Do You Really Understand Royal Table Manners? Manners Matter (On)

Dining etiquette, as the most intuitive reflection of personal qualities in social situations, often reveals your education and ability.
— Mr. Ye
November 19, 2017


There were such scenarios:
   When the blue waltz sounded, I wore an evening dress, exuding a charming aroma, and slowly and elegantly entered the ceremonial lobby to enjoy the food. When I took the seat, I found that I didn’t seem to know the table etiquette very well. I just watched what other people did, and I did what I did. It was embarrassing that someone else didn’t understand how etiquette wanted to watch me. Suddenly she was playing with the tableware strangely, and I simply moved the white napkin into the collar and sat there. . .

   Opposite the beautiful lady, I can only disguise a gentleman. When eating bread, I used the dinner fork to cut across the bread. . .
   I can’t carry it.
   Noble schools abroad have long listed table manners as a required course.
   Of course, you can also live in your own world regardless of others’ opinions. However, if you understand it, you will be calm and decent in a specific environment.

   Although Eggsy from a recent film came from the bottom of society, he did not show any fear when dining with the royal family. With the British royal table etiquette he learned before, he entered the stream with the royal aristocracy and pushed the cup for a change.

   It’s like some people like to wear famous watches, and hundreds of thousands of watches are on their hands, as if to prove their good style. But this is the kind of person who travels the world, but chooses a perpetual calendar of Breguet, and it will be an instant tragedy!

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The correct way to wear when traveling abroad:

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Alright, let’s get to the topic
   I had the honor to go to the royal table manners held by Baodi last time, and I knew a little about French table manners, so I summarized some dry goods to share with you.

Please listen to me!

French seating etiquette

   The master is in the middle, and the male and female masters are facing each other.
   The hostess is the male guest on the right and the male guest on the left.
   The male host is the female guest on the right and the female guest on the left.

Note: Do not place wallets, mobile phones, handbags, etc. on the dining table while dining

Chinese seating etiquette

   Arrange clockwise according to the principle of ‘still respecting the east’.
   That is, the left-hand side of the theme is 2, 4, 6 in turn, and the right-hand side is 3, 5, 7, until it meets.

   If the dining table is facing the door, the position facing the door is the main position.
Knife and Fork
   Knife and fork are used in order, from the outside to the inside.
   No longer expanded.

Because the soup spoon is the outermost, it means that the soup is served first.
Whisper of white napkin
   Waiting to be served: Open the white napkin on the table and fold it in half on your thigh.
   Leaving the seat and coming back later: Put the napkin on the seat.
   Finish meal: Place the napkin on the right side of the plate.

   Note: If you want to wipe your mouth during a meal, wipe the mouth gently with the back of the tablecloth. But cannot be used to wipe the fork and knife! Before the woman dine, gently wipe the lipstick off the back of the table cloth to prevent the lipstick from being printed on the glass.

The back of the tablecloth

Next post: Royal afternoon tea etiquette, to be continued …

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