Catatrava 5116g Price Introduction

Platinum Karadova, simple Patek, this should be a better entry-level Patek. If you buy it in China, the price may be around 180,000 to 200,000. Don’t be surprised, it is indeed the price. Light taxes account for half. If you buy in Hong Kong, it will definitely be cheap, because Hong Kong is a duty-free port. The public price of this watch in Hong Kong should be around 160,000 to 190,000. When it is actually purchased, it may be lower, depending on your bargaining power. However, today’s businesses are spoiled. If there are no friends in it or the bargaining power is super strong, most people will not give it down. Who makes our mainlanders rich? Buying Patek madly, many models are sold out & hellip; what. If you have the opportunity to go to Japan, check out the top large shopping malls and department stores. There will be amazing discounts during their store celebrations and festivals. As far as I know, some tablemates bought your gold model of this karaoke in Japan. The brand new one is more than 60,000 and less than 70,000. This price is very good. Of course, if it is an easy watch, it is even lower. A few days ago, I saw a female model with a platinum case and platinum belt of less than 50,000 in Shanghai. It depends on luck. hope this helps.