Car Fans’ Favorite Five Racing Watches Recommended

Most racing watches are designed according to the concept of racing cars. Racing watches may not be exactly like racing cars in appearance, but the values ​​and design concepts they pursue are closely related to racing cars. Racing watches belong to a branch of sports watches, its birth comes from the cooperation between watch brands and racing brands.

 Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX series Q192T470 watch

 Watch Series: Amvox
 Movement Type: Automatic
 Case material: Titanium
 Strap material: cowhide
 Hong Kong quote: HK $ 147,000
 Watch details: Brief review: This keyless chronograph is the crystallization of the second phase of Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin. Simply press the surface of the sapphire crystal to operate related functions. The start and stop at 12 o’clock Function, and the 6 o’clock position is the home function. The delicate structure of this exclusive vertical start timing device is the key to the red lever that is exposed in the hollow of the dial. Here you can also see many amazing mechanical details.

 Parmigiani BUGATTITYPE370 series PFH365-1201403 watch

 Watch Series: BUGATTITYPE370
 Movement type: manual mechanical
 Gender: Man:
 Case material: 18K white gold
 Strap material: crocodile leather
 Watch details: Brief comment: Bugatti launched a super sports watch with Parmigiani for the 100th anniversary. The highlight is that when turning the mechanical parts of the watch to the vertical axis, it allows the rider to focus on the dashboard. This design requires a 90-degree time setting system, and elements such as double gears need to be added. It can be said that Parmigiani has made another breakthrough in watchmaking.

Tag Heuer 24CALIBRE36 limited edition automatic chronograph 40.5 mm series CAL5110.FC6265 watch

 Watch Series: Monaco
 Movement Type: Automatic
 Gender: Men
 Case material: Stainless steel
 Strap material: crocodile leather
 Domestic public price: ¥ 101,500
 Watch details: Brief comment: The creation of this watch was inspired by the 24-hour circuit of Le Mans in Monaco. This track is located in the city of Monte Carlo in Monaco. It is famous for street racing. It not only has a long history, but also was the location of the 1970 racing film Le Mans.

 Hublot King Extreme Series 716.CI.1129.RX.MAN11 watch

 Watch Series: King of Supreme Series
 Movement Type: Automatic
 Gender: Men
 Case material: Ceramic
 Strap Material: Rubber
 Domestic public price: ¥ 177,100
 Watch details: Brief comment: Hublot has a long history of cooperation with F1. Hublot’s first limited edition watch still maintains the brand’s very cool characteristics: mix and match ceramics, rubber, sandblasting and other materials and processes, multi-level Nickel-plated decals appear on the dial, and the F1TM’s Logo is absolutely magnificent at 9 o’clock.

 Blancpain Flyback Chronograph Series 8885F-1203-52B

 Watch Series: Evolution Series
 Movement Type: Automatic
 Gender: Men
 Case material: Titanium
 Strap material: crocodile leather
 Watch details: Brief comment: Blancpain’s Lamborghini special section is even more exciting. The president and CEO of Blancpain MarcA. Hayek brings two Lamborghini Murciélagos to participate, and Blancpain is also the official timing partner of this tournament. This special watch has a titanium case, carbon fiber dial and lugs, and flyback chronograph. The details of the entire watch are inseparable from Lamborghini. It is a masterpiece that subverts the brand style.

 Summary: In recent years, cross-border has become very popular. Whatever is put together can be linked to cross-border, which may give people a fashion sense of ‘following contemporary trends.’ , Racing car is focused on passion, speed, technology and the psychological qualities of every minute and second; watches, you can record time, grasp time, control time, and its production process, also has rare superb technology in it. And the two fields are based on the keywords of innovation, excellence, speed, and race against time, and finally ‘marriage’, which is really a great vision of Bole.