Zhang Jike Is A Bit ‘sweet’

Your ‘husband’ Zhang Jike is in love, and the object is because Su Yan has circled a lot of pink sweets. Although the relationship has not been officially announced by both parties, with the sweet interaction of the two and the exposure of the ‘real hammer’ video, it should be a good day to officially announce the good news to everyone. Zhang Jike and Jing Tian, ​​we do n’t know how the two people who break through the dimension love each other, but judging from the fact that they wear watches, Jing Tian has to learn more from Zhang Ji science. After all, boyfriend Zhang Jike loves watches so much …

Jing Tian and Zhang Jike

Zhang Jike’s poems sent Jing Tian and praised Jing Tian on Weibo

Sweet interaction between the two on Weibo

 Zhang Jike is known to everyone in the ping pong ball field. He is also known as a small Tibetan mastiff. He also has great charm outside the field. The straightforward Shandong man’s personality has attracted him a lot of popularity. Now Zhang Jike not only enters the variety show, picks up endorsements, or even attends the New Year’s Eve party of a TV station, and he is not lost compared to many traffic niche students.

Photographing Zhang Jike in the magazine

   Jing Tian’s emotional life has been confusing. The performing arts resources are surprisingly good, and they have always been above the altar. After a make-up remover video, passers-by have a new impression of this straightforward and lovely girl. It turned out that she was so grounded.

Su Yan’s ‘Little Rabbit’ Jing Tian

Police Story 2013 poster

Stills from the movie The Great Wall
 Jing Tian’s film and television resources and fashion resources have always been good. In 2013, after participating in ‘Police Story 2013’ starring Jackie Chan, he was familiar and loved by more audiences. After this, major productions such as ‘Macau’ and ‘The Great Wall’ also invited Jing Tian to participate in the starring role.
 She has good fashion resources, and how she met and loved Zhang Jike, who once had a pair of ‘blue sneakers,’ making the audience speculate constantly.

Jing Tian wears Cartier PANTHÈRE DE CARTIER series WGPN0008 watch

 But in the matter of wearing a watch, Zhang Jike’s scope is much wider than Jing Tian’s. Richard J. Miller, who is known as ‘one person, one person for the style and sports’, has several pieces. Of course, his favorite is this white RM055, which can be seen on many occasions.

 Zhang Jike Airport Street Shot

 May be too fond of this watch, the same black RM055 Zhang Jike also has income

Zhang Jike wears Richard Mill RM055 watch

 In addition, Audemars Piguet is also a brand that Zhang Jike loves very much. Personally, when sports stars wear watches, watches with a tougher style will be more suitable for them.

Zhang Jike wears Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Collection

Zhang Jike chose the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series of complication watches when shooting fashion blockbusters

A few days ago Zhang Jike was wearing a Tag Heuer smart watch (similar model) when attending the event
 Summary: During this time, celebrities have children, have children, get married and get married, publish relationships, announce relationships, and do n’t edit them for the New Year! However, I still wish my lover to become a dependent, and always be happy!

Cartier Enamel Painted Playing Card Pocket Watch

Estimated price: 5000 ~ 8000 USD
Falling Hammer: USD 8000 (about RMB 54600)
[Circa 1923]
Accessories: None
Size: 44 mm diameter
Condition: Three-piece 18 K yellow gold case with five playing cards on the back enamel. Silver matte K gold plate. 18-stone movement, bimetallic K-gold screw balance, Breguet hairspring, eight-way correction. Signature of face plate, movement signed by the manufacturer.
Condition: Very Good
     I regret it. I sent a British pocket watch, Thomas Russell & Son, from my collection some time ago, because the porcelain scale is a rare playing card, much more beautiful than this Cartier’s back-face playing card. Because of the name Cartier, the prices of two playing card pocket watches are different.