What Is The Power Reserve Display? What Watch Has A Power Reserve Display? How To Judge The Quality Of The Power Reserve Display Watch?

Before the power display function of the watch appeared, judging the remaining power of a mechanical watch was a headache. Although most watches have a self-winding function, it’s like driving a car without a fuel level indicator, and the sense of loss that you can’t control at will will arise spontaneously. Today, the editor will introduce the power reserve display function of the watch.
What is the power reserve display?
 A watch with a power reserve display usually opens a display window, also called an energy display window, on the dial. For mechanical watches, the display can run for a long time before winding. For quartz watches, it shows the battery level. Clocks powered by mechanical devices, if they are not wound in time, may go wrong or even stop. The earliest power reserve appeared on sailing clocks centuries ago. At that time, ships sailing at sea depended on accurate sailing clocks to measure longitude and ensure navigation safety.
How to judge the level of power display technology?
 But to this day, the power reserve is undoubtedly one of the hallmarks of the watchmaker to show his outstanding craftsmanship, just like the tourbillon. There are two main criteria used by the watch industry to evaluate the pros and cons of power reserve: one is long power, which means that the longer the power reserve time of the watch, the better. The second is the more uniform the rate of energy decline, the better. If a watch attenuates its energy faster and faster, it will not be allowed to go. Therefore, the longer the energy stored in the watch, the more uniform the attenuation, and the higher the requirements for watchmaking technology.
 So which watch can show power reserve? Here are two watches for you:
Lange 1815 series three-day power reserve watch

 Power reserve: 72 hours
 The noble aesthetic of the Lange 1815 series with four hands and a power reserve display demonstrates Lange’s distinctive and pure style. The number ‘1815’ in the name of the watch represents the birth year of Ferdinando Adolf Lange, founder of Saxony Precision Watchmaking, and the inspiration for this watch’s design comes from his legendary pocket watch. The AUF and AB indications indicate that the mainspring is fully wound and fully released. This patented device dates back to 1879 and is one of Lange’s watchmaking traditions.
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 Mido Helmsman Power Reserve Display Men’s Watch with a diameter of 42 mm and a satin-finished dial. The silver-gray scale is like the steps leading to the peak on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Every minute of the time is a witness Your upward proof. The pointer is treated with Super-LumiNova®, as the pointer shows, to ensure a clear and convenient reading at night. The watch is equipped with a screw-type handle to ensure 100 meters of water resistance to meet the needs of more different environments.
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