The World Under The Lens

We can’t stay in time, but we can remember a piece of memory, a photo is the condensation of a piece of memory. The images we can remember are limited, so we can record more moments through the lens-Yun Cun Yun Shu, flowers bloom, fish and birds, gifted women, every gaze in life is a moment worth recording, The richer the pictures of memories, the more colorful our lives will be. Today, the watch house brings you one of the Fiyta photographer series watches, reference model: GA8380.BBB.

The Fiyta photographer series uses the ‘photography’ element to interpret the watch, re-engraving the lens form, showing the moment and eternity.

The case of this watch restores the look of the camera lens in the shape of the case. The case diameter is 40 mm. The simple black and white color scheme is decorated with red, creating a stylish low-key and cool visual effect.

The dial also highly reproduces the three-dimensional effect of the lens. The 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 12 o’clock scales use large Roman numerals, which are stylish and stylish. The 60-second scale is subdivided on the bezel for accurate reading.

The gear-shaped crown is simple and low-key. The top of the crown is printed with a Fiyta brand logo, which is a deformation of the brand’s initial letter ‘F’ and also implies the meaning of ‘flying’

The stainless steel strap is brushed and polished, exquisite and low-key without losing texture, and is IP-plated to black, adding a touch of fashion to the watch.

The thickness of this watch is moderate. The stainless steel case is treated with black plating to create a warm texture of enamel. The lugs are rounded and fit the wrist for comfortable wearing.

This watch is equipped with a butterfly double-button buckle. At the same time, it is easy to use, but also ensures the overall beauty of the strap. The lines of the buckle are smooth and polished.

Through the center of the dial is a sapphire crystal glass, which displays the movement of the movement in front of the lens while restoring the lens design, as if the world is changing under the lens.

This watch is equipped with an imported automatic mechanical movement, the case bottom cover is fixed with four screws, a sapphire crystal is embedded in the center of the bottom cover, and the mechanical movement can be glimpsed. The semi-hollowed rotor makes the movement landscape More open, the watch is water resistant to 50 meters.

Summary: Both photos and text can be carriers of memory. Some people choose to use words to record memories, and some people choose to use photos to stay in the moment. In my opinion, although words can save endless reveries and beautiful feelings, they are far away. The visual stimulus brought by the image is not as real and direct as it is. However, the image is short-lived. If you miss it for many moments, you may not have the opportunity to re-record it, which is even more precious. If you are also a photography enthusiast, the unique design of this watch will definitely make your eyes shine. At present, the domestic price of this watch is 4980 yuan, and the global limit is 2013 pieces. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

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Greubel Forsey Brand Time Art Gallerygf Grand Opening In Shanghai

Time Art GalleryGF Time Art Gallery collects and displays works in three related fields of art creation and watchmaking art: watch series created by Greubel Forsey; participating in the creative process Modern artists; and Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey, founders of the two watchmaking masterpieces in the minds of respected and admired masterpieces, which are regarded as milestones in the history of watchmaking.
In view of Shanghai’s increasingly stable position in the global modern art field, Greubel Forsey chose to set up the Time Art GalleryGF in Shanghai, the capital of multicultural diversity.

The Greubel Forsey collections on display at the Time Art GalleryGF are the work of Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey, two watchmakers, over the past 13 years. Convinced that top watchmaking is not just a display of luxurious handicrafts, but a form of modern art, since 1999, the two brand founders who love each other’s talents have decided to work together to create top-notch artworks, each carefully created The watches reflect the desire for innovation, and they are beyond the limits of all watchmaking at this stage. Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey are convinced that the mechanical structure determines the character of the watch. After determining the function of the watch, the form should be determined. The mechanical structure must be created first, and then the shape of the watch should be shaped according to the structure. The beauty of the structure should not be hidden. So whether from the front or back of the watch, you must be able to appreciate the movement. This is the principle that Greubel Forsey has always followed when creating. Even if the original works such as ‘Invention Pieces’ already feel perfect, they must continue to think about the possibility of re-interpretation. Through this structural introspection process, the two masters can continue to The basic invention continuously shows the creative essence of the new facet.
Time Art GalleryGF is located at No. 18 on the Bund, which is carefully crafted along the beautiful Huangpu River in Shanghai. The surrounding area is a sacred place for cultural exchanges and ubiquitous modern art. In 2006, the Bund 18 was awarded the UNESCO Outstanding Asia-Pacific Cultural Heritage Protection Award.
GreubelForsey-Time Art GalleryGF, 18 Zhongshan East Road, Shanghai, Room C1, 18 The Bund

The Original Intention Creates The Extraordinary 80th Anniversary Of The Iwc Pilot’s Pilot Series National Tour Grand Opening

July 1, 2016, China-For 148 years, the Swiss watchmaker Schaffhausen IWC has been adhering to the spirit of continuous improvement, writing legends for the fine art of watchmaking. In 2016, at the 80th anniversary of the birth of the IWC Pilot’s Watch Series, in order to let more watch enthusiasts understand the original design and pioneering position of the Pilot’s Watch Series, ‘The original intention created the 80th anniversary of the extraordinary IWC Pilot’s Watch Series ‘The nationwide tour exhibition recently opened in Shanghai and will be held in nine cities across the country. At that time, 2016 new pilot series watches and classic masterpieces will also be unveiled together. The exhibition design is based on the theme of flying, and it perfectly combines retro style with modern elements to create unique visual effects and extraordinary experiences.

   The design style of “The Original Intention Creates the 80th Anniversary of the IWC Pilot’s Pilot’s Series” national tour exhibition perfectly interprets the grandeur of the new Pilot’s Watch series, and brings an extraordinary flying feast to the guests. Stepping into the exhibition hall, the most striking thing is a retro-looking airplane model above the air. The visitors seem to be in a three-dimensional space of flight. The interior of the exhibition hall is luxurious and elegant. The metal wall surface made of stainless steel and rivets restores the style of the aircraft cabin; the retro aircraft model and the texture of the machine fuse with each other, showing the boldness and courage of the pilot; professional books displayed in the cabin, covering The history and development of the field of flight; being in it is like having a comprehensive flight experience.
   In 1936, IWC led the era, creating the first ‘watch specially made for pilots.’ In the 1930s and 1940s, the first batch of IWC pilot watches set a technical benchmark, and its dial design oriented to the layout of the dashboard in the cockpit has also become the source of inspiration for today’s classic IWC pilot watches. In 2016, at the 80th anniversary of the IWC Pilot’s Watch series, the brand launched a new pilot watch series. The new series takes into account the needs of watch enthusiasts for different types of watches: authentic large-scale pilot heritage watches, classic The Mark 18 Pilot’s Watch, and the elegant Pilot’s Watch 36, this series perfectly reflects the fusion of IWC innovation and history; the popular special edition of ‘Anthony Saint Exupery’ and ‘small The ‘Prince’ special edition watch, as always, plays an important role in the pilot’s watch series, interpreting the story of inheritance and innovation with romantic colors.
Mark XVIII Pilot’s Watch ‘Little Prince’ Special Edition (Model: IW327004)

   The case diameter is 40 mm. Both the shape and function follow the tradition of IWC classic pilot watches. The clearly structured dial is as streamlined as the cockpit dashboard to the core elements, with clear and easy to read as the top priority. This watch is water-resistant to 6 bar and equipped with a 30110 automatic movement, which provides a 42-hour power reserve. The Mark XVIII Pilot’s Watch also follows the tradition, equipped with a magnetically shielded soft iron inner case, and equipped with a glass mirror that can withstand the sudden pressure drop.
Spitfire pilot chronograph (model: IW377719)

   The case diameter is 43 mm. Active and dynamic, perfect for everyday wear. The stainless steel case bezel is polished and polished, and the two rows of the stainless steel bracelet are also polished to give the watch a unique and noble temperament. The rock-gray dial with a shiny metallic luster is equipped with sunlight, which is the icing on the watch, just like the gray body of the same name Spitfire. The anti-magnetic soft iron inner shell protects the precision movement from the magnetic field. The glass watch is assembled firmly and can withstand the sudden drop of air pressure without loosening. The stainless steel case has Spitfire engraved on the bottom of the case.
Large Pilot’s Watch (Model: IW500912)

   The case diameter is 46 mm. The classic visual design is re-assigned: the triangle logo is placed under the minute circle again, giving the auxiliary logo more weight for this reading, and the number ‘9’ returns to its established position. The Santoni strap is crafted in black calfskin and complements this watch perfectly. For the first time in this large pilot watch, IWC uses the calfskin strap of this famous shoe manufacturer.
Pilot’s Automatic Watch 36 (Model: IW324001)

   The case diameter is 36 mm. Equipped with a rock grey dial and a dark brown alligator leather strap by Santoni. It is attractive for men and women who prefer timeless low-profile watches and thinner wrists. The dial of this elegant three-hand watch continues the clear and simple design route. The low-key, restrained inner ring is a major feature of this new pilot watch. The design makes the dial layered and more three-dimensional.