Longqin Boya New Arrivals For Women More Promotions At Dragon Boat Festival

The approaching of the holiday season has relieved the busy heart. Every holiday season, major dealers have started to organize various offline special events. I have to say that buying a watch at this time is a good time, and you can prepare a surprise for yourself or your friends and relatives. No, Beijing Blue Island Building is already one step ahead, and it is the first to launch a Swiss watch sales event. The famous Swiss watch brand Longines is among them. With the arrival of some classic Boya series ladies’ money in the store, the breath of interest has become more intense for this festival. Let’s take a look together!
Longines Boya L4.310.4.11.6

  Since the beginning of Longines creation, the brand has always focused on presenting “elegant” timepieces on women’s wrists, becoming the perfect embodiment of classic design with fluent lines, just as elegant and elegant as Longines Boya series watches, highlighting the exclusiveness of the brand’s ladies’watches. charm. This is the elegant and generous Longines Lady’s steel watch. The beautiful color of stainless steel shows an attractive visual texture. The dial is full of European-style Roman numerals, showing a generous and elegant. Intellectual beauty.
Longines Boya L4.310.5.87.7

   Combining the understated luxury of rose gold with the simplicity and elegance of steel, coupled with the classic mother-of-pearl plate and the sparkling diamond hour markers, they present an excellent visual effect. Under the light of warm light, the luster of rose gold and stainless steel are combined into one, which interprets the exclusive elegance of the watch.

Longines Traditional Watch L4.309.4.57.2

   Just like the brand’s classic ‘elegant attitude, true personality’ slogan, the Boya series with a variety of dial styles, each one interprets the definition of elegance in its own way. This black dial diamond watch is exactly the same. Black elements are injected into the watch, which adds elegance to the urban women’s fashion. At the same time, the 3-hour date display window and the gorgeous diamond-applied hour markers are common. In keeping with the charm and connotation of the dial, the stainless steel case and the black belt complement each other, revealing the exclusive wrist style.

Summary: In addition to the Longines brand, classic watches from Chopard, Longines, Radar, Raymond Weil and other well-known Swiss watch brands will also be sold at a minimum of 40% off during the holiday season, and some surprise brands will participate in this promotion. . In addition, with the purchase of a certain amount, there will also be exquisite gifts such as coffee machines. If you are a watch enthusiast, you may wish to check it out at Beijing Blue Island Building Hengli World Watch Center.

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