelry. Diamonds, colored sapphires and manganese aluminum garnets make the four seasons of the LadyArpelsPontdesAmoureux more dazzling and gorgeous.

5. Hidden details

Case back of the new love bridge

Case carving details

 Love is unwavering and meets across four seasons. The lovers on the arch bridge, because of the change of dress in the four seasons, the details, even more ingenuity. The gold carving and enamel on the sapphire crystal mirror the design of the dial, and the back is engraved with exquisite patterns, echoing the touching love song on the dial.

Van Cleef & Arpels Love Bridge Watch

 For Van Cleef & Arpels, time is not just about the seconds that are about to elapse. It gives time more meaning, and it tries to guide the wearer through every ordinary or extraordinary moment in a more unique and poetic way. In other words, Van Cleef & Arpels is just writing a time poem. It knows that time is only part of life, and even if we chase minute by minute and try to keep it, we cannot escape the fleeting fate. If you ca n’t save time, you can record it in a better way. This is the answer to Van Cleef & Arpels to time and to clocks.

Van Cleef & Arpels launches new Valentine’s Bridge watch in 2019

 Today, the new Valentine’s Bridge is about to meet us. It is the perfect fusion of watches and jewellery, and also a work of love and time. We don’t have standard answers about love and time. Maybe just like this pair of lovers in Paris, we accompany each other through every season, day and night. The brand also launched a men’s lover’s bridge watch for men this time, which means that they hope you can pair with your lover.

The Spirit Of Racing Tag Heuer Launches The F1 Series Bulgaire Blue Dial Special Edition Watch

Recently, TAGHeuer has launched a new F1 series Bulgaire special edition watch. With its striking blue trim and two interchangeable straps, this watch is a must-have for all racing fans, combining endurance, speed and precision. From September 24, 2018, the watch will be exclusively available at the Bucherer Online Store.

 For 130 years, Bucherer has been providing its clients with a wide range of outstanding timepieces from first-class watchmakers, including a long-standing cooperation with TAGHeuer.

 TAGHeuer relies on expertise, mutual respect and unique technical expertise to create the F1 Bulgaire Blue Dial Special Edition watch. This watch is sporty and elegant. The blue dial with exquisite hand-applied hour-markers and aluminum rotating bezel with 60-minute scale make the eyes shine.

 The stainless steel case has a diameter of 43 mm and is robust and built-in. It has a self-winding movement that provides a 38-hour power reserve. This watch comes with two interchangeable bracelets-a stainless steel bracelet and a blue rubber strap-to add a touch of luxury to the wrist wherever you are.

 The TAGHeuer F1 series Bulgaire blue dial special edition watch is even more stylish and sporty. It is designed for young people who are pursuing fashion and flowing racing blood. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

The Inspiration For Iwc’s New Marine Timepieces: Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands, located 1,000 km off the coast of Ecuador in South America, is the world’s first World Natural Heritage Site and is known for its many rare species. It is known as the ‘melting furnace of marine life’ and ‘Living Museum of Biological Evolution.’ Today, the isolated volcanic archipelago still has an amazing species ecology, and 95% of the island’s native species have survived for decades. The Charles Darwin Foundation has made a great contribution. IWC has been cooperating with the Darwin Foundation since 2009, and has become one of the foundation’s most important sponsors. It has made significant progress in supporting a series of scientific research projects. The magnificent scenery and the spirit of nature protection that rare species on the archipelago rely on have become the source of inspiration for the IWC marine timepiece series. Each marine timepiece has won watch fans with excellent diving performance and outstanding design. The sales revenue of the watches provided strong support to the environmental protection cause of the Galapagos Islands.

The Galapagos Islands has an amazing species ecology, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Darwin Research Station

 In 1835, Charles Darwin, a 26-year-old British natural scientist, arrived in the Galapagos Islands on the ‘HMS Berger’ expedition ship. This archipelago isolated on the vast sea surprised him. Unseen, unheard of, this place is like a rare paradise left by God in the world. Today, nearly 180 years later, the rare and unique nature of the Galapagos Islands is still breathtaking. Here are unique animal and plant species that have not been found in other parts of the earth. About 40% of the wildlife on the islands is endemic, including marine iguanas, the famous Darwin’s finches and giant turtles.

About 40% of wildlife on the Galapagos Islands are endemic

Thanks to the unremitting efforts of research stations, 95% of the native species of the Galapagos Islands have survived

 The Darwin Foundation established a scientific research station on the Galapagos Islands in 1964. Thanks to the unremitting efforts of the scientific research station, 95% of the native species of the Galapagos Islands have survived. The collaboration between IWC and the Darwin Foundation began in 2009, at the time of the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birthday. Since then, the brand has given grants to the foundation’s research stations each year to support its research efforts to do its best to help protect the charming natural environment of the Galapagos Islands. In 2014, taking the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the scientific research station, IWC launched a new marine timepiece diver’s watch series. Marine timepieces are the perfect companion for rigorous land and underwater adventures, even more so in this natural paradise of the Galapagos Islands. At the same time, IWC is also worried about the increasingly severe environmental problems facing this great world natural heritage, and specially designed three chronograph watches to pay tribute to the charming Galapagos Islands. Part of the sales of these special edition watches will go to the Darwin research station to protect the fascinating world of the Galapagos Islands.

Pure primitive style
 The Galapagos Islands covers an area of ​​more than 7,500 square kilometers. It consists of 13 small islands and 19 rock reefs solidified by lava erupted from submarine volcanoes. High sustained earthquakes and volcanic activities have formed the island’s unique landform. There are tall volcanoes standing on the archipelago. The natural lakes formed by some craters are like blue-green jasper inlaid on the peak of the volcano, which is very beautiful. The Galapagos Islands is one of the rare and uncontaminated pure land on the earth. The island is brightly colored and presents a kind of primitive style and grandeur. The new marine timepiece combines the traditional simple appearance with a unique and easy-to-operate rotating bezel system. The choice of softer colors and functional designs is a tribute to the first marine timepiece launched in 1967.

IWC Marine Chronograph Chronograph ‘Galapagos Islands’ Special Edition

IWC marine chronograph engraved with the island-specific iguana pattern on the back of the watch

 IWC also draws inspiration from the blue waters of the Galapagos Islands, weather-beaten brown vegetation and various shapes of gray rocks. The marine chronograph ‘Galapagos Islands’ special edition classic black and white contrast The hue shows the unique charm of the Galapagos Islands-the black is like volcanic lava, and the white is like the clouds surrounding the island. The beautiful black matte rubber-coated stainless steel case is the distinctive signature of this special edition watch, and the island’s unique iguana pattern is engraved on the back.

Incredible species heaven
 The iguana comfortably basks in the sun on black igneous rocks, and its amphibious appearance looks more like a mythical dragon. Flamingos and sea turtles are enjoying the warmth of the landing. Groups of sturgeon cruising in shallow waters looming in the sparkling turquoise cove. Sea lions play in the cold waters of the Humboldt Ocean Current, while hammerhead hammerhead sharks swim in deeper waters. The Galapagos Islands are one of the last natural paradise on earth. Forty percent of the animals here are endemic to the archipelago and have not been found anywhere else. In 1978, the Galapagos Islands were included in the World Natural Heritage List by UNESCO. Thanks to the efforts of environmental organizations led by the Darwin Foundation, there has not been any kind of bird extinction in the Galapagos Islands, including the blue-footed boobies. As the name suggests, this bird has brightly colored blue flippers. The blue-footed boobies were ridiculed by the early sailors for their inborn nature and the swaying attitude of walking, but in the air it is a wit and agile flying expert, which is equally astonishing in hunting. Amazing dive diving expert. Flocks of blue-footed boobies shoot into the sea like a sharp arrow from the sky-this is an unforgettable natural wonder.

IWC Marine Chronograph Chronograph ‘Galapagos 50 Years of Scientific Achievement’ Special Edition

IWC Marine Chronograph Chronograph ‘Galapagos 50 Years of Scientific Achievement’ Special Edition

 This vibrant blue is also incorporated into the design of the special edition of the IWC Marine Chronograph Chronograph ‘Galapagos 50 Years of Scientific Achievement’. The watch is equipped with eye-catching blue hands and hour markers. The experts who are familiar with the animal world of the Galapagos Islands. When they see this color, they may think of this exotic blue outside the blue water. Foot boobies.

Legendary mecca
 Few scholars have brought so much change to the worldview of the world like Darwin. More than 180 years ago, Darwin stayed in the Galapagos Islands for a month during a five-year, 40,000-mile voyage. Darwin wrote down ‘a group of extremely special finch’ in the travel log. : ‘The most incredible thing is that different species can be classified into different species by the size of their beaks. It is entirely conceivable that at first the birds on the island were scarce, so many varieties evolved from one species according to different survival needs. ‘This experience provided inspiration for his book’ The Origin of Species of Natural Selection ‘published in 1859, and his many observations and discoveries on the island laid the foundation for his epoch-making evolutionary theory. This book not only opens up a whole new direction for the exploration of the origin of species, but also makes the Galapagos Islands famous as one of the most fascinating and richest species in the world, becoming a biological expert and enthusiast. Longing for adventure.

Special Edition of IWC Marine Chronograph Chronograph ‘Darwin Adventure’

Special Edition of IWC Marine Chronograph Chronograph ‘Darwin Adventure’

The special edition of the IWC Marine Chronograph Chronograph ‘Darwin Adventure’ is a tribute to this great natural scientist. This watch is the first bronze watch of IWC. The case is made of bronze. It is an idea obtained from studying the nautical diary of the ‘HMS Berger’. Bronze became a shipbuilding ship of that era with its excellent corrosion resistance. The first choice of materials is used in addition to the hull to manufacture portholes, clocks, ship accessories and marine instruments. Following Darwin’s creed that ‘only change is constant’, bronze will be stained with a faint green light and the color will continue to deepen with the passage of time. This is what gives this timepiece a full personality, Unique temperament. The bottom of the watch is engraved with a lifelike Darwin head, and it is his evolution that has changed the way of thinking of human beings forever. 30 bar water resistance makes this special edition watch suitable for all kinds of modern adventure activities above and below water.

Protect natural resources
 At present, the Darwin Research Station has more than 100 scientists, college students, teachers, and volunteers who are dedicated to the research of flora and fauna in the Galapagos Islands to protect this unique ecosystem from permanent damage. In the 50 years since the establishment of the Darwin Scientific Research Station, it has played an important role in protecting the famous Galapagos giant tortoise and played a decisive role in establishing a marine nature reserve of 135,000 square kilometers.

Shark tracking project to start in July 2014

 Since cooperating with the Darwin Foundation, IWC’s annual grants have helped a series of research projects to make significant progress. For example, the latest shark tracking project to be launched in July 2014. Scientists will install 123 satellite positioning tags on sharks living in the waters near the Galapagos Islands to better observe their living habits and migration behavior. Due to overfishing, sharks have been added to the list of the world’s most endangered animals, and the Galapagos Marine Reserve is one of the world’s largest shark sanctuaries. IWC funding has greatly facilitated the development of the Galapagos Shark Research and Conservation Project. These studies can better understand the habits and migration behavior of sharks in and outside the archipelago marine protected areas so that they can be better protected.
 The most common shark is the tiger shark. As a top carnivore, the survival status of the tiger shark can well reflect the health of the entire ecosystem. Funding from IWC will also be used to install tracking tags for whale sharks. The whale shark, as the largest fish on the planet, is extremely attractive to diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, and thus has become a major source of income for the Galapagos Islands. In the near future, IWC will also provide funding to help the research center strengthen the protection of precious birds such as Darwin’s finches, mocking owls (also known as parody birds) and vermilion cockroaches, and two-thirds of the islands Research work on the underwater world.

 More projects are also being planned, such as the Shark Baseline Population Assessment, which aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the Galapagos Marine Reserve since its establishment in 1998, Identification of endangered aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna of native species in the Gos Islands and surrounding waters. Work on protecting birds from parasitic flies is also about to begin. In addition, research and development of innovative technologies will be initiated to re-introduce some plant species on a large scale without increasing water use.
 As a Swiss watchmaker, IWC has carefully selected public welfare projects around the world to provide funding, and has a strong sense of social responsibility. In addition to the Darwin Foundation, IWC has also long-term cooperation with many non-profit organizations such as the Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation and the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – d’Agay Foundation. Committed to helping vulnerable children. The company is also actively responsible for environmental protection. Since 2007, the headquarters of IWC in Schaffhausen, Switzerland has used environmentally friendly hydropower to meet the company’s entire energy needs, and has achieved carbon neutrality.