Cartier Lights Winter Romance And Opens Shencheng Christmas Season

December 1, 2016, Shanghai) French temple-level brand Cartier held the 2016 Christmas lighting ceremony at Shanghai’s fashion landmark Hang Lung Plaza. Along with melodious Christmas carols, Mr. Renaud Litré, CEO of Cartier China, Mr. Derek PANG, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza, and the famous film star Ms. Fan Bingbing attended the scene to illuminate the Cartier Christmas tree full of French flavor. , The first to play the romantic movement of the 2016 Christmas season. This is also Cartier’s first large-scale lighting ceremony in China.

Cartier Christmas tree at Hang Lung Plaza in Shanghai
   Cartier Christmas Tree, located in front of Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza, is 15 meters high and has an overall area of ​​more than 200 square meters. The iconic Cartier Double C logo and red and white gift boxes hovering above the pine branches and green leaves, inspired by the white exterior walls of the three holy stores of Cartier Paris, New York, and London surround the bottom of the Christmas tree, and the cheetah is faintly visible through the window. Silhouettes or silhouettes of different works of Cartier. Street lights swaying, Paris-style benches, classic Cartier gift boxes … rich red and white brightly intersect, lingering around the lush Christmas tree, Cartier has created a romantic and beautiful Christmas night scene for Shanghai. In order to better greet Christmas, the ingenious Cartier also specially placed two electronic ‘Advent Calendars’ under the Christmas tree, which will be continuously and repeatedly for consumers from December 1st to 28th. To send out a holiday surprise, just select the corresponding date on the screen and tap Cartier’s red box lightly to get a small Christmas surprise. It can also be forwarded to friends and relatives to pass Christmas wishes. On Christmas Eve on December 24, Santa Claus will take a group photo with guests at the scene, bringing more unexpected Christmas treats to Shanghai guests.

Cheetah ‘doll machine’

Paris style street light

Christmas countdown calendar

Famous movie star Fan Bingbing and Cartier Christmas tree

Mr. Hanlong Li, CEO of Cartier China, Mr. Peng Zhaohui, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza, and Miss Fan Bingbing

   Mr. Renaud Litré, CEO of Cartier China, said: ‘Christmas is the warmest and happy holiday of the year. From Paris to New York, Cartier has always held the tradition of holding Christmas lights. It is very happy that Shanghai this year has also become One stop. ‘Miss Fan Bingbing, who wore Cartier Étourdissant series high jewelry necklace, Cartier Magicien series high jewelry Ceridwen ring and Cartier high jewelry series earrings attended the lighting ceremony, and also sent Christmas greetings:’ Cartier and her classic red box have always been It is the best gift for people to dream of. It is even sweeter to receive such a gift of love at Christmas. I also hope to take this opportunity to wish everyone a unique holiday in the coming Christmas. Surprise. ‘

Famous movie star Ms. Fan Bingbing wears Cartier high jewelry to attend Christmas lighting ceremony

Famous movie star Ms. Fan Bingbing wears Cartier high jewelry to attend Christmas lighting ceremony

Cartier Exclusive Christmas Emoji Pack
   Representing French elegance and craftsmanship, Cartier jewelry, watches and accessories have always been perfect for the Christmas season. This year, this Cartier Christmas tree, which combines the romance and warmth of winter, provides consumers with a wonderful place to enjoy the festive atmosphere. Feel the sincere blessings from Cartier, and remember a precious time of tenderness and joy. In addition, Cartier will present French-style Christmas trees in Chengdu Ocean Pacific Taikoo Li, Nanjing Deji Plaza, Shenyang China Resources Center Vientiane City, Jinan Guihe Shopping Center and Zhengzhou Dennis David City. We invite guests from all places to welcome the 2016 Huacai Christmas , Hope for warm Christmas Eve.