Hamilton For Quality Made In Switzerland

Hamilton’s 100-year history book, which records the ‘first’ in countless watch history, is a pond filled with modern design and innovative technology. In 2011, modern design and craftsmanship made these glorious histories reappear. Of particular interest are Hamilton’s self-produced movements H21 and H31, which have a 60-hour power reserve, reminiscent of the brand’s history of movements known for stability and reliability in the early 20th century.

The Hamilton H21, H31 movements are based on the 7750, 7753 movements.
H31-H21 Improvement Details
Upgrade effect design
Reverse hairspring to further improve travel time stability
Lengthened clockwork power reserve mentioned to 60 hours
Splint modification
Plywood shape, ‘H’ decoration

H21 hours, minutes; timing: hours, minutes, seconds; day of the week calendar

H31 hour, minute, second; timing: hour, minute, second; speed dial calendar at 10 o’clock

H21-H31 13 ¼ lines (Ф 30mm) – thickness 7.90mm