Pavonina Personalized And Unique Masterpiece

The Pavonina Spirit Sparrow series is specially designed by Glashütte Original for fashion-conscious and confident women. Since 2013, it has been an integral part of the Glashütte Original Women’s Collection. Today, the Lingque series is adding new works. Elegant and classic dials and colorful straps bring more aura to the watch, making the series fuller.
   Of course, the new idea is more than that-Glashütte Original has launched two online customization services: strap matching and engraving services-to create a masterpiece of your timepiece.
   Thanks to these two unique online services, the already outstanding sparrow ladies watch has now successfully turned into a truly unique masterpiece: customers who are looking for unique products can now experience these two new services on the brand website, Give your wrist a distinctive look.

The most diverse and diverse interpretations
   Glashütte Original has released a new ‘Band Matching Function’ through the website, which makes the variety of color choices of the Lingque series instantly jump in front of you. Whether customers are exploring for the first time or want to change the straps of their existing watches, they can freely combine the case, dial and more than 20 different styles of straps on the website to create their own personalized models. In addition, the specially designed strap quick change buckle of the Ling Que watch makes the strap replacement easy and simple, ensuring a more diverse style and rich choice.

The most beautiful is your mark, unique
   Another outstanding new service of the Spirit Sparrow series is personalized sculpture, and the polished case back provides enough space for displaying personal inscriptions and decorative patterns. Whether you want to sculpt your initials, a special date, heartfelt congratulations, or affectionate emotional expressions, the Spirit Sparrow series can meet the requirements. Glashütte Original has prepared a large number of pattern designs and decorative elements on the website. There are also six choices of text fonts, and finely drawn constellations, expressions or exquisite floral patterns make the watch icing on the cake.
   Interested customers can visit the website and can combine up to four different texts and patterns (of which three are text and one is pattern). You can even customize personalized sculpting content completely designed by customers.
   After picking your favorite designs, you can send the design drawings via email, or you can order directly from Glashütte Original Customer Service Department, or order from Glashütte Original Stores or authorized dealers, service partners , Just provide the e-mail address and the corresponding registration number.

The most gentle touch on my wrist is fascinating.
   Spirit sparrow watches can be described in a variety of ways, full and colorful: from long-lasting low-key to luxurious dazzling, all styles are in it. The highly recognizable pillow case is inspired by the 1920s.
   The new Ling Que series not only adopts the new dial design, but also with many colorful straps: whether it is velvety soft and elegant taupe, rosy Louisiana alligator leather or radiant, eye-catching golden brown calfskin The strap, or brilliant red, charcoal, turquoise, pink, orange or dark blue, complements the red gold or stainless steel case (depending on the specific model). The dials of all models are carefully handcrafted in our own dial factory in Pforzheim, Germany.
   The Pavonina watches are equipped with an independently developed 03-02 quartz movement, providing precise and reliable power. The innovative design of the mechanical mechanism of the movement is specially made to meet the needs of daily life. The movement provides triple magnetic protection to ensure that it can safely withstand the effects of electronic equipment. In the pursuit of superior performance, we must not forget to sculpt the beauty in every detail: the soleplate of the movement is decorated with unique Glashütte columnar patterns, and the gold logo is engraved on a silver background.