Japanese Drama Great God Kimura Takuya Personal Favorite Watch

The well-known actor Kimura Takuya, known as the ‘Japanese National Idol’, was almost synonymous with ‘tide’ in Asia in the 1990s. In addition to the outstanding performance in theatrical activities such as drama and music, No matter what Kimura wears, what he wears can lead the trend and even form a snap sale. And this kind of person who is enough to create fashion, of course, watches will also become the focus of attention. Let’s take a look at what brands and styles of the Japanese drama god will favor it!

* Heaven loves watches, not much expensive
Kimura Takuya is also typical of wearing watches in the play and wearing watches outside the play. Although looking at the world, the star who has the habit of wearing watches is definitely not only Kimura, but the watch he wears is very easy to attract attention. This situation is very rare and special. It should be related to Kimura’s ‘fashion leader’ status.

Kimura Takuya usually wears his watch on his right hand, and sometimes changes his left hand for filming

Although Kimura wears watches both in and out of the play, it is not difficult to see which watch is his own property, and the reason is quite surprising: There are only three watches in this Japanese TV show collection. It’s really expensive ‘It’s not much expensive!’
* Rolex Detective 1 became popular because of him
Speaking of watch brands that Kimura Takuya likes, he has to mention ROLEX. In 1997, the Japanese drama ‘Love Generation’ starred by him in addition to creating an average viewing record of 30.8%, also called Rolex ‘Explorer I’ (Explorer I, hereinafter referred to as Detective 1) The watch has become a popular forward, even causing Detective 1 to snap up, and is still regarded as a classic Rolex model, it is not easy to start.

Kimura Takuya wears ROLEX Explorer I Ref. 114270 in Japanese drama “ Love Generations ”

In fact, the previous Quest 1 has always been less popular than the Oyster models such as Submariner and GMT II. It was not until Asia after Kimura wore it in the drama; even after the new Quest 1 was launched in 2001, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan once exceeded the pricing. The effects of the ‘Kimura Effect’ are obvious.

Kimura Takuya played the protagonist Jiuli Sheng Fair in the 2014 Japanese drama ‘HERO 2’, and once again wore the classic Quest 1 in the play, which shows how much he loves this watch

* Super ‘type’ Daytona Ice Blue Noodle
Kimura Takuya’s second Rolex is the Cosmograph Daytona ice blue surface he wore when he came to Taiwan in July 2015. This Ref. 116506 is the first platinum version of the Daytona series to be launched in 50 years, and the ice blue face plate With a brown Cerachrom ceramic bezel, the unique charm is particularly ‘shaped’.

Kimura Takuya wears ROLEX Cosmograph Daytona Ref. 116506 on TV

* Wife’s gift, Breguet Marine
As for the third watch, it is a Breguet nautical series big date watch, Takuya Kimura has said that this is a gift from his wife Kudo Shizuka. In the ’15’ Japanese drama ‘I’m Home’, Kimura, who plays the protagonist, wears this blue-faced Marine 5817 with a suit shape to set off the professional elite’s temperament.

Kimura Takuya plays the protagonist Kajiu with a memory disorder in ‘Memory of the Home’, interspersed with his own Breguet Marine II Large Date Ref. 5817 and IWC models

Gucci Luxury Women’s Watch Recommended

GUCCI always attracts the attention of women all over the world for the first time. In order to further expand the luxury and high-end weather and refinement of Gucci watches, this year launched two main products in Basel: TWIRL watches And Guccio watches. The TWIRL watch not only emphasizes GUCCI’s contemporary feminine characteristics, but also innovatively reflects the brand’s iconic symbols. Its charming design lies in the fact that the case of the TWIRL watch can be flipped, which makes it change from a watch to a chic bracelet jewelry, which is a unique creative idea.
TWIRL watches are a good example. The design of GUCCI watches leads fashion, as if the entire GUCCI brand can always meet the expectations of high-grade customers. Each watch perfectly embodies GUCCI’s brand aesthetics and quality standards.
UcciGucci watch brand credibility is to rise and rise under these outstanding ideals, Gucci watch’s strong brand image will always lead the coquettishness and drive the fashion. In fact, Gucci today is no longer a follower of the trend, it is the creator of the trend. G-Round Chrono watch, pink surface, lined with 54 diamonds and pink alligator leather strap
     The design of GUCCI watches leads fashion, as if the entire GUCCI brand can always meet the expectations of high-grade customers. Each watch perfectly embodies GUCCI’s brand aesthetics and quality standards.
The Twirl watch combines functional and popular accessories into a watch for fashionable ladies
     The design of GUCCI watches leads fashion, as if the entire GUCCI brand can always meet the expectations of high-grade customers. Each watch perfectly embodies GUCCI’s brand aesthetics and quality standards.
G-Charm watch, white mother-of-pearl flower surface, lined with a diamond and bracelet-shaped stainless steel strap
     The design of GUCCI watches leads fashion, as if the entire GUCCI brand can always meet the expectations of high-grade customers. Each watch perfectly embodies GUCCI’s brand aesthetics and quality standards.
G-Round Chrono watch, black floral surface, lined with 9 diamonds and black GG embossed leather strap

Timewalker 2017 Montblanc Pavilion At The Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon

From January 16th to January 20th, the 27th Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon opened at the Palexpo Exhibition Center. The watch house team went to the scene to bring the majority of watch fans to the scene as in previous years Come to the latest and most comprehensive exhibition report. Let’s follow in the footsteps of the Watch House to admire Montblanc’s new pavilion in the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie.

   The new Montblanc pavilion is designed with the theme of ‘Timewalker’. The ceiling is changed from a movement model to a chronograph model, showing the brand’s determination to compete in the world of fine watchmaking.

   The display cabinets are symmetrically arranged around the center of the exhibition hall, displaying Montblanc’s superb timepieces.

   The digital screen presents the track scene, further accentuating the theme of speed.

   The brand logo is distinctive and striking against a black background wall.
   The above is the cutting-edge information of the 2017 Montblanc Pavilion at the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

Exquisite Shape Brief Comment On Tudor Junyao Calendar 36mm Watch

Tudor’s new series in 2010 is based on the theme of ‘excellence in heart, refinement and shape’. All watches are masterpieces of high-end technology and aesthetic design. The fine tradition is perfectly displayed. The Tudor Junya series watches are full of fashionable retro style, representing the brand’s design essence over the past 60 years: magnificent and exquisite design, has always attracted watch enthusiasts who pursue high quality, gorgeous appearance and excellent technology. Regardless of men and women, as long as they encounter a watch with perfect and detailed appearance and bright lines, they will be fascinated at first sight, and they believe that this is the ultimate result of technology and design. Today, the watch house brings you a Tudor Calendar series 36 mm watch, reference model: 55000.

This watch’s case has beautiful lines and a classic and attractive design. The simple dial perfectly matches the simple and exquisite hands, combined with the creative double outer ring design, which shows the classic style.

Case made of stainless steel with a diameter of 36 mm

The case diameter of this watch is 36 mm. The case is made of stainless steel. The classic case has a round and elegant appearance and permeates the rugged and durable product concept of Tudor.

With a sapphire crystal

This watch uses a sapphire crystal glass. Under the mirror, the black dial is like the night sky of a bustling city. It is deep but not lonely. It is low-key but not monotonous. It is even more elegant with diamond embellishment.

Tudor’s shield logo printed on the crown

The crown of this watch is made of stainless steel. The crown is designed with a classic easy-to-use triangular pit pattern. The top of the crown is printed with a Tudor shield logo to highlight its brand identity.

With a stainless steel strap

This watch is equipped with a stainless steel strap. The strap has a five-row design. It adopts a differentiated sanding pattern and a staggered link layout. It is simple and elegant without losing elegance and beauty.

Unique double outer ring design

The thickness of this watch is moderate, the sides of the case are polished in satin, and the lines are simple and tough. The unique double outer ring design shows Tudor’s strong and durable temperament, and the delicate satin finish polishes and reveals the smooth and shiny metallic luster of stainless steel, which brings a little classic temperament to the model.

Ergonomic design of lugs

The shape of the lugs is slender and slender, not only connecting the case and the strap, but also modifying the shape of the case to be more long and elegant, and the slightly curved arc is in line with ergonomic design.

With a stainless steel folding clasp

This watch is equipped with a stainless steel folding buckle, which is easy to use and elegant and unilateral. The buckle is engraved with the English brand name of Tudor, which highlights the brand identity of this watch.

Using two sword-shaped hands

The dial is equipped with two tough and simple sword-shaped hands, and the center of the hands is filled with fluorescent materials. When the readable in a dim environment, the unique hollow design of the unobtrusive second hand end is more exquisite and elegant.

A shield logo at 12 o’clock

At 12 o’clock on the dial, an Tudor shield logo is embedded as the time mark of this watch at 12 o’clock, highlighting its noble brand blood.

Dial set with 10 diamonds, date display window at 3 o’clock

The 3 o’clock position of the dial is equipped with a calendar display window. The concise white background and black text design are easy to read. The perimeter of the window is also polished with a fine slope, highlighting the brand’s delicate watchmaking process. In addition to the 3 o’clock and 12 o’clock positions, the other scales on the dial are inlaid with a bright-cut diamond as the hour marker, which is even more glorious against the black dial.

The watch is equipped with a 2824 self-winding mechanical movement

This watch has a dense bottom design and is water resistant to 100 meters. A 2824 self-winding mechanical movement is mounted under the simple bottom cover. The frequency of the movement is 28,880 times per hour, which can provide about 38 hours of power. reserve.

In summary: Tudor insists that all high-tech components of each watch are strictly tested, and the details are intact. Even the most subtle parts are not overlooked, which is almost obsessive. In terms of movement, whether it is the design of the movement or the performance of the movement, it is designed in accordance with the most stringent standards according to the needs of the product. Therefore, the Tudor watch has life, pulse, and precision machinery that can stand the test of time. Each watch is a unique boutique. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

The World Under The Lens

We can’t stay in time, but we can remember a piece of memory, a photo is the condensation of a piece of memory. The images we can remember are limited, so we can record more moments through the lens-Yun Cun Yun Shu, flowers bloom, fish and birds, gifted women, every gaze in life is a moment worth recording, The richer the pictures of memories, the more colorful our lives will be. Today, the watch house brings you one of the Fiyta photographer series watches, reference model: GA8380.BBB.

The Fiyta photographer series uses the ‘photography’ element to interpret the watch, re-engraving the lens form, showing the moment and eternity.

The case of this watch restores the look of the camera lens in the shape of the case. The case diameter is 40 mm. The simple black and white color scheme is decorated with red, creating a stylish low-key and cool visual effect.

The dial also highly reproduces the three-dimensional effect of the lens. The 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 12 o’clock scales use large Roman numerals, which are stylish and stylish. The 60-second scale is subdivided on the bezel for accurate reading.

The gear-shaped crown is simple and low-key. The top of the crown is printed with a Fiyta brand logo, which is a deformation of the brand’s initial letter ‘F’ and also implies the meaning of ‘flying’

The stainless steel strap is brushed and polished, exquisite and low-key without losing texture, and is IP-plated to black, adding a touch of fashion to the watch.

The thickness of this watch is moderate. The stainless steel case is treated with black plating to create a warm texture of enamel. The lugs are rounded and fit the wrist for comfortable wearing.

This watch is equipped with a butterfly double-button buckle. At the same time, it is easy to use, but also ensures the overall beauty of the strap. The lines of the buckle are smooth and polished.

Through the center of the dial is a sapphire crystal glass, which displays the movement of the movement in front of the lens while restoring the lens design, as if the world is changing under the lens.

This watch is equipped with an imported automatic mechanical movement, the case bottom cover is fixed with four screws, a sapphire crystal is embedded in the center of the bottom cover, and the mechanical movement can be glimpsed. The semi-hollowed rotor makes the movement landscape More open, the watch is water resistant to 50 meters.

Summary: Both photos and text can be carriers of memory. Some people choose to use words to record memories, and some people choose to use photos to stay in the moment. In my opinion, although words can save endless reveries and beautiful feelings, they are far away. The visual stimulus brought by the image is not as real and direct as it is. However, the image is short-lived. If you miss it for many moments, you may not have the opportunity to re-record it, which is even more precious. If you are also a photography enthusiast, the unique design of this watch will definitely make your eyes shine. At present, the domestic price of this watch is 4980 yuan, and the global limit is 2013 pieces. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

More watch details: fiyta / 34631 /

Greubel Forsey Brand Time Art Gallerygf Grand Opening In Shanghai

Time Art GalleryGF Time Art Gallery collects and displays works in three related fields of art creation and watchmaking art: watch series created by Greubel Forsey; participating in the creative process Modern artists; and Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey, founders of the two watchmaking masterpieces in the minds of respected and admired masterpieces, which are regarded as milestones in the history of watchmaking.
In view of Shanghai’s increasingly stable position in the global modern art field, Greubel Forsey chose to set up the Time Art GalleryGF in Shanghai, the capital of multicultural diversity.

The Greubel Forsey collections on display at the Time Art GalleryGF are the work of Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey, two watchmakers, over the past 13 years. Convinced that top watchmaking is not just a display of luxurious handicrafts, but a form of modern art, since 1999, the two brand founders who love each other’s talents have decided to work together to create top-notch artworks, each carefully created The watches reflect the desire for innovation, and they are beyond the limits of all watchmaking at this stage. Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey are convinced that the mechanical structure determines the character of the watch. After determining the function of the watch, the form should be determined. The mechanical structure must be created first, and then the shape of the watch should be shaped according to the structure. The beauty of the structure should not be hidden. So whether from the front or back of the watch, you must be able to appreciate the movement. This is the principle that Greubel Forsey has always followed when creating. Even if the original works such as ‘Invention Pieces’ already feel perfect, they must continue to think about the possibility of re-interpretation. Through this structural introspection process, the two masters can continue to The basic invention continuously shows the creative essence of the new facet.
Time Art GalleryGF is located at No. 18 on the Bund, which is carefully crafted along the beautiful Huangpu River in Shanghai. The surrounding area is a sacred place for cultural exchanges and ubiquitous modern art. In 2006, the Bund 18 was awarded the UNESCO Outstanding Asia-Pacific Cultural Heritage Protection Award.
GreubelForsey-Time Art GalleryGF, 18 Zhongshan East Road, Shanghai, Room C1, 18 The Bund

The Original Intention Creates The Extraordinary 80th Anniversary Of The Iwc Pilot’s Pilot Series National Tour Grand Opening

July 1, 2016, China-For 148 years, the Swiss watchmaker Schaffhausen IWC has been adhering to the spirit of continuous improvement, writing legends for the fine art of watchmaking. In 2016, at the 80th anniversary of the birth of the IWC Pilot’s Watch Series, in order to let more watch enthusiasts understand the original design and pioneering position of the Pilot’s Watch Series, ‘The original intention created the 80th anniversary of the extraordinary IWC Pilot’s Watch Series ‘The nationwide tour exhibition recently opened in Shanghai and will be held in nine cities across the country. At that time, 2016 new pilot series watches and classic masterpieces will also be unveiled together. The exhibition design is based on the theme of flying, and it perfectly combines retro style with modern elements to create unique visual effects and extraordinary experiences.

   The design style of “The Original Intention Creates the 80th Anniversary of the IWC Pilot’s Pilot’s Series” national tour exhibition perfectly interprets the grandeur of the new Pilot’s Watch series, and brings an extraordinary flying feast to the guests. Stepping into the exhibition hall, the most striking thing is a retro-looking airplane model above the air. The visitors seem to be in a three-dimensional space of flight. The interior of the exhibition hall is luxurious and elegant. The metal wall surface made of stainless steel and rivets restores the style of the aircraft cabin; the retro aircraft model and the texture of the machine fuse with each other, showing the boldness and courage of the pilot; professional books displayed in the cabin, covering The history and development of the field of flight; being in it is like having a comprehensive flight experience.
   In 1936, IWC led the era, creating the first ‘watch specially made for pilots.’ In the 1930s and 1940s, the first batch of IWC pilot watches set a technical benchmark, and its dial design oriented to the layout of the dashboard in the cockpit has also become the source of inspiration for today’s classic IWC pilot watches. In 2016, at the 80th anniversary of the IWC Pilot’s Watch series, the brand launched a new pilot watch series. The new series takes into account the needs of watch enthusiasts for different types of watches: authentic large-scale pilot heritage watches, classic The Mark 18 Pilot’s Watch, and the elegant Pilot’s Watch 36, this series perfectly reflects the fusion of IWC innovation and history; the popular special edition of ‘Anthony Saint Exupery’ and ‘small The ‘Prince’ special edition watch, as always, plays an important role in the pilot’s watch series, interpreting the story of inheritance and innovation with romantic colors.
Mark XVIII Pilot’s Watch ‘Little Prince’ Special Edition (Model: IW327004)

   The case diameter is 40 mm. Both the shape and function follow the tradition of IWC classic pilot watches. The clearly structured dial is as streamlined as the cockpit dashboard to the core elements, with clear and easy to read as the top priority. This watch is water-resistant to 6 bar and equipped with a 30110 automatic movement, which provides a 42-hour power reserve. The Mark XVIII Pilot’s Watch also follows the tradition, equipped with a magnetically shielded soft iron inner case, and equipped with a glass mirror that can withstand the sudden pressure drop.
Spitfire pilot chronograph (model: IW377719)

   The case diameter is 43 mm. Active and dynamic, perfect for everyday wear. The stainless steel case bezel is polished and polished, and the two rows of the stainless steel bracelet are also polished to give the watch a unique and noble temperament. The rock-gray dial with a shiny metallic luster is equipped with sunlight, which is the icing on the watch, just like the gray body of the same name Spitfire. The anti-magnetic soft iron inner shell protects the precision movement from the magnetic field. The glass watch is assembled firmly and can withstand the sudden drop of air pressure without loosening. The stainless steel case has Spitfire engraved on the bottom of the case.
Large Pilot’s Watch (Model: IW500912)

   The case diameter is 46 mm. The classic visual design is re-assigned: the triangle logo is placed under the minute circle again, giving the auxiliary logo more weight for this reading, and the number ‘9’ returns to its established position. The Santoni strap is crafted in black calfskin and complements this watch perfectly. For the first time in this large pilot watch, IWC uses the calfskin strap of this famous shoe manufacturer.
Pilot’s Automatic Watch 36 (Model: IW324001)

   The case diameter is 36 mm. Equipped with a rock grey dial and a dark brown alligator leather strap by Santoni. It is attractive for men and women who prefer timeless low-profile watches and thinner wrists. The dial of this elegant three-hand watch continues the clear and simple design route. The low-key, restrained inner ring is a major feature of this new pilot watch. The design makes the dial layered and more three-dimensional.

Stunning Price How Expensive Is The Tourbillon?

As we all know, the tourbillon can be described as a luxury in the watch industry, and has always been the king of the watch. The seemingly understated watch, no doubt was given a luxurious label after being given the tourbillon device. The same model, as long as the tourbillon is added, can instantly make it ten times more expensive. Prices ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars once made many people stay away.
The tourbillon watch represents the highest level of mechanical watch manufacturing technology. The entire escapement speed control system operates in a unique way, bringing the dynamic art beauty of the clock to the peak. Therefore, it always has the title of ‘king in the watch’! The tourbillon has become a symbol of brand strength since its birth, but not all watchmakers can control it. It is for this reason that watch owners who own tourbillon watches have their own capital of display.
Patek Philippe 5016
Tourbillons of first-line brands in watchmaking are generally hundreds of thousands or even millions, of course, there are more affordable prices. For example, domestic tourbillons sell for less than 8,000, which undoubtedly makes this amazing device extremely easy. Get started. Patek Philippe’s 5016 is a landmark masterpiece of watchmaking. It has 506 tiny parts and contains ultra-complex functions in a gold or platinum case: tourbillon, three questions, automatic flyback date pointer perpetual calendar, and month. Phase display. Actual prices vary, but they are unified between 470,000 euros and 600,000 euros.
Patek Philippe 5207
A Rose Gold 5016 in 2007 was auctioned in Hong Kong at 5,013,500 Hong Kong dollars, and it is not available with money, depending on the grade of VIP. For most watch fans, they are just legendary fantasy watches. Patek Philippe’s advanced complication series 5207 platinum watch, advanced complication watch with a perpetual calendar, minute repeater and tourbillon. The perpetual perpetual calendar display window can display the week, date, month and leap year cycle, which is the most complicated wrist of Patek Philippe. One of the tables, only a few pieces are produced each year, and the market conservative valuation is 6 million yuan.
Of course, the high price of some tourbillon watches is just a special case, not every tourbillon can reach the same scary price. But in general, watches equipped with tourbillon devices cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The reference price of A. Lange & Shne Cabaret Tourbillon is 2 million yuan. The Earl Tourbillon Relatif enamel painting is priced at 4.68 million relative to the tourbillon. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Carbon Concept Tourbillon Chronograph is priced relatively low. But also reached 370,000 yuan. Piaget Tourbillon Relatif
The price of wristwatches has been on the rise in recent years. In the domestic first- and second-tier brands, world-renowned watches will increase their prices at least once a year, and most will choose March or April. The increase is generally controlled within 10%. The biggest reason is It is the appreciation and preservation of name watches.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Carbon Concept Tourbillon Chronograph
The particularity of the tourbillon watch undoubtedly makes it a hot item in collections, which provides a sufficient reason for the soaring price of the tourbillon. However, as far as the tourbillon in the international market is concerned, the price is characterized by a large difference between the high-end and low-end regions. Tourbillon watches from Switzerland’s top watch manufacturers are more expensive. With more sophisticated craftsmanship, strict technical standards and the influence of the watch factory’s own brand, these watches occupy the high-end market of tourbillons. However, domestic tourbillons are far lower in price than Swiss brands. Although there is not much difference in function, the price is generally within 100,000. In any case, the price of tourbillon watches is higher than ordinary watches, and has already been proven by the market.

The Mysterious Charm Of The Number ‘8’ Tasting Jacques De Rouge Second Hand Series ‘tribute’ Watch

Jaquet Droz was founded in 1738 and has a history of more than 300 years. Since the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, he has established a deep friendship with China. As one of Jacques Dro’s classic series, the Jacques Dro large seconds hand series was born in 2002, which has become an important milestone in the history of the brand style. The large second hand series is famous for its iconic number ‘8’ dial, which focuses on the elegant and timeless style, creating a wrist watch with great craftsmanship and performance. Next, let’s enjoy the Jacques de Rouge large second hand ‘TRIBUTE’ watch. (Watch model: J003031200)

  Jacques Dro’s large second hand series is inspired by the watches designed in 1785, forming a generation of classics. The biggest highlight of this series of watches is that there are two inner dials on the same dial, the hour and minute display at 12 o’clock and the second dial at 6 o’clock hug, forming the number ‘8’. The number ‘8’ has deep meaning and is a symbol of endlessness and eternity.

Watch real shot

This is the first time the brand has launched a gold watch. The case is made of 18K yellow gold, and the front and sides are polished with a polishing process. The surface is warm and smooth, and the case lines are smooth and elegant.

  The other side of the case is set with an 18K gold crown, which is engraved with the iconic Jacques Dross double-star LOGO pattern. It is also polished with a non-slip texture design around it.

  This model is equipped with a large open flame enamel dial, this ancient enamel craft is another characteristic of Jacques Droe. From blending powder thickness, mastering the heat to firing a unique dial, the master of the dial masters every step of the enamel process to create a dial with a unique color and texture. The internal design of the number ‘8’ is remarkable. The 18K yellow gold hands are very eye-catching on the dial. The upper left corner is marked with an independent limited number in red enamel.

  The movement is equipped with a Jaquet Droz2663.Si automatic winding movement, with a dual barrel, and a power reserve of approximately 68 hours. The movement is equipped with a silicon escapement, which is resistant to magnetic fields and temperature changes. The 18K yellow gold oscillating weight is beautiful, decorated with traditional handmade checkered carved patterns, and dotted with a double star pattern. A limited number of individual numbers are engraved on the case back.

  The blue hand-rolled crocodile leather strap matches the style of the watch, highlighting the elegant gentleman’s charm, which is perfect for formal wear. 18K yellow gold pin buckle is easy to wear and not easy to fall off.

Summary: The Jacques de Rouge seconds hand series ‘TRIBUTE’ watch retains the classic ‘8’ dial, fully expressing the elegant style, witnessing the passage of time with exquisite craftsmanship, becoming a timeless work to record time. The Jacques de Rouge seconds series ‘TRIBUTE’ is limited to 88 pieces. If you like this watch, you can pay more attention. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Zenith And Ladycat Went To 2014 Bol D ‘or Mirabaud

According to Watch House, Zenith won the 75th Bol d’Or Mirabaud competition last year. This year, the brand has once again joined the Bol d’Or Mirabaud competition on June 14. .

 Bol d’Or Mirabaud is currently the largest regatta on the lake in Europe. Bold’Or started with 1939. It is the most important inland lake regatta in Europe. Its scale is large and extremely popular. one. Every year, outstanding players from all over Europe drive nearly 600 sailing boats to gather at the starting point of the race.

 Old’Or holds a challenge competition every year. The competition route is Geneva-Le Bouveret-Geneva. The champion can get the Bold’Or trophy, but the winner cannot always hold the Bold’Or trophy unless the same person or the same association This trophy will be retained permanently if you win the game three consecutive times in five years, otherwise the trophy will be fluid. So far, out of a total of 68 races, only three sailing boats have won the trophy.

 The Bold’Or Trophy was awarded to the first monohull to reach the finish. And this trophy will only be retained forever if you have won the game three consecutive times in the past five years.

 Zenith will team up with D35 Ladycat this time. This sailing team belongs to Dona Bertarelli, the descendant of the Italian giants. Of course, she also won this award in 2010. The beautiful and charming Donna is already a mother of three children this year. She is famous, her father is Italian, the third richest person in Italy, and she is engaged in charity and sailing after marriage.

 The Spindrift racing team, like Zenith, firmly believes in their lucky stars. They embrace technology, pursue new horizons, and guide the way to achieve their dreams. No matter at the moment of the moment or in the long-term of a lifetime, we persist in forging ahead, and with each brilliant victory, we embody the subtle magic between tradition and avant-garde.