Men Also Need To Understand The Romantic Warmth Of Coffee And Watches

Coffee is often referred to as petty bourgeoisie, coffee tasting is an elegant charm, a romantic mood and a cozy feeling of enjoying life. Therefore, coffee is not only a drink after meals, but also a symbol of lifestyle and taste. In European life, drinking coffee has become an irresistible habit. When you stroll around the ancient streets and alleys, you can see the leisurely scenes of sun umbrellas and toasts everywhere. The aroma of coffee everywhere, Enchanting. Although the watch does not seem to be related to this mood, in fact, I don’t take it for granted. Every timepiece that is carefully crafted is the best testimony of this time. Take a sip of fragrant coffee and feel the quietness of those years How cosy …

   Coffee has the same profound history and craftsmanship as watches, so the coffee culture is as fragrant as it is unpredictable. For most people, coffee is just a liquid with a bitter taste, but it is not. Latte, Mocha, Macchiato, Cappuccino, American, Martha Clan, Vienna, Citron, etc. How much do you know about these flavored coffee products?
Espresso Macchiato
   Macchiato is originally Italian, meaning ‘imprint, imprint’, pronounced ‘Machiado’, but we are used to calling it Macchiato. Macchiato is a thin layer of hot milk foam on the espresso to keep the temperature of the coffee. The delicate and sweet milk foam can cushion the bitter impact of the espresso.
Caffè Latte
   Add equal proportions or even more milk to the espresso. Due to the mild flavoring of milk, the originally bitter coffee becomes silky, sweet and sweet.
   Traditional cappuccino coffee is a third of espresso, a third of steam milk and a third of foam milk. Cappuccino is divided into dry and wet. Dry cappuccino refers to a conditioning method with more milk froth and less milk, and the coffee tastes stronger than milk. Wet cappuccino refers to the practice of less milk froth and more milk. The milky aroma covers the strong coffee flavor, which is suitable for those with light taste.
Caffè Mocha
   One of the oldest coffees, named after the famous Port Mocha. Mocha is a blend of Italian espresso, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and milk, a variant of espresso latte.
   Black coffee made with drip coffee makers, siphon pots, French presses and other appliances, or made by adding a lot of water to Italian espresso. The taste is relatively light, but because of the long extraction time, the caffeine content is high.

  Italian coffee has a long history. It can be said that it is a country with a strong coffee flavor. Italian coffee is full of mellow and passionate. Its enthusiasm is as fierce as a warrior in a gladiator arena, bitterness is as quiet as a sleeping monument, and fragrance is full of flowers like the Renaissance It is as long as the Grand Canal, giving the Italians a romantic atmosphere. Panerai, a watch brand from the same country, also has an unspeakable temperament and connotation. Panerai started out as a military watch and made precision instruments and watches for the Italian Royal Navy. Today, this ancient brand is still With a strong retro flavor, it is intoxicating. When the aroma of coffee spreads, jazz lingers around the ears, the pillow-shaped case on the wrist is fused with dark brown belts, and the unique hands draw a beautiful arc. How intoxicating this scene is!

   The romantic mood is always in a quiet mood and a suitable match. This Panerai Radiomir 1940 8-day power reserve watch has a retro and elegant look, which perfectly matches the Radiomir 1940 case design and P.2004 self-produced movement technology. For the first time, the P.2004 / 10 calibre with cutout plywood and barrel is used. The design of the Radiomir 1940 case reproduces a special period in Panerai’s long history-the pillow-shaped Radiomir case with linear lugs evolved into the Luminor 1950 case, integrating the lugs and case into one, and loading the bridge protection device To properly protect the crown. The shape of the case is also pillow-shaped, but the crown does not have a bridge protection device. The overall design combines ruggedness and functionality with minimalism and elegance. The new watch case is made of red or white gold with a diameter of 45 mm. The cylindrical winding crown has the Panerai embossed logo. There is a single push button at eight o’clock to control all chronograph functions.

   The P.2004 / 10 manual-winding movement developed by the watch was developed by Panerai Chateau Manufacture, equipped with three barrels, providing a long power reserve of eight days, derived from Panerai 1940 Classic features from the 1950s. The dial is equipped with a linear power reserve to display the remaining power, two chronograph dials and a central second hand, and a single push button at eight o’clock, which fully controls the start, stop and zeroing of the timekeeping. The chronograph movement is equipped with vertical clutches and column wheels, which are beautiful through the sapphire crystal case back. In addition, the refined polishing and other technical details of the movement can also be seen at a glance through the hollowed-out movement splint and two barrels. The P.2004 / 10 movement also has a second time zone function. The chronograph at 9 o’clock shows the day / night time. When the time is adjusted, the second hand automatically returns to zero.
   Baume & Mercier watches have an inherent elegance. The warmth brought by each timepiece comes from the gentle touch of leather, metal and skin, from the ticking between hands and the rhythm of the heartbeat. Baume & Mercier always combines traditional watchmaking skills with the beauty of modern art to give each watch a unique style. From the past to the present, this is where the celebrities take pride. The elegant and restrained temperament of this Baume & Mercier watch just coincides with this tender moment. In the space scented with coffee, the elegant beating hands complete the reminder of time and time.

   The Clayton series chronograph design is full of urban atmosphere, inspired by the historical watches of the 1950s, highlighting a very unique style. The watch is understated and elegant, with a 43 mm diameter case, equipped with a Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement, and seeing through the transparent sapphire crystal case back. The watch is loved for its durability. It has the function of measuring 12 hours, and the date and day of the week are displayed at 3 o’clock. Silver sun-satin-finished dial with gold-plated hands and engraving. The timeless design of the watch is matched by a brown alligator leather strap, which is fastened with a triple adjustable folding safety clasp.

   Radar has the reputation of ‘the king of ceramics’. It is a watch brand famous for ceramics in the watch industry. It can use this special material freely to create wrist watches with different attitudes. Ceramics give people a pure, flawless, warm, jade-like, smooth and beautiful feeling. They are like a layer of skin, delicate and intimate. Every time they touch, there is a warmth flowing in. When you wear a gentle ceramic watch on your wrist and hold the coffee cup, how about it?

   This watch has a diameter of 45 mm. Compared with ordinary men’s watches, the size is slightly larger, but the larger diameter can better show the charm of men, and also fully express the masculinity of the radar men’s watch. The watch uses a double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal. The watchmaker has created a watch with a perfect arc. It is embedded in the case. It is naturally beautiful, and the high-quality materials make the watch excellent quality. The design of the watch dial is compact and the layout is reasonable. All the watch functions are displayed on the dial surface without too much modification, which achieves a low-key and simple design concept, and also highlights the temperament of gentle men. The watch is paired with a dark brown leather strap. The design of the strap is inspired by traditional Italian handmade leather shoes, exuding a strong retro flavor, and forms an excellent contrast with the dazzling technological charm contained in the modern plasma high-tech ceramic case. . Equipped with an ETA 2894-2 automatic mechanical movement with 37 stones, it can provide 42 hours of kinetic energy for the watch.
Summary: Time slips away from your wrist little by little, and many tender feelings are too late to be sealed, so it is especially precious to cherish the moment. Put down the heavy work at the right time, a cup of coffee, a reading book, quietly bathe the sun, enjoy life, and live a life of your own texture.