Counting Classic Watches In 4 Movies

There are no shortage of fashion elements such as jewelry and watches in classic movies. ‘Play handsome and cool’ to create a sportsman is one of the essential ‘functions’ of a watch. Mechanical, dynamic, rational, intelligent, romantic, luxurious, restrained and integrated into a watch implicated in the pulse, this is also a blockbuster Mid-sports men always fight fiery reasons with these charming watches. It is undeniable that the presentation of the timeline in the film is inseparable from the close-up of the clock lens, and a classic watch on the hero’s wrist also bears the heavy task of revealing the character of the character and interpreting the details of the movie. Each watch in the film has its love and hate behind its concealment. It is like a seed of inheritance, telling a story of tenderness or mystery. ‘Mission Impossible 4’ in addition to continuing the ‘Mission Impossible’ series of thrilling plots, high-tech spy wars and other elements, the film also inadvertently made the Tudor Heritage Chrono watch. The Tudor Heritage Chrono worn by Tom Cruise in the film is inspired by the oyster-style multifunction chronograph calendar introduced by Tudor in the early 1970s. It is the meeting point of retro style and speed pursuit. The design of its case, outer ring, lugs and straps all refer to the style of the year. If you look closely, you will find that many details are novel in design. For example, the lugs are polished and chamfered, the design of the shoulders protects the crown, and the pits on the rotating outer ring and crown play a non-slip effect. This low-key and restrained style is a perfect match for the characters portrayed by Tom Cruise in the play. In recent years, from Pierce Brosnan to Pierce Brosnan to the latest Daniel Craig, Daniel Craig wears OMEGA’s SEAMASTER in movies. As a result, everyone believes that only OMEGA and ROLEX are authentic 007 watches. In fact, the Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS is also a member of the 007 series. Do you still remember the watches that appeared in Living Daylights in 1987? This watch is actually the same gold version of the 007 series of watches originally created by Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS for the 007 movie. However, the style of Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS is completely different from ROLEX and OMEGA. It hides itself behind 007 and plays its ‘super power’ in a low-key way to save James Bond in times of crisis. But this does not prevent those fans who really know how to appreciate watches, worship it.
    Watch brands have always highlighted important aspects of their craftsmanship on the calendar display. MATZO PARIS, Paris, has cleverly applied various craftsmanship and advanced technologies to create an amazing cosmic vortex flying needle to return the weekly display of the 007 watch . The flyback seconds hand of the watch beats every 1/6 seconds, and the calendar and the second dial are displayed on a separate dial. The most outstanding feature of the watch is that this movement has two independent sources of power: the first source of power is designed for the precise movement of the clock, controlled by the escapement and the balance wheel; and the second source of power is hours and minutes. , Seconds are displayed. The flyback second hand mechanism driven by the escapement realizes the synchronous operation of the two power sources. The outstanding movement designed with the concept of MATZO PARIS pushes the time of the watch to an unprecedented peak.
    The top craftsmanship of the Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS 007 gold watch movement in Paris reflects the highest level of classic watchmaking. The exquisite rose gold case is fashionable and eye-catching. The precision inlaid double-window calendar display is unique and new. The three-dimensional double-circle hour, minute and second scale shows its precise timekeeping function. The independent rotating second hand is more convenient for the timing of special sports. The exclusive arrow-shaped rose gold hands of Grand Mercure Paris interpret the soul of the uninhibited brand. Proprietary Cubism rose gold diamond-shaped scale markings are carried in the eye-catching watch design to highlight the distinctiveness of the watch; the Grand Mercure Paris classic royal drum case design is noble, the classic royal drumstick crown design Reminiscent of the golden age of traditional watchmaking. Fans of luxury watches can also enjoy the high-quality automatic movement through the sapphire anti-glare mirror, and enjoy the strong rhythm of mechanical operation. They must also be amazed by the precise engraved design of the Grand Mercure Paris Cosmic Network pattern and cosmic light ripple rhodium-plated dial design.
    Although Spider-Man is almost omnipotent, he also needs a watch. He needed a reminder of a special watch when saving the earth, and he needed a special watch decoration when he was in love. This watch is the Glashütte log watch.
    The Glashütte log watch is beautifully symmetrical, with two crowns on opposite sides of the case, each with a button. The crown and buttons on the right handle the large date window at 3 o’clock on the ruthenium-plated dial. Platinum hour, minute and second hands further enhance the elegance of the overall design. The 30-day alarm can be set to remind the whole month. The heart of the log watch is the Glashütte 100-13 movement. This movement combines the 100-03 movement with the new outstanding diary special module, with a total of 600 parts ( There are 340 parts for the diary special module alone), except for a few of them, all are designed, manufactured, surface processed and carefully assembled by the Glashütte watch factory. This log watch is also available in stainless steel and rose gold, the latter with a rose gold case, rose gold hour, minute and sliding seconds, the silver dial with rose gold hour markers, and the date of the diary alarm sub-counter The small arrow on the display and the diary alarm time window at 6 o’clock shows the same blue color. All versions feature a carefully crafted Louisiana alligator leather strap.
    Hamilton can be described as a Hollywood star watch, and it can be seen in more than 400 Hollywood films such as ‘Pearl Harbor’, ‘Superman Returns’ and ‘Man in Black’. It can be so beautiful that it is inseparable from being a native brand in the United States. The first month of entering the water is inseparable, but this appearance can be said to add a lot of color to the movie. In the popular ‘Man in Black 3’ starring Will Smith, Hamilton once again made a heavy appearance and became the third equipment of SWAT J. The Swiss automatic mechanical movement inside is also impeccable in function; the outer triangular stainless steel case, the red second hand jumps prominently on the black mesh hollow dial surface; the bullet-shaped crown is cut into the dial in a conflict with the original tension The pattern constitutes a tense form. This is perhaps a bold and distinctive expression expressed by the Hamilton Adventure Series.