Wrist Jasmine Raymond Weil New Product Release

Pipa Falcon, a flower bud in the garden of Raymond Weil. As a Swiss watchmaking brand, Raymond Weil’s new women’s watch series, the rich, soft and elegant ‘Jasmine’ is like a flower on the woman’s wrist. Jasmine, the classic oriental piece of jasmine in the opera ‘Turandot’, is the first impression of Westerners on the art of oriental music. Jiayu JASMINE series watch
    Su Dongpo has a poem ‘Never a good-looking girl’. Jiayu, this name from the far east, shows the feminine femininity of the wearer. No matter what kind of interpretation you prefer-it is the beauty represented by the word ‘佳’ in the Chinese name ‘佳茗’, a jasmine flower fairy that has been planted in the Indian garden since dawn, or the Hindu god of love Kama used to connect love The soft and gentle thorns of the human heart-the fragrance contained in the English ‘jasmine’ has long been self-evident.
    The new Jasmine series inherits the genuine tradition of Raymond Weil, showing the essence of the brand’s ladies’ watches: the round case is soft and smooth, and the lugs are placed on the sides of the bezel with a low-key restraint. , Fused in the diamond light; the delicate and elegant bracelet wraps the wrist in harmony; the dial is decorated with blue willow leaf hands. The Jasmine series, which blends ancient and modern times, perfectly displays the infinite charm of Raymond Weil women.
    Of course, Raymond Weil women are like flowers in a garden, colorful and different. To this end, the new Jasmine series also offers a variety of different timepieces for the different needs of modern women to choose from: automatic or quartz movement, two 29 mm or 35 mm case, diamond or not Diamond, stainless steel or rose gold case. Whether Eastern or Western women, Jasmine can make her eyes shine. The belt version of this series comes with a rose gold case and a brilliant diamond setting, making it the perfect choice for your dinner.

The so-called classic is the sedimentation of generations: it is like a habit or an ancient teaching, it is also the inheritance of past ways of thinking and behavior. It must be acknowledged that although Raymond Weil currently lacks the skills backed by generations, please give it a little more time and believe that this family watch brand that has continued to the third generation will eventually do it!
    On the other hand, Raymond Weil takes pride in being able to remove from the long history of horological development and turn it into its own characteristics. The mechanical watches launched by the brand are not only aimed at the elite, but also connoisseurs who can appreciate its excellent craftsmanship, because only they can understand the hard work of the watchmakers behind this delicate timepiece and their own value. It can be imagined that for centuries, watchmakers have been adhering to the spirit of excellence and created the heart-warming timepieces in the same way. Such pictures are important fragments in real history.
    With the launch of the Maestro Tradition series, Raymond Weil once again expressed his feelings of tracing back to the roots and the brand’s beautiful desire to create a gorgeous history. Although the styles are different, the classic MaestroTradition series exudes atmospheric style, using different methods to perfectly express the harmony and delicate watchmaking concept.
    Round case, 39.5mm diameter dial, delicate date window at 3 o’clock and seconds display at 6 o’clock. The Maestro Tradition watch has been redesigned on the basis of elegance and exquisiteness. For example, the silver or white dial, the embossed design of the Paris studs, the stainless steel bezel and the black leather strap embellishment undoubtedly enhance the delicate style of each watch. The SW 200 self-winding movement is equipped with a power reserve of up to 38 hours.
    Elegance, authenticity, refinement, and the mastery of watchmaking masters together form the soul of the MaestroTradition series!