What Kind Of Watch Is Breitling Using Tudor Movement?

It is not too late to get to the topic. Not long ago, I introduced the cooperation of Tudor and Breitling interchangeable cores in several articles and combed the use of outsourced movements in the history of Tudor to prove that Tudor’s use of Breitling movements is fully in line with Tudor’s historical tradition. . We can see that in this incident, almost all domestic reports and analysis focused on Tudor, but few people paid attention to the situation of Breitling. I think this is not reasonable, so what I want to do today is to show you the situation of Breitling in this cooperation. Now that we are already familiar with Tudor’s Heritage Black Bay Chrono chronograph (using Breitling B01 movement), then we Let’s take a look, what kind of watch is Breitling using Tudor movement?
First of all, we all know that Breitling provided Tudor with its own B01 chronograph movement, and Tudor provided Breitling with its own MT5612 self-winding movement. The watch using the Tudor movement is the Breitling Super Marine Culture Diving Watch.

Breitling produced a super ocean diving watch in 1959.

The comparison between the historical super ocean and modern new super ocean culture diving watch.
   The Breitling in our impression usually appears as a flight chronograph, such as the navitimer chronograph. But in fact, Breitling’s diving watches have a long history. If we don’t dwell on the details, Breitling’s super ocean can be regarded as the fourth largest professional diving watch at the same time as Rolex Submariners, Omega Seahors 300 and Blancpain 50 噚. Although there has been controversy about who is the first diving watch in history, the conclusion is nothing more than the three diving watches of the same period Rolex, Omega, Blancpain, and the Breitling Super Ocean Diving Watch that appeared in 1957 is obviously also diving. The old position of the watch (born in the same year as the Omega Seamaster 300) and has all the features of a modern diving watch, such as a rotating bezel (a unidirectional rotating bezel was patented by Blancpain at the time, and other diving watches cannot be used), high luminous Visibility, high water resistance, etc.

I usually see Breitling Super Ocean Diving Watches on the market.
   We can’t deny that today, Breitling Super Ocean has less influence on professional diving watches than Rolex water ghosts, Omega seahorses and Blancpain 50 噚. But this does not prevent Breitling Super Ocean from taking advantage of its cost performance. Whether in a specialty store or in the secondary market, we can obtain a Breitling diving watch with a high degree of recognition and a strong durability at a very reasonable price. Although Breitling dive watches all used ETA movements before, because Breitling has an observatory certification, this makes Breitling no shortage of movements (I always think ETA is a good movement). But we can also see that compared to Rolex Water Ghost 3135 movement, Omega Seahorse movement 8500/8400 movement, Blancpain 50 噚 1315/1150 movement, only Breitling Super Ocean uses a universal movement instead of Self-produced movement. This makes Breitling’s Super Ocean lack some technical characteristics in the movement configuration. And from the current perspective, the biggest problem of ETA-based universal movements is short power. When the other self-movement power can often reach 60, 70 hours or even 120 hours, the ETA movement is only about 40 hours. Breitling replaced the Tudor MT5612 movement with its own B01 chronograph movement, which completely helped Breitling solve the problem of the movement.

Breitling’s new B20 automatic movement, this movement from Tudor, is a Breitling version of Tudor MT5612 movement.
I would like to show you first what is the difference between the Breitling MT5612 movement and the original Tudor movement.

   After Breitling introduced the Tudor MT5612 movement, it named this movement B20. The positioning of the Breitling and Tudor brands is different. From the point of view of public prices, Breitling watches are more expensive than Tudor, so Breitling’s handling of the movement will be different from Tudor. Due to the positioning problem, Tudor needs to control the price of the watch, so Tudor will not make too much decoration on the movement. Tudor’s own MT5612 movement is not decorated and polished on the movement splint. Because Tudor and Rolex are mostly dense bottoms (except the North Flag), there is no problem. Although Breitling’s super ocean is also a dense bottom, Breitling has performed some traditional decorative polishing on the B20 movement (Breitling version MT5612). By comparison, we can see that the Breitling version with Geneva stripes is much more gorgeous than the Tudor version. It is also worth noting that the Breitling version of the B20 movement does not use a silicon hairspring (the Tudor’s own MT5612 uses a silicon hairspring). Therefore, some people think that Breitling’s antimagnetic ability will be worse. Actually, there is not much difference in daily life, because the conventional mudvarox alloy hairspring also has a certain antimagnetic ability (though it contains a small amount of iron). We can see that Breitling has well modified the movement in the case of the watch bottom, and did not directly use the Tudor version of the movement, which is very conscience. The 70-hour power of the new movement also allows Breitling to no longer have any shortcomings in the movement configuration of the diving watch. At the same time, as before, this movement is also certified by the Observatory.

A small comparison, Tudor MT5612 (top) and Breitling B20 (bottom), we can see that the Breitling movement has a certain decoration and polishing, Tudor movement looks relatively simple. In addition, the Tudor movement uses a silicon hairspring.
   The Breitling Super Ocean using Tudor’s new movement includes two sizes, 42 mm and 46 mm. Available in blue, brown, and black. After using the Tudor movement, the thickness of the new Super Ocean is 14.35 mm. Compared to the 41mm size of the Tudor axe needle and the 14.8mm thick case, the new version of the Super Ocean is thinner. Considering the Milan metal chain that Breitling has always used, we can predict that Super Ocean will have a good wearing experience. Different from the Breitling we usually see, this super marine culture diving watch is not as strong as ‘tool’. Although it is a tool watch, it has a strong sense of luxury.

Breitling uses the new B20 movement (Breitling version of the Tudor MT5612 movement) super marine culture second generation diving watch.

The new Tudor axe needle black bay diving watch using the same movement as Breitling.

   We can see that the diving watch is quite hot now. In terms of popularity, Rolex is the first water ghost, and specialty stores are often out of stock, and the secondary market price is relatively high (sometimes it can reach the level of 50 噚 for steel shells). The second watch after the water ghost was 50 噚. Although the price is more expensive, but because the brand value and watch configuration are relatively high, many people buy it. The biggest advantage of Breitling Super Ocean in the new B20 movement is its cost performance. Because Breitling is relatively small in the country itself, there will not be many wolves and less meat, and no one will use Breitling to fry. Therefore, Breitling diving watches are often in a relatively low position regardless of the public price or the secondary market price. But the quality of the Breitling watch itself is very high, especially after changing the new movement. Not long ago, one of my Breitling enthusiast friends said that they are all going to fry water ghosts and offshore watches, so I can use my watch at a low price. After hearing it, I thought it was true.