Nomos Introduces New Aqua Series Color Watch

For everyday wear, especially in summer-sturdy and reliable, waterproof up to 200 meters; new colors, elegant style. (Glashütte / Berlin, March 2017) 16 watches of different sizes, for both men and women, with 4 eye-catching colors: NOMOS ‘new Aqua collection continues the success of the neomatik watch series. Originating from the core styles of the Club and Ahoi series, a series of time-accurate watches with excellent water resistance are now available. They are rugged and reliable, and they are beautiful when and where they are.
   Whether in the office, gallery openings, sports events, or the rainy season, NOMOS Aqua watches can easily handle it. With a sturdy stainless steel case and sapphire crystal, the Aqua watch is water-resistant to 200 meters, reliable and durable. Each watch has its own personality. In addition to the white electroplated silver and Atlantic blue dials that NOMOS has always used, Club and Ahoi have used fresh colors such as lake blue and bright red to add fresh elements to the collection: the former is like the vast sky of the French blue coast, and the latter seems to float on Buoys on distant seas. The Aqua series watch has a superluminova coating, allowing time to be read clearly even in dim places.
   All 16 watches are fitted with blue-black or light-grey fabric straps specially designed for NOMOS and made in France. The outside of the strap is strong and durable, and the inside is finely knitted for comfortable wearing.
   Equipped with the DUW 3001 automatic movement launched by NOMOS in 2015, the Ahoi series is the first to introduce a classic size of 36 mm case diameter; the Club case with this automatic movement for the first time is only 37 mm in diameter. Because of this, they all bear ‘neomatik’ in their names. At just 3.2 mm thick, the DUW 3001 automatic movement is extremely thin and precise. The larger Aqua models are equipped with the DUW 5001 and DUW 5101 automatic movements. In addition, each watch in this series is equipped with the brand’s patented escapement, NOMOS ‘own escapement.
   Suitable for all movements, with excellent waterproof performance, suitable for all kinds of formal or leisure occasions every day: the new Aqua series. Two of the 16 watches are the bright red and lake blue Ahoi neomatik, and the DUW 3001 ultra-thin automatic movement.

Technical Parameters
Ref. 562: Ahoi neomatik signalblau
Ref. 563: Ahoi neomatik signalrot
Case: stainless steel, two-piece structure; curved sapphire crystal and transparent sapphire case back; diameter 36.3 mm; thickness 9.55 mm; 6 screws; screw-in crown and crown shoulders
Ref. 562: Lake blue dial; blue superluminova hour markers
Ref. 563: bright red dial; red superluminova hour markers
Hands: Inlaid white superluminova rhodium-plated hour and minute hands; fluorescent orange seconds hand
Water-resistant to 20 atmospheres (200 meters)
Strap: blue-black / light gray fabric strap, 18 mm lug width; bilateral buckle
DUW 3001—NOMOS self-winding movement; NOMOS escapement with tempered blue steel hairspring (DUW: NOMOS Glashütte Deutsche Uhrenwerke)
Diameter: 12 ¾ French (28.8 mm)
Movement thickness: 3.2 mm
Power reserve: about 42 hours
Features: small seconds, stop-seconds device, Glashütte three-quarter splint, NOMOS horizontal bridge, 27 ruby ​​bearings, two-winding automatic rotor, Incabloc suspension system, DUW speed control system, six-way adjustment School, tempered blue steel screws, rhodium-plated movement with Glashütte stripes and NOMOS fish scales

Italian Style Panerai’s Sale Movement

Some time ago, the House of Watches published a tasting of Panerai watches. I did not expect that it caused a dispute among watch friends about the Panerai movement. Many watch friends told Peihai. There are doubts about the polishing of the movement of Nahai, and there is room for improvement in the details. I think it is necessary to explain here that Panerai’s processing of movements is divided into different levels, and different levels of movements have different processing levels. Not only Panerai, many brands of movements are doing this, do not look at one of the movements in a nutshell.
P.2002 series

Cal.P.2002 and Cal.P.2002 / E

   Mentioned in the tasting is the Panerai Cal.P.2002 / E movement. The Cal.P.2002 movement launched in 2005 is a manually wound high-end movement produced by Panerai. The official movement information is: 13¾ legal minutes, thickness 6.6 mm, 21 stones, Glucydur® balance wheel, 28,800 vibrations per hour. KIF Parechoc® anti-shock device. 8-day power reserve, with linear indicator, three barrels, seconds reset device, 247 parts. Cal.P.2002 / E added the time equation and the power reserve display function on the back, which increased the number of parts to 328.

P.2002 series

   The P.2002 series uses three barrels that provide a power reserve of 4 to 10 days, which is a long-power movement. This series is regarded as the top movement of the Panerai movement. The workmanship is beyond words. All places are finely polished. The plywood is polished with Italian-style hairline and the scales of the substrate are polished. Many complicated functions of Panerai rely on this series of movements, such as tourbillon, time equation, star sky chart, long power and so on. Twins produced Cal.P.2004, Cal.P.2005, Cal.P.2006, Cal.P.2005 / S, Cal.P.2005 / G and automatic winding Cal.P.2003 and other movements.
P.5000 movement


   If Panerai’s movement needs both 8-day storage and ‘super cost-effectiveness’, then it is Cal.P.5000. It is a relatively new manual winding movement of Panerai. It was originally Debuted in the second half of 2013, two barrels. It maintains the modern 3/4 plywood commonly found in the brand’s movement design, while also better stabilizing and protecting internal parts, consistent with the history and consistent demands of military watches. The fish scales on the substrate are not polished on the entire surface, but are concentrated only on the part that will be exposed after the splint is covered.
ETA 6497 changed to OP XI
   As we all know, Panerai also uses universal movements like other high-end watch brands. For example, Panerai’s Cal.OP XI movement is Cal. 6497 of ETA, which can be said to be the cornerstone of Panerai’s representative models. Also most frequently. The entry model (PAM 00111) familiar to Peipei fans is this movement. Of course, watch fans who pay special attention to Panerai will find that in addition to the special limited editions, the coverage of Panerai’s home-made movements is getting higher and higher, and the brand’s further ambitions in the development of home-made movements began in the beginning of 2014 This is evident in the new Swiss watch factory in operation.

Cal.6497 to OP XI

   Cal.6497 is a large-size manual winding movement. With the popularity of large watches, its size just meets the needs of almost all large cases. Because of its large size, the structure is reasonable. Although it is only 18,000 low frequency pendulums, it can pass the COSC certification. Panerai’s polishing of Cal.6497 is really good. The plywood and substrate are polished and chamfered. The blue steel screws and mirror-polished goosenecks are really hard work. The only thing criticized by some watch friends is that there are no fish scales on the movement where the main board of this movement cannot be seen.
P.999 movement

   Panerai released a Cal.P.999 movement in 2010. It is similar to the Cal. 6497 used, but it is much smaller and much thinner. There are not many watches equipped with it, all with a diameter of 42 millimeters and a power reserve of only 60 hours. Panerai’s self-produced movement is the only one that does not count as long power.
P.3000 series
   The P.3000 series is a relatively basic series of manual winding movements from Panerai. All of them have a large diameter of 16½ francs (37.2 mm). They are 16½ francs like Cal. 6497 and have a thickness of 5.3. Mm, more suitable for Panerai classic models such as 47 and 44 mm. The P.3000 series is a relatively mid-range series, and the watches equipped with this movement are not very expensive (except for Cal.P3001 / 10 skeleton and this year’s carved models).

P.3000 series

   The movement has a highly discernible structure, 3/4 of the splint movement, one large and one small two splints, covering most of the mechanical parts, and fixed to the bottom splint by a series of thick screws. The movement is equipped with 21 gems and is equipped with two connected barrels. Provides 3-day power reserve.
P.9000 series
   The P.9000 series is a collection of most of the self-winding movements of all Panerai’s self-produced movements. The basic model is Cal.P.9000. On the basis, different functional modules are twinned to create different movements. This series of movements can be said to be the most suitable for ordinary office workers to wear Panerai movements, after all, automatic movements are more convenient than manual winding movements.

P.9000 series

   Cal.P.9000, the movement diameter is 13¾ legal minutes, and the thickness is 7.9mm. It adopts Glucydur® balance wheel, Incabloc® anti-vibration device, and vibrates 28,800 times per hour. Equipped with two barrels to provide a 3-day power reserve, consisting of a total of 197 parts.
P.4000 movement
   Cal.P.4000 should be the latest movement of Panerai. It was launched at the 2014 ‘Clocks and Miracles’ exhibition in Hong Kong. This is Panerai’s first self-winding movement with an eccentric rotor. The diameter of the oscillating weight is smaller than the movement itself, which makes the movement and the watch as a whole thinner. The thickness of the movement is only 3.95 mm.


   Eccentric oscillating weight is available in tungsten and red gold with different materials. Similarly, the movement is mostly covered by large splints. And since the standard of the Panerai multi-spring barrel is used (P.4000 is a double barrel), the power is maintained for three days, and the vibration frequency is also guaranteed 28,800 times an hour, which is rare for most eccentric rotors. of. In addition, the pendulum actually follows the big pendulum’s P.2003 and P.9000 series with a two-way winding function. The movement also contains a special device that can stop the balance wheel vibration when the crown is pulled out to adjust the time, helping the wearer to accurately synchronize the time. . After all, it is the latest movement, and it is Panerai’s first movement with an eccentric oscillating weight, and it takes time to verify.
   The above movements are the main movements sold by Panerai in recent years. Some series of movements will not be introduced one by one. I hope it will be helpful to you. It is normal for each brand to position its product line differently, and to match different processes. After all, where is the money, there is no need to polish the movement of a certain brand with the movement of another brand. , Appearance design is not the same yet. Buying a watch, thinking about what you like, what you want, and what price you can afford are especially important.