Inspiration On The Wrist • Reappearing Brightly Live Report On The Launch Of Mido’s New Commander Series Watch

On November 12, 2013, the 2013 commander conference of Swiss Mido watch ‘Inspiration on the wrist • Reappearance’ opened in Shanghai. The release of the new Commander series watch is another classic continuation of Swiss Mido. Watch House, as an invited media, participated in all aspects of the conference, and now I will bring you detailed reports of the conference.

  “Wrist Inspiration • Bright Reappearance” 2013 commander press conference was held at Renaissance Shanghai Dragon Dream Hotel, Mr. Franzlinder, Global President of Swiss Mido Group, Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, and Swiss Mido Group China Vice President Ms. Wang Yan appeared one after another. The picture shows three media friends answering some questions about the new watch during the group visit.

  In addition to three company executives, Mido’s inspiration ambassador, Mr. Wu Zun, famous mainland actors Wang Likun, Li Guangjie and Zhang Meng
Also came to the scene and interacted with the guests to verify this exciting moment together.

After the group visit, a red carpet ceremony was held, with Zhang Meng and Swiss Mido’s general agent in China.

Li Guangjie and Swiss Vice President Wang Mi of China.

Wang Likun and Mr. Franzlinder, the global president of Mido.

Wu Zun and Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China.

  After the red carpet was over, it was time for the launch of the Commander Watch. The new Commander Watch inherited the brand motto of ‘Means of Inspiration’ from the Swiss Mido with outstanding quality and innovative spirit.

  Mr. Franzlinder, Global President of Swiss Mido, and Ms. Wang Yan, Vice President of China of Mido, explain the commander’s watch to the media and guests. Mr. Franzlinder said, ‘Medium’s new 2013 commander series watches inherit the traditional Swiss watchmaking. The idea and the work of the era of fine watchmaking, conveying emotion and glory, let the shining inspiration be inherited from generation to generation, so that everyone who owns it can become the creator and proud bearer of inspiration.

  The lights gradually dimmed, and the dreamy starry sky on the big screen brought the guests into a world full of infinite fantasy. The analog watch movement was displayed on the big screen. The dancers danced along with the melodious music, graceful and smooth. , Showing the smart and elegant state of movement.

  While the dancer was beating, on the side of the stage, the father in the old-fashioned flight officer uniform told his younger son about his wrist watch and the proud story of that era. The other son listened carefully to the father’s pilot uniform and The longing behind the glory symbolized by him, how much he longed to be a father-like person.

  The four guests at the scene also wore new commander watches and made their debut, sharing their understanding of the new commander series of Mido watches and sending their best wishes. Ms. Wang Yan, vice president of Mido China, introduced the inspiration story behind the commander series in person.

  In the end, several guests touched the crystal ball symbolizing glory and pride, and its elegant curvature perfectly mirrored the hemispherical watch mirror carried by Commander II. When the fingertips touched, the ‘light of inspiration’ erupted instantly and passed to everyone present.

Summary: These are the newly launched commander watches. The Mido Commander series has been adhering to the original classic design since its launch in 1959. Tonghua City, a classic element, is also integrated with innovations with the characteristics of the times. Just like the Eiffel Tower, it continues the beauty of classical architecture, and also creates a new chapter in neoclassical architecture. (Picture / Text Watch House Chen Zhongyun)