Franck Muller Hong Kong’s First Wphh High-end Watch Exhibition

In 1998, FRANCK MULLER® held the WPHH high-end watch exhibition for the first time. After that, representatives of the global media and the industry were invited to take the lead in appreciating the brand’s new works each year. Visitors will enjoy the world-famous Xiangjiang scenery and the stunning charm of FRANCK MULLER®’s new work.

 FRANCK MULLER® exquisite craftsmanship

 During the four-day exhibition, amateur and professional watch craft enthusiasts are fully invested in the country of FRANCK MULLER® timepieces, admiring a wide range of watch styles and brand information for this exhibition; the brand has arranged four master watchmakers for the first time Visiting Hong Kong from Switzerland to show different craftsmanship such as carving, polishing, dial drawing and movement inlay; the installation at the entrance of the exhibition is based on the movement structure, symbolizing the mystery of fine watchmaking art; FRANCK MULLER® shows today This new work brings the brand’s master-class technology, innovative design, infinite creativity and superb craftsmanship in one go.

New works released at this exhibition include the Giga Gong Tourbillon, equipped with a hand-wound movement produced by the watchmaker. In addition to having the largest tourbillon mechanism, it also has an ingenious addition to the timekeeping system. Every hour will ring the number of hours of the day, and the magic will follow between day and night. Another eye-catching new product is the 7 Days Power Reserve Skeleton, which combines complicated hollowing out technology and mechanical functions; the delicate mother-of-pearl dial and diamond brilliance of Infinity Sunrise are dazzling.

In the past few years, the appreciation of Swiss fine watchmaking has grown in the Asian market. FRANCK MULLER® has shared its traditions and subtle technical know-how through this unique watch exhibition, leaving visitors with an unforgettable impression.