Three Major Themes Understand Panerai

On June 14, 2017, Panerai held a new product preview event in the Intime Center in Beijing, mainly bringing new products launched by Panerai during the SIHH in January. For friends at SIHH site, this is a rare experience. This year’s new Panerai products are mainly divided into four parts, which are diving watches, regatta special models, classic replica models and new material models, and what I feel most deeply are mainly two points. The trend of Nahai watches is thinner, which allows many Asian men to find models that can be easily used. Secondly, Panerai’s new products use more jump color design, which is more vibrant than ever. Let’s take a look at the specific experience of Panerai’s new products this year.
687 and 685 two unexpected tables


   In this year’s new products, two watches have been quite controversial, but at the moment of getting started, they completely exceeded expectations. This is the Radiomir 3 Days Acciaio watch, the models are PAM00687 and PAM00685. The controversy is that this is the first time Panerai has used a 12-sided bezel with lettering, which has produced many jokes, such as a flattened screw, a Bulgari from Panerai, and so on. But at the moment of getting started, these rumors of it were all broken by the excellent expressiveness on the wrist. The watch’s large diameter of 47 mm provides a wide view of the ‘sandwich’ dial, the large scale is clear and eye-catching, and the overall color is full of classic beauty. The word ‘OFFICINE PANERAI BREVETTATO’ on the bezel means ‘Panerai patent’. At that time, Panerai applied for a patent for its radium luminous material. During the subsequent decay process, the luminous coating began to change color. PAM00687 model It was this process that was used as a blueprint for the design, and a brand new gradient brown dial was produced to compliment this patent. Both watches use welded linear lugs, a traditional pillow case, and a large crown, two-hand design, equipped with a P.3000 manual movement, three days of power, and time can be adjusted in hours. Both watches are limited to 1,000 pieces. It is understood that the current brown disc models are in very tight condition, and Beijing and Shanghai are hard to find.


Six dive watches
   This year Panerai unexpectedly launched six diving watches, which can be described as a great deal, including two special editions and four regular editions. First look at the special editions, PAM00671 and PAM00692.


   671 is a new bronze case from Panerai this year, and it is also Panerai’s third bronze watch. In the past two years, the bronze watch has become a major trend for men’s high-end models. There is a contribution of Panerai. In 2012, Panerai first introduced the bronze watch 382. At that time, it was regarded as a god watch. Although Panerai is not the first brand to make bronze watches, it is the first high-end watchmaking brand to make bronze watches. With its 382 crazy circle powder, Panerai was quickly fired into a horrible one. Price height. In 2013, Panerai launched the second bronze 507. After four years, Panerai brought the third bronze, which was equipped with a marine blue dial for the first time. The dial hands and scales are retro treated, using the same hue as bronze, with a leather strap with nautical style stitching, built-in automatic P.9010 movement, limited to 1,000 watches.


   Panerai LUMINOR SUBMERSIBLE 1950 BMG-TECH ™ watch, model PAM00692, this is a brand new work from Panerai’s ‘LABORATORIO DI IDEE’ (Creative Workshop), I did n’t even notice when I just started, This is a watch with innovative materials. It was not until I saw the blue ‘BMG-TECH’ mark on the dial at 6 o’clock that I realized that I was holding a ‘mysterious’ material watch that I wanted to find out. . BMG-TECH ™ is translated as metallic glass, which refers to a large amorphous alloy. It is special in that it uses a special alloy (zirconium, copper, aluminum, titanium, and nickel). Under high pressure injection molding and rapid cooling, the metal atoms cannot form crystals, so compared to conventional metals, its atomic structure is disordered, thereby achieving a high degree of resistance to corrosion and impact. After hands-on experience, this watch is very similar in appearance to the stainless steel case, and its weight is similar. Only 6 points and a line tell you what is special about it, so you need to watch carefully to know.





   In addition, the other four regular editions are PAM00684, PAM00682 and PAM01305, PAM01389. 684 is a red gold case ceramic bezel diving watch, 682 is a stainless steel case version, and 1305 and 1389 are previous generation products Upgraded versions of 305 and 389. At present, Panerai is gradually upgrading some models. The P.9010 movement completely developed by Panerai replaces the previous generation P.9000 movement. They have the same function, but the 9010 movement Thinner, which can reduce the overall thickness of the watch, making the watch more convenient to wear, and models equipped with the new movement will add the number ‘1’ before the previous model to show the difference.
Five special regattas
   In this new product preview, Panerai has brought five watches related to regattas. At present, Panerai has sponsored two famous regattas, one is the America’s Cup regatta and the other is the classic sailing. Challenge. As the official partner of the 35th America’s Cup, Panerai has launched five special editions of the Regatta during SIHH, including the commemorative chronograph watch for the America’s Cup and the sponsored by Panerai Watches launched by the defending champions, the United States Oracle and Japan’s SoftBank. In addition, to pay tribute to the Classic Sailing Challenge, Panerai launched three new watches in April, this time together.



   The America’s Cup Regatta is one of the most prestigious sailing events in the world. It is held every four years. This year is the final year of the 35th America’s Cup Regatta. It is currently in fierce competition in Bermuda. Compared to the classic sailing challenge sponsored by Panerai, the America’s Cup is a modern sailing race full of science and technology. A lot of equipment on the ship has even been independently developed by the team in cooperation with scientific institutions. It uses cutting-edge innovative materials such as carbon fiber composite materials. Production. Panerai brings two special editions of the America’s Cup regatta this time, both of which are collaboration models of the Oracle team, models PAM00724 and PAM00726. The models use red and blue as the models to jump colors, full of vitality and passion, of which As a professional timing model, 726 has a timing system specially designed for sailing events. Through the button at 4 o’clock, the central blue chronograph minute hand can be adjusted counterclockwise, thereby helping the sailing team to count down the most critical 10 minutes and 5 minutes before the race. . All America’s Cup regatta watches are engraved with the America’s Cup regatta.


   The other three watches are specially launched for the classic regatta by Panerai in April. The models are PAM00653, PAM00654 and PAM00652. Panerai has cooperated with the Classic Sailing Challenge for 13 years. Panerai even has Own your classic sailing boat for competitions. Classical sailing does not have a motor, and everything is driven by wind. Therefore, in addition to the excellent performance of the sailing boat, the classic sailing challenge pays more attention to the teamwork of the crew. This kind of competition with human power and the use of natural power is also full of passion. Of the three models, 652 is a three-day-powered professional race chronograph with flyback timing function. It also has a countdown adjustment button at 4 o’clock. The start button is located at 10 o’clock in the case. The zero / flyback button is located at 8 o’clock for easy operation.



   653 and 654 are regular chronographs of the classic sailing challenge, with a diameter of 44 mm. They are also Luminor 1950 case, equipped with P.9100 automatic chronograph movement. The difference between these two watches and conventional chronographs with speed measurement is that their speedometer is in ‘knots’, because in the regatta, the speed is not in kilometers per hour, but in nautical miles per hour. Unit, 1 knot means 1 nautical mile / hour, which is about 1.85 km / h. Therefore, its speedometer has a scale of 1.5-30 knots.

Left: PAM01389 Right: PAM00389 The new model is significantly thinner

Straps in various colors

   The main feeling of this year’s new products is that the models without timing function are generally thinner, especially the models with the P.9010 movement. For men with small wrists, this is a gospel. I know that many men have I like Panerai, but because of its large size in the past, it is more difficult to get started. At the same time, in recent years, Panerai has been producing models with a diameter of 42 mm, and also retains the classic large size models of 44 mm and 47 mm, so from the perspective of selectivity, Panerai is indeed a lot more friendly. In addition, this year’s new products, in addition to the cooperation models of the Classic Sailing Challenge, other models use blue or red jumping color small seconds, which makes people shine. In addition, Panerai also prepared a series of straps of different colors. At present, some models are equipped with a quick-change strap system. If you change the strap, you can change a style. In the end, I like 685 best, but 47mm is too big, so I choose 724.