Longines-best Horse Racing In The World’ Awards Will Be Awarded In Hong Kong

The International Horse Racing Federation (IFHA), Longines Group and the Hong Kong Jockey Club jointly issued a statement on September 25, and will be held at the ‘Longines Hong Kong International’ scheduled to be held on December 12, 2014 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The ‘Best Race’ dinner and the first ‘Longines-the World’s Best Horse Racing’ awards ceremony honored the best horses in the world’s highest-rated races.

   The award score is based on the performance of Group 1 and Tier 1 races in the top 100 ratings within one year of the Longines-World’s Best Horse Racing Ranking Committee, based on horse racing from December 1 to the following year. All performance scores in November 30th. To win the championship, the runners-up and runners-up will get 12 points, 6 points and 4 points respectively. The specific points system rules can be found on www.ifhaonline.org.

   Currently, Irish horse racing Joseph P. O’Brien and Belgian horse racing Christophe Soumillon lead the Longines-World’s Best Horse Racing standings with 72 points, followed by Ryan L. Moore with 70 points. The results of the annual remaining matches and previous matches can also be found on www.ifhaonline.org.

   By comparing the performance of horse races in Group 1 and Tier 1 races in the top 100 ratings and the introduction of the corresponding Longines-World’s Best Horse Racing Awards, the best horse race is quantitatively determined for the first time in all the world’s horse races. may.

   Louis Romanet, President of the International Racing Federation: ‘It is taken for granted that the world’s best jockeys have achieved international recognition. Jockeys are incredible athletes. Their brave feats and breathtaking skills bring the world wide Millions of horse racing enthusiasts are attracted to this sport. The ‘Longines-Best Horse Racing in the World’ award is a joint initiative of the International Horse Racing Federation and the Longines Group, and we also thank the Hong Kong Jockey Club for the award ceremony .

   Juan-Carlos Capelli, Vice President and Head of International Marketing of Longines: ‘The Longines Group is very pleased to present the first’ Longines-the World’s Best Horse Racing ‘award at the’ Longines Hong Kong International Dinner ‘dinner. This event will also recognize jockeys whose achievements demonstrate the common values ​​of the Longines Group and the International Racing Federation, namely tradition, elegance and performance. ‘

   Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges, CEO of the Hong Kong Jockey Club and Vice Chairman of the International Jockey Federation: ‘I’m very pleased that the Hong Kong Jockey Club, together with the Longines Group and the International Jockey Federation, can host the first’ Longines Watch-World’s Best Horse Racing ‘award ceremony ‘The Hong Kong International Event’ is a perfect event that complements this new award. ‘

   The ‘Longines Hong Kong International Race’ dinner is scheduled for Friday, December 12th, and the corresponding event will be launched at Sha Tin Racecourse on Sunday, December 14th. This week-long event also includes the Happy Valley Racecourse on Wednesday, December 10th ‘Longines International Jockey Championship’.

About International Racing Federation

   The International Horse Racing Federation is the peak body of the International Thoroughbred International Race. Its members are the official athletic organizations that hold thoroughbred horse races around the world. Generally speaking, these countries host 170,000 races each year, attracting more than 100 million viewers on race days. It is as high as 90 billion euros. The annual international conference organized by the alliance has now entered its 48th year. The International Horse Racing Federation is a founding member of the International Equestrian Sports Federation and a member of the World Organisation for Animal Health.
The main areas of ICF activities include:

Develop and amend the International Agreement on Horse Breeding, Racing and Betting (IABRW). The agreement, first introduced in 1974, sets the definition of thoroughbred horse racing, the core requirements for organizing race events, and the health and welfare policies of jockeys and horses.
Improve policies related to jockey and horse safety benefits
Planning and grading of international events
World Ranking
Formulation and investigation of horse prohibited items
Match day rule coordination
Promote the global commercial development of the horse racing industry
About the Hong Kong Jockey Club

   Established in 1884, the Hong Kong Jockey Club is not only one of the world’s leading horse racing institutions, but also the largest community contributor in Hong Kong. It donated a total of HK $ 1.95 billion in 2012/13. In addition, the agency is the largest taxpayer in Hong Kong, paying more than HK $ 17.64 billion in taxes for public funds in 2012/13. The Hong Kong Jockey Club advocates the application of sports and gaming entertainment technology, and strives to provide customers with the highest level of service. It is recognized as one of the most prestigious membership clubs in Asia. At the same time, the Hong Kong Jockey Club is also committed to implementing the mission of improving the quality of life of Hong Kong citizens. These multi-layered roles have made it world-renowned and highly respected.