Longines Longines And International Equestrian Federation (Fei) Formally Establish A 10-year Partnership

Yesterday, Longines Longines and the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) signed a 10-year cooperation agreement at the International Olympic Committee headquarters in Lausanne. According to the agreement, Longines Longines will invest hundreds of millions of euros to sponsor the IMF events in the next 10 years. Longines Longines will become FEI’s first top partner and official timekeeping and official watch.
After the two parties establish a partnership, Longines Longines will obtain a series of important rights and interests to participate in seven major international equestrian sports events led by FEI, including three Olympic equestrian events. Longines Longines will be the title sponsor of the FEI World Rider Rankings for Jumping, the official timekeeper of the Furusiyya FEI Nations CupTM since 2013 and the FEI World Equestrian GamesTM world of 2018 and 2022 The official timing of the equestrian games. In addition, Longines Longines will be the title sponsor of the 2016 and 2020 FEI World Endurance Championships. Longines Longines will also be the new title sponsor during the FEI World CupTM Jumping FIFA World Cup obstacle course World Cup 2013/2014 season which started in October this year.
In addition, Longines will make full use of the expertise and experience of the Swatch Group to develop cutting-edge timing and data processing services for equestrian sports.

From left to right: Ingmar De Vos, Secretary-General of the International Horse Federation; Princess Haya, Chairman of the International Horse Federation; Nayla Hayek, Chairman of the Swatch Group Board; At the conference.

Fima President Princess Princess Haya explained that this is the largest cooperation agreement signed by FEI since its establishment in 1921. ‘I am very pleased to welcome Longines to FEI’s first top partner,’ she said. ‘To FEI and equestrian sports, today is definitely a historic moment. Longines and FEI both have a passion for equestrianism, and the significance of this long-term cooperation agreement is not just a commitment of Longines to our sport. We are very happy to bring Longines to the FEI family and look forward to benefiting equestrian sports in all aspects through lasting cooperation. ‘
Nayla Hayek, chairman of the board of the Swatch Group, represented Longines at a press conference. The traditional and enduring promise of the sport. Longines Longines is more than just a partner, it is a top partner, a service provider and a major player in this field. ‘
The partnership agreement was signed just one day after Swatch Group announced its acquisition of Harry Winston, Inc.

Vacheron Constantin Commemorating The Passing Of 1921

The birth of the Vacheron Constantin Historiques historical masterpiece series is designed to highlight the brand’s outstanding and precious and long-standing tradition. It re-creates legendary models that have been symbolic in the past and reinterprets them with contemporary design. This brand’s professional watchmaking tradition and superb craftsmanship.

In the 1920s, Vacheron Constantin released a limited-edition watch with a very avant-garde style at that time for the American market. Its crown was placed at one o’clock on the case.
Therefore, after the commemorative edition launched last year to celebrate the centenary of the ‘Chronomètre Royal 1907’, Vacheron Constantin launched the classic ‘Historiques American 1921’ watch this year. In the 1920s, the American economy was in a period of rapid growth. Vacheron Constantin released a limited-edition watch with a very avant-garde style at that time. The crown was placed at one o’clock on the case. The inspiration for the design of the watch was born from this.

Historiques American 1921, model 82035 / 000R-9359, new manual winding caliber 4400
致 To pay tribute to the avant-garde style of the 1920s, Vacheron Constantin once again returned to the brand’s long-established basic design tradition, but combined with innovation and historical value, this new ‘re-engraving the United States 1921’ is a tribute to the retro style of the big watch in the 1920s. Inspired by the classics of the era, this watch is retro, elegant but unpretentious, and faithfully presents the cushion-shaped case design of the year, and combines modern 18K rose gold material with a 40 mm diameter. The most striking feature is the diagonal design with the right hand movement of the dial in a diagonal direction, and the design of the crown loyal to the original model at one o’clock in the year.

Pioneer Legend, A Model For The Future Cartier Santos Watch Experience Exhibition Landing In Shanghai

From November 22nd to 25th, 2018, French palace-level brand Cartier presented a four-day Santos de Cartier watch experience exhibition on the west coast of Shanghai, which is at the forefront of art and technology. , Create a shocking “space tunnel” with cutting-edge digital technology, reappear Paris in the early 20th century, pay tribute to the birth inspiration of the Santos de Cartier watch, and the close friend of Mr. Louis Cartier (the legendary adventurer Albert) Alberto Santos-Dumont’s pioneering attitude pays tribute to the spirit of the celebrities represented by him who persevered, never stopped and stayed true to their dreams.

Exterior view of the Santos de Cartier watch experience exhibition
   Santos de Cartier watch was born in the beautiful era when humans first soared into the blue sky, symbolizing the spirit of the pioneer at that time. In the fast-changing digital world, Cartier’s interactive experience created by cutting-edge technology presents the legend and centennial changes of the Santos watch to Chinese audiences. It also innovates and shapes the future model with contemporary celebrities.

SantosdeCartier Watch Experience Exhibition-Ladder Corridor

SantosdeCartier Watch Experience Exhibition-Ladder Corridor

SantosdeCartier Watch Experience Exhibition-14bis

SantosdeCartier watch experience exhibition-watch display area

    ‘Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies have given a brand new and introductory narrative style. At this experience exhibition, Cartier adheres to the brand heritage, also highlights the innovation pattern, and leads with a new digital presentation method. Spectators travel back to Paris at the beginning of the 20th century to experience that extraordinary history for themselves. ‘

                          Pierre Rainero, Cartier’s Image Style and Heritage Director

SantosdeCartier watch experience exhibition-AR experience area

   Every glorious history has been the future created by the pioneers. Cartier reproduces the imagination and adventure that existed in black and white images a century ago with an immersive AR experience: In 1901, after several challenges, Mr. Santos Dumont finally successfully piloted the Santos 6 spacecraft and orbited the Eiffel Tower On one lap, the most elegant curve was left over Paris in the Belle Époque; at the same time, he told his close friend, Mr. Louis Cartier, that he could not take pocket watch inspection time out of his pocket during the flight, so Cartier was inspired to break the watchmaking The tradition of craftsmanship, in 1904, specially designed the first modern watch for him-the Santos watch, so that he can easily confirm the time when controlling the aircraft with both hands. Two equally fearless souls have opened a new era … In order to trace this story realistically, Cartier built an Eiffel Tower about 12 meters high at the exhibition site. From the perspective of AR, the aircraft will fly around the tower, accompanied by Virtually imaged panorama of Paris, vividly reappearing Mr. Santos Dumont’s unruly journey and Ling Yun’s aspirations.

SantosdeCartier watch experience exhibition-AR experience area

SantosdeCartier watch experience exhibition-AR experience area

   AR’s perspective witnesses the legend together with you, and VR experience makes you immersive. Cartier used VR technology to build an interactive experience device in this experience exhibition: wearing VR glasses, the experiencer instantly crossed over Paris, manipulating the handle in the blue sky and white clouds within reach, driving a simulated aircraft, and flying over the Paris Invalides , The Paris Opera, the Seine River and the Eiffel Tower, a bird’s eye view of Paris from an unprecedented 3D perspective, feel the curiosity and fearlessness of Mr. Santos Dumont as he soars into the blue sky, and experience the pride and glory of a dream come true-this The charm of modern technology has made the legends created by celebrities no longer just literary stories, but miracles experienced in them.

SantosdeCartier Watch Experience Exhibition-VR Experience Zone

SantosdeCartier Watch Experience Exhibition-VR Experience Zone

   Just as Mr. Santos Dumont successfully flew over the Eiffel Tower after many adventures, each of these pioneering efforts contains a commitment to technical excellence: the AR and Santos de Cartier watch experience exhibition The VR installation experience was completed by content creators, designers, technical developers and game engineers from 10 nationalities in 5 months. It only took 3 months to draw the realistic clouds in the lens to accurately present them. Alternating Complex Transparency-This is not just an exhibition, it is also a vision of technological innovation by celebrities in the contemporary high-tech field.

SantosdeCartier Watch Experience Exhibition-VR Experience Zone

   The Santos de Cartier watch, since its birth in 1904, represents the brand’s innovation and pioneering spirit. In this exhibition, twenty Cartier Collection Santos watches and new collections are displayed one by one, the timebook, self-change, witnessing the change: from the brave and fearless in the beautiful age to the breakthrough application of innovative technology 、 Process innovation-every Santos watch is the most avant-garde symbol of that era, and the new Santos de Cartier 2018 Cartier Santos watch, with a breakthrough design and function, reflects the core of mechanical speed and technological progress Spirit of the times. The unique aesthetic design makes it a symbol of modern style.
   The SantosdeCariter Watch Experience Exhibition will be open to the public free of charge. Guests from all walks of life are invited to personally experience this gorgeous adventure that combines historical heritage with cutting-edge technology.

Date: November 23 (Friday) to November 25 (Sunday)
Time: 10 am to 9 pm
Location: 2350 Longteng Avenue, Shanghai