Stunning Price How Expensive Is The Tourbillon?

As we all know, the tourbillon can be described as a luxury in the watch industry, and has always been the king of the watch. The seemingly understated watch, no doubt was given a luxurious label after being given the tourbillon device. The same model, as long as the tourbillon is added, can instantly make it ten times more expensive. Prices ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars once made many people stay away.
The tourbillon watch represents the highest level of mechanical watch manufacturing technology. The entire escapement speed control system operates in a unique way, bringing the dynamic art beauty of the clock to the peak. Therefore, it always has the title of ‘king in the watch’! The tourbillon has become a symbol of brand strength since its birth, but not all watchmakers can control it. It is for this reason that watch owners who own tourbillon watches have their own capital of display.
Patek Philippe 5016
Tourbillons of first-line brands in watchmaking are generally hundreds of thousands or even millions, of course, there are more affordable prices. For example, domestic tourbillons sell for less than 8,000, which undoubtedly makes this amazing device extremely easy. Get started. Patek Philippe’s 5016 is a landmark masterpiece of watchmaking. It has 506 tiny parts and contains ultra-complex functions in a gold or platinum case: tourbillon, three questions, automatic flyback date pointer perpetual calendar, and month. Phase display. Actual prices vary, but they are unified between 470,000 euros and 600,000 euros.
Patek Philippe 5207
A Rose Gold 5016 in 2007 was auctioned in Hong Kong at 5,013,500 Hong Kong dollars, and it is not available with money, depending on the grade of VIP. For most watch fans, they are just legendary fantasy watches. Patek Philippe’s advanced complication series 5207 platinum watch, advanced complication watch with a perpetual calendar, minute repeater and tourbillon. The perpetual perpetual calendar display window can display the week, date, month and leap year cycle, which is the most complicated wrist of Patek Philippe. One of the tables, only a few pieces are produced each year, and the market conservative valuation is 6 million yuan.
Of course, the high price of some tourbillon watches is just a special case, not every tourbillon can reach the same scary price. But in general, watches equipped with tourbillon devices cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The reference price of A. Lange & Shne Cabaret Tourbillon is 2 million yuan. The Earl Tourbillon Relatif enamel painting is priced at 4.68 million relative to the tourbillon. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Carbon Concept Tourbillon Chronograph is priced relatively low. But also reached 370,000 yuan. Piaget Tourbillon Relatif
The price of wristwatches has been on the rise in recent years. In the domestic first- and second-tier brands, world-renowned watches will increase their prices at least once a year, and most will choose March or April. The increase is generally controlled within 10%. The biggest reason is It is the appreciation and preservation of name watches.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Carbon Concept Tourbillon Chronograph
The particularity of the tourbillon watch undoubtedly makes it a hot item in collections, which provides a sufficient reason for the soaring price of the tourbillon. However, as far as the tourbillon in the international market is concerned, the price is characterized by a large difference between the high-end and low-end regions. Tourbillon watches from Switzerland’s top watch manufacturers are more expensive. With more sophisticated craftsmanship, strict technical standards and the influence of the watch factory’s own brand, these watches occupy the high-end market of tourbillons. However, domestic tourbillons are far lower in price than Swiss brands. Although there is not much difference in function, the price is generally within 100,000. In any case, the price of tourbillon watches is higher than ordinary watches, and has already been proven by the market.

The Mysterious Charm Of The Number ‘8’ Tasting Jacques De Rouge Second Hand Series ‘tribute’ Watch

Jaquet Droz was founded in 1738 and has a history of more than 300 years. Since the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, he has established a deep friendship with China. As one of Jacques Dro’s classic series, the Jacques Dro large seconds hand series was born in 2002, which has become an important milestone in the history of the brand style. The large second hand series is famous for its iconic number ‘8’ dial, which focuses on the elegant and timeless style, creating a wrist watch with great craftsmanship and performance. Next, let’s enjoy the Jacques de Rouge large second hand ‘TRIBUTE’ watch. (Watch model: J003031200)

  Jacques Dro’s large second hand series is inspired by the watches designed in 1785, forming a generation of classics. The biggest highlight of this series of watches is that there are two inner dials on the same dial, the hour and minute display at 12 o’clock and the second dial at 6 o’clock hug, forming the number ‘8’. The number ‘8’ has deep meaning and is a symbol of endlessness and eternity.

Watch real shot

This is the first time the brand has launched a gold watch. The case is made of 18K yellow gold, and the front and sides are polished with a polishing process. The surface is warm and smooth, and the case lines are smooth and elegant.

  The other side of the case is set with an 18K gold crown, which is engraved with the iconic Jacques Dross double-star LOGO pattern. It is also polished with a non-slip texture design around it.

  This model is equipped with a large open flame enamel dial, this ancient enamel craft is another characteristic of Jacques Droe. From blending powder thickness, mastering the heat to firing a unique dial, the master of the dial masters every step of the enamel process to create a dial with a unique color and texture. The internal design of the number ‘8’ is remarkable. The 18K yellow gold hands are very eye-catching on the dial. The upper left corner is marked with an independent limited number in red enamel.

  The movement is equipped with a Jaquet Droz2663.Si automatic winding movement, with a dual barrel, and a power reserve of approximately 68 hours. The movement is equipped with a silicon escapement, which is resistant to magnetic fields and temperature changes. The 18K yellow gold oscillating weight is beautiful, decorated with traditional handmade checkered carved patterns, and dotted with a double star pattern. A limited number of individual numbers are engraved on the case back.

  The blue hand-rolled crocodile leather strap matches the style of the watch, highlighting the elegant gentleman’s charm, which is perfect for formal wear. 18K yellow gold pin buckle is easy to wear and not easy to fall off.

Summary: The Jacques de Rouge seconds hand series ‘TRIBUTE’ watch retains the classic ‘8’ dial, fully expressing the elegant style, witnessing the passage of time with exquisite craftsmanship, becoming a timeless work to record time. The Jacques de Rouge seconds series ‘TRIBUTE’ is limited to 88 pieces. If you like this watch, you can pay more attention. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)