Jacques Dro Collection’s Collection Becomes A Source Of Inspiration For Cross-media Art Exhibitions

The first original exhibition “Qianlong, The Next Jiangnan” cross-media art exhibition to make traditional Chinese culture “tide” full of vitality from the perspective of subverting traditional art will be held in Shanghai on September 7, 2015 Joy City set sail. This cross-media art exhibition takes the Qianlong Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty as the clue of the story. From the selected national treasure-level ‘Qianlong cultural relics’ in museums such as Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, etc., a distinctive cartoon character prototype has been developed, and the Qianlong Escape the Forbidden City and start a fantasy journey full of family, friendship and love in Jiangnan. The male protagonist Jacques is the source of inspiration for Jacques Dero’s ‘gold-plated brass clock’, a classic collection of classic clocks and clocks collected in the Forbidden City of Beijing.
   Jacques Dro’s gold-plated writer’s clock is the largest watch collection in the Forbidden City. This western-style gentleman’s automatic robot puppet, after being soaked in thick ink and wound, will automatically lift a pen to write eight Chinese characters, ‘Eight Directions, Nine Earth Kings’, with pen, horizontal, vertical, skimming, and cymbals. It is Qianlong’s favorite Zhao Mengfu typeface, and the doll’s head will swing left and right. This writer’s clock was the beloved thing of Emperor Qianlong, and even after he retired to the Emperor, he was ordered to move it to his retirement palace in order to enjoy it at any time.

Jakodro’s ‘Gold-plated Copper Clock’ hidden in the Beijing Palace Museum
   In 1783, when the first batch of Jacques Dro products entered the Forbidden City in Beijing through Jacques Dro’s British agent James Cox, it represented the most advanced watchmaking technology in the Western world and came to the palace of the Qing Dynasty. Since then, Jacques DeLor has forged an inextricable bond with China and has a Chinese name: Jacques DeLor— ‘Ya’ and ‘De’ are the words that Qianlong loves most, and ‘Luo’ is ‘love new sense’ ‘Luo’.

Scene effect map

   Jacques de Roth’s superb watchmaking skills best satisfy the Qianlong emperor who likes curious and ingenious thoughts, making him love these ingenious treasures. According to a rough estimate (existing archives), Jacques Dro sold about 650 products from 1781 to 1810, two-thirds of which were sold to China. The products include watches, snuff bottles, perfume bottles and shrines. All products are made into For sale. Today, there are still several pieces of Jacques de Loire in Beijing’s Forbidden City. After research, Jacques de Lo is also the brand with the most watch collection in the Forbidden City.

Scene effect map

   The organizer and the curator of this exhibition hope that through this new exhibition experience, more audiences will appreciate the Chinese national treasures and the traditional Chinese cultural aesthetics behind them, from ‘wisdom’ (understanding the historical connotation of material culture) to ‘Quality’ (appreciation of the aesthetic taste and spirit of traditional skills), and finally sublimate to the cultural heritage pride of ‘plaything with ambition’, allowing traditional Chinese culture to penetrate deeply into modern life, and to achieve a new understanding of Chinese culture Experience.
Qianlong, The Next Jiangnan Cross-media Art Exhibition
Date: September 7, 2015 ~ November 29, 2015
Location: Joy City, Shanghai
Address: No. 166 North Tibet Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai