Earl Grey Is A Living Watchmaking Legend

Piaget is the rising star in the watch. It ranks among the first-class watches, and it is still a thing of the late 1940s. This top watch, which has attracted countless families today, experienced a slow development of nearly a century before it took off.

 Since its establishment in 1874, Piaget has been adhering to the motto of its family: ‘Always do better than required’, generation after generation, contributing to its outstanding watchmaking skills and aesthetic qualities. Each new jewellery watch represents a completely new challenge-creating jewellery that complies with the standards of watchmaking and is attractive.

According to the original manuscript of Georges Edouard Piaget, the founder of Piaget, he founded the Piaget Manufacture in 1874 in this small village called La Cote-aux-Fees.

 For more than a century, the history established by this simple but extraordinary legend has created an extraordinary destiny for the residents of this remote mountain village. This small village called La Cote-aux-Fees (fairy slope) is hidden deep in the Swiss Jurassic Mountains, near a large pine forest near the French border.

Cutting-edge technology-showing the face of time through the movement

 The movement is undoubtedly the core of the watch. However, only a few Swiss watch factories today have the ability to design, develop and manufacture their own movements. Piaget is one of the few.

 In 1940, the Piaget family began to launch its own brand of watches, paired with the most sought-after Piaget movement at the time. Since then, Earl is not just a surname, but a synonym for in-depth and rich professional knowledge.

 From the highly evaluated 9P and 12P movements to the 608P manually wound floating tourbillon movement, the 800P automatic winding mechanical movement, the 850P dual time zone movement and the 450P manual winding movement, which were newly created in 2006 Witness the Piaget movement workshop for decades of patient training, painstaking innovation and unique expertise. Piaget Polo Tourbillon Relatif uses the new Piaget-made 608P movement, marked with the rhythm of time, stating the magic charm of perfect balance.

brand history

1874 Georges Edouard Piaget establishes Piaget Manufacture in La Cote-aux-Fées. Began manufacturing precision watch movements in the family’s farmhouse.

1911 George’s son Timothée Piaget inherited his father’s business, and Piaget became a supplier to many of the leading watch brands at the time.

1943 The Earl brand is officially registered. Since then, all manufactured watches are labelled Piaget.

1956 The world’s first hand-wound ultra-thin movement 9P is launched.

1959 Piaget’s first store opens in Geneva.

The 1960 12P movement was launched, making it the world’s thinnest self-winding movement, which has earned it the Guinness World Record.

The 1976 7P movement was launched, the smallest quartz movement at the time. Launched the “Dali d’Or” series in collaboration with the artist Salvador Dali.

A new factory was established in Geneva. Since then, the production of watches and bracelets has been integrated in the same factory, while the movement is still manufactured in the La Cote-aux-Fées factory.

1980 Yves Piaget, the fourth generation of Piaget, was appointed Vice President and General Manager of Piaget.

1988 Piaget and Cartier become members of the Richemont Group.

1992 A large-scale exhibition with the theme of Piaget’s private collections is unveiled at Palazzo Reale in Milan, showing the outstanding works of Piaget Manufacture for half a century.

1997 Piaget was commissioned by the City of Venice to repair the 500-year-old clock that has stood on the San Marco bell tower since 1499.

2001 The new Piaget haute horlogerie factory was established in the outskirts of Geneva, incorporating more than twenty professional watches and jewellery manufacturing processes into the same plant. The movement is still manufactured by La Cote-aux-Fées, and a complementary relationship has been established with this new plant.

2002 Piaget creates a 600P tourbillon movement.

2004 Earl celebrates the 130th anniversary.

2005 Piaget launches Pierre and Gilles series of advertisements and opens its 40th store in Riyadh.

2006 Piaget Limelight Party disco ball wins the Best Jewellery Watch of the Year award at the Haute Horlogerie Awards in Geneva.

2007 Piaget launches the first automatic chronograph calibre 880P (flyback timing, two places)

2009 1979-2009, Piaget’s Polo series of watch cases for 30 years, it is not only a symbol of Piaget brand, but also a timeless classic.