Legend Of The Grand Mercure Of Paris

Popular moments are different, but retro is a trend that will never fall behind. Because vintage represents a profound memory of the passing of elegant time, but also expresses respect for tradition and classics. Every year, we can see that the timepieces are updated, and the traditional craftsmanship has evolved over hundreds of years, giving countless inspirations to the modern watchmaking industry. Every year, major top watch manufacturers will launch retro works. Whether they are in shape or interior design, they have a simple meaning. They represent the unique artistic style of that era, and they also represent the memory of the brand’s history. inherited. These classic retro works, so that the wearer does not need to dial back the pointer back in the past, there will still be a sense of crossing, the wonderful feeling of time will follow.
   A tribute to Art Deco’s decorative arts-Longines launches elegant watches. In the fashion world, ‘Art Deco’ is a force that can’t be underestimated. It has been used repeatedly for many years without falling behind. Although it is not the only expression of retro, it is definitely one of the most eye-catching styles in the retro world. The Art Deco school originated in Paris in 1920 and became popular all over the world. Simple geometric composition, bright colors and unique style have become Art Deco’s design language. Longines has always loved the complex, colorful and gorgeous Art Deco style, and designed a series of luxurious jewelry watches. Today, Longines launches the elegant series Les Elégantes, which is unique in its Art Deco style. A tribute to Rococo Art Deco-MATZO PARIS launches the Palace watch
   France in the early eighteenth century was an era of artistic prosperity. Baroque art continued to be popular throughout Europe, while an art style called ‘Rococo’ emerged in France. Whether it is architecture or clothing, everything about Rococo’s art style is exquisitely crafted, rich in elegance, romance and court style. It is gorgeous and delicate, exquisite and luxurious, and it is like a mobile garden decorated with women.
    The luxury brand Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS from France The design style of MATZO PARISMATZO PARIS is a continuation of this unique artistic style. The royal brand has always attached importance to the inheritance and development of classical style. The designers under it spare no effort to express their respect and love for classic art through innovative design. The ‘Court Series Women’s Watch’ launched by it accurately interprets this classic artistic style and reshapes the prosperous era of art. The biggest feature of Rococo’s artistic style, often using swirling patterns, the overall color is soft, advocating nature. In order to make this style return perfectly, the watch uses black as the background color on the buckle of the watch, and meticulously hand-carved a flower-like pattern, blooming brightly on the wrist, gorgeous and abstract. Bright and wear-resistant PVD material with decorative patterns makes the overall beauty more perfect. The dial is ivory white, soft and delicate, showing an elegant and reserved ladylike image. Eight top-level diamonds are dotted on eight scales, as if the stars are twinkling, simple and elegant, yet elegant, showing a unique sense of luxury.
    The birth of this court series women’s watch combines perfect technology, classic and elegant design into a rare treasure. It represents the marriage of traditional art styles and modern craftsmanship, and the classic art can last forever. Although it is impossible to return to the era of flourishing Rococo art, modern watchmaking techniques make this art take on a new Zen charm.
Tribute to the golden age of fashion-OMEGA launches Ladymatic women’s watch series
    This female watch launched by Omega leads us back to the golden age of the fashion industry. Ladymatic reproduces a legendary model in the history of Omega watchmaking-the Ladymatic watch series was born in the 1950s. It represents the elegance and taste of women of that era.
    After more than half a century, Omega has put forward new challenges for itself. Through the fusion of original design and innovative craftsmanship, it has created a new Ladymatic women’s watch series, which is a miracle of innovation for this legendary watch. This watch not only highlights the unique fashion taste of women, but also represents the exquisite and meticulous craftsmanship of Omega watchmaking. This eye-catching watch is bound to bring a new breakthrough for the brand.

Fiyta Art Series Double-sided Embroidery Limited Year Of The Dog Special ‘swiss Dog Nafu’ Tasting

The special edition of the Fiyta Art Series double-sided embroidery limited edition of the Year of the Dog ‘Swiss Dog Nafu’ will be unveiled at the 2018 Basel Watch Fair. In recent years, Fiyta has successively launched a number of subtle embroidered watches suitable for the vintage season. Each one is condensed with thousands of years of ancient craftsmanship, craftsmanship, and oriental aesthetic charm. Name it and convey good wishes. Here is an appreciation of this ‘Swiss Dog’. (Limited edition of 5 models worldwide)

Watch the real shot
   2018 is the year of the Wuxi year. On the basis of the limited-edition embroidered zodiac model of the lineage series, Fiyta combined the zodiac attributes of the Wuxi year-old dog to extract the festive meaning of ‘Rui Dog Nafu’.

Reversible cover detail shot
   Relying on the fine handwork skills of the master embroidery master Zhao Hongyu, she outlines the image of a Swiss dog on the silk dial. The Swiss dog’s body hair is moist and delicate, like agar. The lines have a strong sense of direction, and the meticulous stitches make the dog’s body yellow, gray, and white with a sense of layers, bright and dark, and full of life. The sloping ear curve runs to a degree, and the color gradient is natural.

Dial detail real shot
   When the cover is opened, the design of the watch’s dial is inspired by the ancient coin ‘Kaiyuan Tongbao’. The quaint pin in Lishu style and the design with the flavor of Chinese learning make every reading a treat. With a simple red ‘戌’ on the plate, the Chinese Lunar Year of the 1898 year is indicated. The entire watch not only creates the festive meaning of Rui Nafu, but also has a unique aesthetic form when the watch is read.

Case and crown details
   The watch case is made of 18k rose gold, which is round and shiny, giving a warmth and warmth. The case and strap are connected in a unique way, making the entire watch line smoother and presenting an integrated visual experience. The crown material is also made of 18k rose gold and set with natural diamonds, and the details are carefully reflected.

Watch movement real shot
   The watch is equipped with an ultra-thin Swiss manual-winding movement with precise travel time and 30 meters water resistance. Through the transparent case back, the beauty of the movement can be seen.
   For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair: